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  1. Nothing else really needs to be said. This is why this card is amazing. Comm Relay, which costs a point more, saw comfortable play and more play than most upgrades. It is one of the upgrades that in my opinion hit the mark. It’s used enough, but not too much, and it has a lot of neat niche fits. advanced optics is a point cheaper, and gives a universally available (and arguably better) token. It’s going to be used a ton, probably too much, and has no need to be niche since everyone can focus and everyone wants a focus. Get on the bandwagon now everyone because it’s not stopping any time soon. But seriously why is this 2 points and comms is 3. FFG please answer me. *batman voice* ANSWEER MEEEE!
  2. Dang. Knew I should’ve went with the simpler response.
  3. Probably the same way milk comes from utters of animals as it did here?
  4. Not going to read all of these comments, but just wanted to say this on Snoke. The problem isn’t that he died, or how he died. I enjoyed that moment because it WAS unexpected. There are two issues though- one is we have no understanding of the who, what, when, where, why and how of him becaming so powerful. the second is the bigger issue though. Now that we know his end, we don’t even care about the first issue. There is still the possibility that he is still alive. He could be even more powerful than Luke and have an illusion so full it seems physically real in every way. Thats a stretch theory for sure though.
  5. And I think this is the key. Too many players have looked at it as “stack of stress... that’s bad!”, when in reality it is a go for broke play when a ship is on its last legs to put it in an advantageous position late.
  6. Can’t even sell?
  7. Wave 4. FFG making the big jump to include the Phantom, Defender, and Ewing was what got me really interested in the game. I loved that they were willing to dig deep for their material.
  8. Interesting to hear the up and down thoughts on Kylo. I actually was a little confused by the super hype about him. The ship I think perpetuates a lot of the excitement as it is pretty menacing, but Push with green turns and advanced sensors isn't exactly something that we are capable of doing for the first time... Corran could do it with R2 astromech. But, without R2D2, he's pretty severely over costed, so maybe that simply isn't a great comparison.
  9. This is the weekend we really want to see streams. What are the new waves going to do? Feed us pleeease!
  10. Some really interesting things here. Kind of wish Final Moment wasn't 4 points. Isn't there already a huge cost with the risk of losing the game after the round? Although I guess if you know you can finish off the character, its an auto win for 4 points, and also a hail mary if you know you will lose next round. So maybe its fine. Just a really interesting card and I want it to see play. Kallus looks like an attempt to give players reason to run mixed damage. All those damage sides almost means he will certainly see some type of play. All I can say about Rose is... "I work behind pipes all day" ...Wow... riveting quote text there. Think we could have left that off without much issue.
  11. For those of us who do not have the disposable income to allow a mass purchase of the new ships, please share your first impressions and experiences of the new ships on the playmat! Share your list and just what shined (or didn’t), and what epic moments you had.
  12. I was more in the line of thinking of “oh this guys ability should still allow him to do an action when bumping and/or be cheaper” kind of thing.
  13. Rotation would only be unfortunate if they never reached back and corrected previous wrongs. Rotation could very well mean a better Ten Numb, Arvel, Winged Gundark, and so forth. if they didn’t go back though and ever bring us new and better versions of those old cards, or, alternatively, did not allow those old cards to be used as stand ins for their new self? Then I think you’d have reason to be a little upset. And although i don’t enjoy the idea of old cards/ships becoming competitively obsolete to the fullest extent, I’m sure most of us would live if we had to buy a new set for updated characters.
  14. Is Fresno over or is too 8 later today?
  15. Dwing you have to just keep milking it man! This is CERTAINLY not the first time we have seen KyBo Ren's ship though.