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  1. Goodness. They sure are making a Destiny push, aren’t they?
  2. Sorry meant to copy these in different segments in the same post. Oops. Double post ftw. Who says they universally have no other use? Targeting Astro pairs really well with stay on target. It also combos great with advanced sensors + munitions for a sneaky fully modded ordnance shot on a red. Are these game busting combos? No, but it isn’t with Hobbie either. Just because they synergize really well in one spot doesn’t mean they are devoid of other synergies. I guess my intention with saying upgrades should have niche spots is more so directed at the point I’m trying to make that they shouldn’t be good EVERYWHERE, as opposed to what you think I’m intending as them being good in only a single place (which I prefer to being good everywhere still though). I did initially say they should have "little outside of that" in their niche use, but I should probably redact that statement as that makes it sound like I want the upgrades use to be a little too inclusive. The current chassis selection for astromechs has me think they are more the issue for a lot of these droids, although there are for sure a couple of stinkers. Even most of those could just see a cost adjustment to be playable though. The more I think about it the more I believe a lot of poor cards in general just need a point adjustment to be playable.
  3. But what is the value in this? I can learn this without Saboteur existing. Things I have learned about the game simply by playing it- Actions are important and must be really strong to warrant use over the others, randomness devalues a card, prerequisites to trigger an ability devalue a card. Knowing this, all I know is that Saboteur was priced incorrectly. Maybe it’s fine as is, but the designers simply failed to price it correctly. At 0 points, it probably doesn’t see a ton of play, but it could find a niche spot on say, Ashoka or the like. Purposely making bad cards just makes no sense to me. Just do your best to make everything usable in some way. I don’t care if the card is crap 99% of the time as long as it has a positive use 1% of the time (preferably competitively). If you airball on some that you tried to make usable? That’s fine. That happens. And if FFG would just come out and say “hey, we messed up on this one. Here is what we were trying to do and here is why that didn’t happen”, I would have a lot less issues with crappy cards (but might lose faith in their design team a little more). But I refuse to applaud an intentionally poorly designed card.
  4. I personally don’t think any upgrade should be outright bad. I really dislike the whole “it teaches players what bad is!” argument. You know what else teaches them that? When they put a card they like on another card they like without consideration of how instead they could have put those cards with ones that are synergistic and increase the value of both cards as most any good build should do. However, I also believe that a healthy amount of upgrades should have niche use and little outside of that. But in that niche use, it needs to actually be good. Cards that fall under this umbrella would be something like R7 Astro on Tarn, or Targeting Mech on Hobbie. if the xwing was up to snuff, these could be some really fun, unique pilot and upgrade combos to fly. Basically, you still want the players to have some sort of “ah ha!” moments when they find a great card combo. If everything is always just great, then you lose a lot of that.
  5. Yes I do believe it has some utility there, but not even close to as much as it can find in other upgrades. Speaking of upgrades people used on the Ghost early after its release, I’m surprised Dash crew isn’t on that list.
  6. Would it be so awful if it dealt the damage rolled? Maybe lower it to a 2 dice, deal damage rolled, and always stress an unstressed ship? I can’t recall right now if it only deals the stress on a hit, but if it does only on a hit, maybe having it give the stress even on a miss would be enough. Unkar Plutt is another example that makes me question the designers decisions. He is essentially the same as Chopper crew with a different trigger (maybe even a less frequent one).... And he costs a point more...
  7. Oh man. Leia crew. So bad that people forget it’s even a card regularly. Han Solo is an interesting one as it has some use. Or, at least easily tricks players into believing it does.
  8. One of those was in a worlds winning list, which is fantastically ironic because it is largely regarded as a poor card. Thats how busted Dengaroo was. It could take a BAD card and STILL win worlds. But seismic torps really aren’t awful. They have some cool utility with rock clearance, which I assume was Nand Torfs use for them on Manaroo.
  9. And one less than Op spec, which is the same as his ability, + it’s for EVERYONE on your squad in range, AND it can have multiple triggers. It’s also not unique. Captain Rex crew is one of those cards that makes me think “hmm. Either the designers are fine with making bad cards, or they don’t understand they are making bad cards...” I don’t care for either possibility.
  10. .... I have no words
  11. Phew. The colors make all the difference. Thank you for restoring my sanity. (but seriously I realized it was R2-D2 but had never realized the identical shape between the two Star Wars images)
  12. Ok so I can’t help it anymore. The fact that the astromech head is a tie fighter cockpit eye is driving me insane.
  13. Looks fantastic. Agree with everything. Most cost changes are similar to those I made while doing something similar a wave or so ago. Now a couple pages worth of more buffs, then we are really cookin!
  14. What is going ooooooon.