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  1. Definitely flying that Vader/Soontir/Duchess list later. That looks like a blast and a half.
  2. Back from a long break, I've now completed my senior capstone and have some time to devote to our beloved plastic ships again. WOW the game has changed a lot with 2.0! I really like the "back to basics" feel and emphasis on pilot skill instead of the wombo combo builds towards the end of 1.0. I'm drawn towards hyperspace as the limited pool helps me get my feet back under myself a bit quicker. I've flown this a few times and have enjoyed it. Lando- Nien Numb, Crackshot Wedge- Outmaneuver, Proton Torps, Afterburners, S-Foils Grey Squad Bomber- Ion Turret (197/200) I've heard Leia is nuts with her reduced points cost, haven't taken her for a spin yet. Also crackshot just feels like it's "there" because I had a point to spare. Other then that getting that -2 agi with Wedge is beautiful when it works, and Lando giving himself a focus and a TL helps burn enough tokens for the Y to make some Ion shots stick. I'd love to hear other's thoughts on the list!
  3. Put them on the generic JM5K with Deadeye, R4 Aggro, Proton Torps, EM, and Boba. Dead killy and reasonably survivable. 2 all but guaranteed hit hit hit crit attacks. Haven't had a chance to try it on another ship, college got me like
  4. Hey man, the Cloud Car in BF 1 could do some damage.
  5. If it's not an action or maneuver can we throw ships off the board?
  6. Tacticians on the Ks as opposed to Adv. Slam, I reference World's.
  7. The old standby, 25 point, Gold Squad with R3A2, BTL, and ICT has been upstaged by the now wildly popular TLT version. However this presents a problem for the traditional panic attack list (The above Y and 3x Tactician B-Wings) You're 1 point over budget. I'd like to ask the regular panic attack players what their opinion is on this: are you staying with the traditional Gold Squad set-up or are you cycling in the TLT? and if so what are you changing one of the Bs to to save a point?
  8. If they had named Kylo Jaden instead of Ben I would have been happy. Almost walked out when Han called out "Ben" to him. I brood, simply because every piece of literature I read from 2nd to 10th grade is now no longer cannon, essentially a large portion of my childhood "never happened". Also salty about the mandalorian banner about that one chick's bar, not sure why it was there. Aside from the 2 above things I enjoyed the movie, trash compactor/garbage chute line was great.
  9. Untrue, pre-Kanan 58 point Dash would generally green - BR - boost (with a free focus) Now Dash has full access to his dial, so he will probably only need one post dial move, boost OR br, then he can still focus for the same offensive output.
  10. 1.) This doesn't even make sense. All he does is essentially turn whites into greens. That does nothing for Dash unless you plan to stress him alot 2.) hold up: how is he eliminating obstacles? last I checked, you still take all penalties from obstacles, no matter what color your maneuver is or if you can remove stress. Sure that means debris becomes less useful, but asteroids are still not letting you perform an action, giving you possible damage, and not letting you shoot if you land on one. 3.) That crew slot can have a lot of other useful crew in it instead. As for arc-dodging Hawks: Again he isn't making the ship become for maneuverable, he's simply making it easier to get rid of stress. He's not suddenly giving the Hawk milllions of maneuvers, and the last I checked, Jan is really the only Rebel Hawk that stresses itself. As for being a carrier, the main ships that would benefit from him (A-wings), want to be out arc-dodging, and not near the carrier. 1. Yes, everyone plans on stressing Dash a lot, not sure where you've been. 2. We're still talking about Dash here, remember he ignores obstacles for movement and actions? 3. It just replaces Kyle, and since you have full access to your dial now, you will probably only need 1 post movement action, letting you focus for the same offensive power. It's a busted card.
  11. Why does Bossk need ID when he already has a red stop? Am I missing something? In case your opponent catches you horribly off guard and you really need to slam on the brakes that turn.
  12. I've played Boba/IGB before, great list! Seconded - that was my regionals list, very effective and fun to fly
  13. Have you fought any dedicated arc dodgy lists like palmobile + aces, triple squint, or some Jake, Tycho, X amalgamation? How have you fared against those? Also have you faced any TIE swarms or BBBBZ with it? My issue with the YV has been that with no defensive tech like Ysanne or 3PO it dies way too quick to kill it's point's worth.
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