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  1. How best to take advantage of snap shot. I ran some snap awings at a store tourney, and I couldn't get it to consistently trigger to my liking. also, how to load out and build the underused, non elite named pilots (Arvel and Gemmer).
  2. I think it will push jumps even further to the top. More tlt, which they don't mind nearly as much as other ships, and more bombs, which they also don't mind as much as other ships. That's the doom and gloom outlook though. As for the ships, I expect the Scurrg to see a lot of play, and I suspect Nym in both factions will find a healthy place in the game. It just has way too many good upgrade options not to see play. I'm a little worried about bombs now, but waiting to see if they really warp the game or not. Tie Aggressor is pretty boring, but the abilities are interesting at least. Worst case scenario, it's the equivalent of the ywing as a tlt platform. Auzituck is a wild card. I have no idea if it is barely usable or amazing. The mid PS ability is getting a lot of hype, but I think the dial will make it hard for him to cover Biggs past the first exchange.
  3. Wasn't there a recent change to the distributor or something? If so, it seems to have been for the better.
  4. inaldra has brought us what I presume is the next meta menace. So there is that. i should probably add more detail lol. I'm referring to the dengar, fen, inaldra attani list that is getting popular. Check the store champ thread for discussion on it.
  5. Gotta love a guy who doesn't like the corrections to his incorrect assumptions, getting up and leaving in a huff. "I think this works like this." "it doesn't" "That's it!!! This is the worst. I'm outta here!"
  6. Focus is "an action" (as opposed to no action), and that was the connotation I was using here, but that's not very clear in my post at all so I appreciate your reply. Either way, being restrained to the most universally used action when bumping or failing to clear the stress as long as 1 of your ships does neither of those things, is at the very least equivalent to having your full action bar open at the risk of losing any action when stressed or bumped. This is debatable I'm sure though.
  7. Think you meant to say treat turns as white. I favor giving it a 1-3 range restriction along with disabling passing to stressed or overlapped ships. I also favor doing something about jumpmasters as well too though, along with a number of other things, so no surprise there!
  8. Correct. But this is what I was trying to point out- stress doesn't bother mindlink lists anymore than any other list, and in some cases, it's able to handle it even better as only one ship needs an action to give every ship an action (even ones who didn't clear their stress).
  9. I love that this new Dengar mindlink list feeds itself stress, which is the "counter" to mindlink. Hopefully it's inevitable surge into popularity will help anyone who believes stress really inhibits mindlink anymore than it does any other build wakes up at this point haha.
  10. So this is something I have found with running tourneys on vassal- the longer the competition goes on, the more rapidly interest dies out (go figure. Pretty sure it's this way for most things lol). Just something to take note of for the next season of this. By the time we got around to scum, I think a lot of us had already checked out, but I'm only speaking for myself. outside of the lengthy timetable though, I think things have gone pretty well, and shortening the process I'm certain would prove difficult.
  11. Nice listbuilding. The part that makes me cry though is you get a scout with torps and mindlink, that also does that for the same price as that one trick WSF. So sad. Still wish FFG would have put a 3 or 4 point discount for all ships ps 2 and lower who equipped smuggling compartment.
  12. Amen. I'm always amazed at how many people feel the need to argue against a better balanced game. It's one of the most confusing arguments I have ever heard, and it occurs ALL THE TIME on these forums for some reason.
  13. Everytime I think we have figured out all the ways the jumpmaster negatively impacts the game, there is always another thing that is brought to the forefront. It's going to be hilarious if FFG continues to nerf everything around it and still don't touch it directly.
  14. double post
  15. A little late to the party and don't have time right now to read all comments, so sorry if this was already touched on, but isn't this the DREAM state of the game? TOO many options seems like a totally backwards idea to me. Saying you can't practice or prep in such a circumstance is false. Just because you aren't certain of what will be on the other side of the table doesn't mean you can't refine your approach with your own list. And in this case what is going to define the winner? Perhaps... superior listbuilding and flyin? *audible gasp*