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  1. Potentially unpopular opinion- 2.0 went the wrong way with pilot skill/initiative. They should have made it a LARGER spread, not a thinner one. 1-100 would have worked great. I think they got scared off the idea since they were upping numbers and adding complexity in so many other areas that they felt they needed to make things simpler where they could. But by widening the spread, it would have given another spot for variety for named pilots. Also, it would add incentive to fly generics as that would be one of the places you could guarantee movement at the same pilot skill and easier coordinated flying. You could have even kept in things like VI and adaptability in the game as going up by 2-5 ps/init would be much more of a meta play against the few pilots you’d beat out at that range instead of “I have to play this if I’m ps 7 or 8 to compete with better options”. 2.0 does seem to have taken another unfortunate complexity step at least in some cases, and I do think that does have a negative impact, although likely minimal. Other than those two things, 2.0 wins out pretty much in every other way. Needing to split into 2+ tournament formats kind of stinks, but would have been necessary in 1.0 as well. I also personally am not very fond of the expansion into 7 factions (especially the prequels), but I accept I’m in the minority there.
  2. New players are smart enough to see a keyword and recognize the simplicity it will likely bring, even if they aren’t immediately able to reference it. In my haste to post my unnecessarily lengthy rant, I definitely didn’t do a great job of indicating how key words get new players up to speed as well due to the “ah ha!” moments they get when they see new cards that share keywords with those they’ve already seen, so thanks for pointing that out.
  3. As I put my “ just learn to read lolz” trolling armor on, just want to say this type of stuff can actually be a significant hurdle for new and perspective players. No lie, the strut card or whatever for the vulture droids alone pretty much convinced me I didn’t actually want to buy back into the game like I thought I did a month or so ago. As a comparison, Magic has some lengthy card text, but unless you are talking about awful early magic designs, I have never had to read a card more than 3 times to understand what was happening. A big help comes from a lot of their key wording. Let’s take Holdo here (not necessarily difficult to see how she works, but an easy example)- Here is how the card could read with some simple key wording. ”Before you engage, SEARCH 2. Then EXCHANGE 1 with that ship. (Reminder text explaining key word)” Now you might say the need for reminder text just makes it pointless to have the keywords. That’s wrong, because if you are NOT a new player or reading the card for the first, second or perhaps third time, you will know exactly what the card is doing by reading the first 9 words instead of having to scan all 42 of them. I know to many of you that may seem like a small thing. Perhaps even unnecessary. But I’m telling you- It’s things like this that make your game not only fun, but widely accessible.
  4. Goodness. This is really going to hit 1k pages. Lord have mercy.
  5. Oh ya I totally agree on that. But whether through human fallibility or the limits of game rules, there will always be imbalances of some kind. And when it comes to that, it’s important for the game designers to recognize what is the “okayist” to be the best in the game. And when it comes to that, a list that you often can shoot (AND damage), doesn’t combo you off the board before you even start the game, and doesn’t regenerate every damage you do to it, seems much, much better than many if not all of the alternatives.
  6. In the groups opinion, is rebel beef an example of an ideal list to be at the top of the meta (with the caveat that something will always be there)? I figure something that is pretty straight forward to understand how it works so it can’t “wtf?” crush oblivious players, and also isn’t capable of flying circles around an opponent , at the very least let’s you feel like you are making progress by shooting it.
  7. Casually following the game now, and I’m wondering- does anyone NOT use gas clouds since their introduction?
  8. I didn’t claim to have that answer. I simply stated that, while something had to be provided, what WAS provided was imperfect to nearly every buyer and had components that were inevitably not going to be utilized. Ideally the packs would have at least provided enough cards and cardboard that players could have easily traded or sold the components they did not need as complete, individual portions.
  9. The conversion kits didn’t cater to anyone. Casual players with smaller, scattered selections of ships ended up paying the full price of the conversion kits to cover some of their ships while also making them pay for useless cardboard for ships they didn’t have. Also, if they had some special affection for a specific ship, it was unlikely they had that ship covered with a single purchase. The more dedicated players who had full or near full collections needed to buy multiple conversion kits to cover their collection, and also ended up with dead cardboard after all of the purchases. Now I understand there was a need to give SOME type of kit, but making it a mishmash that would cover only some imaginary, perfectly in between the two extremes collection, it served no one perfectly.
  10. My two brothers, my brother in law and I have all left the game at this point. Brothers started in wave 2, and me and brother in law started in wave 4. One brother and I have sold our collections, the other brother is disconnected with the community entirely and I’m not sure he even realizes it’s still a thing, and my brother in law is holding on just to play with his collection with his kids when they are older. I still follow the game casually, as I actually find I enjoy discussions of games quite a bit, perhaps even more so than the playing of the game itself (I also follow magic closely with very little play). A major reason we all fell out of the game is we all moved to different areas of the states and didn’t have each other to play with. My brother and brother in laws took a few waves off with the thought they may get back in, but the complexity with the introduction of conditions at that time and combo wing really taking off was enough to keep them out. I stuck with the game the longest as I got entwined with the online community and was the most willing to go out and play at game stores. As the lone member of the group still playing with the 2.0 announcement, a second move and leaving a community which I felt very well included proved difficult to replicate, as I struggled to find my fit within a already well establish and large community. I simply saw no reason to invest in 2.0 when I didn’t feel valued within the community and I convinced myself if I ever got an itch, vassal or TTS could scratch the itch. I’ve been thinking about buying back in and trying to get a new group of friends into the game with me, but similar to my brother and brother in law, I’m finding the new introduced mechanics since I left to be intimidating, and it’s likely I’ll just be a casual lurker from here on out.
  11. Ya. It was one of those things where you read through the step by step, or perhaps more appropriately, line by line interactions, and you go, “oh ya, I remember 1.0.”
  12. I feel like every time I post here I have to start with “I don’t listen to your podcast because I already hate my X-Wing self enough even before listening, so forgive me if this has been covered”, so there’s that. Anyways, I don’t usually give much credence to what I read in X-Wing blogs, but... this Vennie list that he closes the article with is at least pretty close to oppressive, right? https://suchanxwinghipster.wordpress.com/2019/02/17/elusive-heroism/?fbclid=IwAR3QXillz8Q7g_P7xetjQ2Na4UEIP15lKF3LSug2M5uCVYTGyef3IA_zz8Q
  13. Agree it should be the HWk for the sake of the moldy crow title.
  14. Y’all seen that meme with Thomas the train riding them like train tracks? ya they’re pretty atrocious.
  15. Makes me wonder if the printing schedule for 1.0 has anything to do with the order we will be seeing ships? Or perhaps what was maybe OVER printed?
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