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  1. Haven't listened yet, but from the notes (and the fact I've never seen it done) I don't think it was mentioned, but I've always wanted to do a sort of reverse team draft. It would be similar to the S&V invitational, except you draft pilots for the opposing team to use. Right before you get to the point where teams would be drafting proven top level pilots/ships, there is a cut off (because otherwise those would be the only pilots used and it would essentially have been pointless to draft this way from the start). The idea behind this is it essentially bans the things you always see regularly in competitive play, because no one is going to pick those pilots to play against. Instead, you will get to use a lot of lesser known/seen pilots and put them on the table. In the perfect world, there would be some type of valuable prize to assure teams put their best effort into building quality lists instead of just throwing together random wacky, just for fun squads (although there is value in that too I suppose). Example- Team A, B, C, D, E, F, G, and H are each composed of 3 players. Each player will play 7 games- 1 against a player from each other team. There is one back up player for each team, but they must use the same squad as the player they are replacing would use. As the draft begins, the TO states the order of faction selection and how many rounds of selections will be made from each faction. In this example, let's say Imperials were being selected first. Each round of the draft, teams pick which pilot they believe is the worst pilot available for that faction. At the end of the round, the TO randomly assigns one of the pilots selected in the round to a team which did not select the pilot (alternatively, you can allow the pilot to be randomly assigned to the team that selected it for ultimate laughs). Random assignment basically ensures teams do not gang up on a specific team or "team up" with another team that may be picking for them to break the system. An example of a round of selections- Team A selects Fels Wrath. Team B selects Major Rhymer Team C selects Scimitar squadron Pilot Team D selects Obsidian sq pilot Team E selects "Winged Gundark" (good pick!) Team F selects "Youngster" Team G selects Redline Team H selects Sienar Test Pilot At the end of the round, the TO randomly assigns... Sienar Test pilot to team A Redline to team B Winged Gundark to team C Fels Wrath to team D Youngster to team E obsidian sq pilot to team F Major Rhymer to team G scimitar sq pilot to team H The process is repeated through a set number of rounds, and then repeated for each faction. Once selections are complete, teams create 3 lists from their pool of pilots, 1 from each faction. These lists must be used by that player for the entirety of the tournament (or, alternatively, allow players to use their selection of pilots however they wish each round, as long as they follow basic listbuilding restrictions). Winning team is the team with best overall record with highest individual player record as tie breaker.
  2. Anyone else notice @SaltMaster 5000 has since disappeared from the forums since posting this? The mystery continues... jk it was Dee.
  3. Please no. i wonder if the original idea was to have a first order ship from the last Jedi released in the wave, and then they designed the gunboat after that once they realized they didn't want to/couldn't reveal the Last Jedi material until later.
  4. Everyone has been clamoring for a reason to believe the game is going down the drain, but it's highly unlikely that with the success their having FFG will make any drastic changes. The only real "big" change I can see as feasible is some new core set release with a huge rules overhaul which would return the game to dogfigthing and cut at the strengths of dominant turrets and bombs.
  5. Ya those all have way more flexibility though since you aren't required to use them when stressed. Maybe I'm reading the interpretation incorrectly, but seems pretty awkward if that's the correct wording.
  6. Ya I don't think stress token makes sense. You'd be double stressing yourself for an action on a red?
  7. Honestly, I think all they need is some sort of way to combat bombs and they will be golden. Only issue is... they have nowhere to put it... Would have to be something like (pardon the awful name) "Evasive Craft, title, 1 pt- Once per round, when you are dealt damage from an enemy bomb, reduce the damage dealt by 1. If you have 2 or more damage cards assigned to your ship, You may instead reduce damage dealt by 2. You may only equip this title if you have 3 agility. You may equip an additional title card." Blegh. A mouthful unfortunately.
  8. I feel like there are other examples currently that can do similar things, yet we don't see them as hard ace counters. PS 10 Corran comes to mind specifically. He has an ability that, in theory, should allow him to demolish aces when he is moving after them. Yet VI Corran, while decent, has never (at least in my experience) been a "well let's pack up and go home" type counter to aces. Both he and the new kimo pilot might be decent against them, but the reaction I have been seeing here has been one that would make you think he makes you put a torch to the aces model at the start of the game Edit: oops quotes the wrong message. Meant to quote your last one @VanderLegion lol.
  9. Ya if the ace player plants himself in front of you. The ace player should be boosting and rolling to no end while making the kimo player pay for chasing the ace with the rest of his list. I don't think getting an ace in that thin arc will be as trivial as, say, ramming Nym into an aces broadside to kill it. Also, I'm operating under the assumption this thing won't have any 1 turns, which I think is reasonable to believe. I like the mechanic and I think it will be good, but I think ace players that get punished by it will be able to look back and see they only have themselves to blame if they get nuked.
  10. Unless the dial is stellar, I truly feel aces flown correctly should be able to dodge the bullseye arc consistently even if the kimo is moving last. If I'm wrong, it will be a sad, sad day to be an ace pilot.
  11. If you think the bullseye arc kills aces, you obviously have no understanding of this game beyond the most basic rules. The meaning of being an ace is that you never get caught in arc anyways. Now people are saying aces are dead because an even SMALLER arc which can punish them exists? Are you kidding me? If you are flying Vader, soontir, Fenn, or even Fels Wrath and you get caught in that sliver arc, you deserve to lose the game on the spot. End of story.
  12. If the fix to the xwing is a one of in a totally non xwing pack, and it also makes every other astromech pointless, then FFG is run by a bunch of morons. This is not a "fix", even if it is a decent card.
  13. What event was this at and how did you finish?
  14. I almost wonder if the incredibly poor reception of the U-wing made them pull back on the Scariff box to include some help for it along with the originally planned Xwing and Ywing stuff. But that's the dream. It does seem like they missed that window though.
  15. If Scum or Rebels had an omega leader equivalent, I would definitely say it was a bad idea to allow them to take pulsed ray shield. But then again, you compare it to things at the top of the game, and it really doesn't seem like it would be ludicrous in comparison to the dominant forces in the meta, especially with the game being more about auto damage bombs which OLs ability deals nothing with.