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  1. Kdubb

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    Ya. It was one of those things where you read through the step by step, or perhaps more appropriately, line by line interactions, and you go, “oh ya, I remember 1.0.”
  2. Kdubb

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    I feel like every time I post here I have to start with “I don’t listen to your podcast because I already hate my X-Wing self enough even before listening, so forgive me if this has been covered”, so there’s that. Anyways, I don’t usually give much credence to what I read in X-Wing blogs, but... this Vennie list that he closes the article with is at least pretty close to oppressive, right? https://suchanxwinghipster.wordpress.com/2019/02/17/elusive-heroism/?fbclid=IwAR3QXillz8Q7g_P7xetjQ2Na4UEIP15lKF3LSug2M5uCVYTGyef3IA_zz8Q
  3. Kdubb

    scum players: what ship do u want to see in wave5?

    Agree it should be the HWk for the sake of the moldy crow title.
  4. Kdubb

    Fugly, the New Templates Are.

    Y’all seen that meme with Thomas the train riding them like train tracks? ya they’re pretty atrocious.
  5. Kdubb

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    Makes me wonder if the printing schedule for 1.0 has anything to do with the order we will be seeing ships? Or perhaps what was maybe OVER printed?
  6. Kdubb

    Generic point change summary

    Ya please keep this coming. For pilots and such as well. That would be incredible. Kind of sad ffg couldn’t do ya the favor themselves. 🙄
  7. Kdubb

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    Who else would enjoy watching the forums burn with a very ffg tactic of not posting the point changes when they told us to expect them?
  8. Kdubb

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    Honestly, from a stand point of someone who has been away from the game since 2.0, this tournament looked way more diverse than what I ever could have expected listening to vocal X-Wing sources. Give hyperspace a good few months, and I’m sure it will be recognized as just as much, if not more of a trash heap than extended. I wouldn’t be surprised if this early 2.0 time frame is looked on as some of the best days of 2.0 x-wing 3 or 4 years down the road despite some of its short comings.
  9. Mind disclosing who these streamers were? I’m sure there are many events that would happily look to them for their services.
  10. Kdubb

    Illegal Squad at Phoenix / Trip Upsilon (no relation)

    That the app exists and hardly anyone chooses to use it is plenty telling. At this point, I’m convinced FFG would have been better off with just a PDF of changes and allowing community builders to do the job better.
  11. Kdubb

    Illegal Squad at Phoenix / Trip Upsilon (no relation)

    From what I’ve seen though, the squads making the cut were widely varied. A good sign that the game is a lot healthier pre-cost change than what many would lead you to believe. Sure, some pilots and upgrades over represented, so a point adjustment will be welcome, but I was pleased with the variety regardless.
  12. Kdubb

    Day 2 Coverage of the Mynock Open Starts at 10 am PACIFIC

    An interesting point to be made from the data is of higher initiative pilots still being undervalued. If every init 6 pilot saw a 6 point increase, and every init 5 pilot saw a 4 point increase, the cream of the crop would still see play, right? I was really hopeful that generics would get a healthy bump in 2.0, but that just doesn’t seem to be the case as they still don’t seem to be able to match the value of the high init named pilots.
  13. Kdubb

    Whats best, TTS or Vassal

    As silly as it is, the “physical” dice in a virtual game is one of my biggest annoyances with tabletop sim. Just give me a button and a result. And ya, once fly casual gets its numerous (and its understandable as to why there are numerous) bugs ironed out, it’s going to be awesome.
  14. I would hesitate to publicly announce this... An online destiny tournament planned to provide a cash prize for a cash prize. They received a cease and desist... On another note, Fly casual sim surely hasn’t eliminated all their bugs,’have they? I can see that becoming a major hindrance for tournament level play being attempted on the platform.
  15. Kdubb

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    Would anyone be opposed to these upgrades scaling in cost according to init? Like, they are easily 10-20 points more valuable at init 6 than init 1.