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  1. 'No Future Scum Epic Planned'

    Wait, why would we be expecting one?
  2. Yikes. Those are really not very pretty.
  3. GAMA?

    Didn’t they already have their bit? That’s when the new Destiny set was announced I thought.
  4. Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    Saved this topic from going to page 2. You’re welcome noobs.
  5. Missing Player Designed Cards?

    I think it’s a clever design. You have to realize it’s a preemptive, maybe hopeful upgrade for when we get TRUE support ships. Think of a named hwk pilot, 6 points cheaper than they are, with a Rebel Fenn like ability that has a system slot instead of a turret. It doesn’t care to shoot anyways, so now you have a 0 point upgrade to keep it as a nusiance longer.
  6. Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    So has it been discussed enough yet that it seems the tippy top boogie man list in every meta is consistently deemed “unfun” to play? Are we sure this isn’t just another way how scrubs try to demonize those players who choose to fly it? Because I refuse to believe that players willingly give up any chance at fun for 12 hours+ of their life just so they can say they won something of relatively little value in comparison to the time invested.
  7. Missing Player Designed Cards?

    Bump with the confirmation that Nand designed Targeting Scrambler. Such an interesting design. I thought for sure that was a max brooks design.
  8. Regional Results thread.

    Ah yes. Omaha. The Poland of North America.
  9. The New TIE Scout?

    The only thing worse than that design is OPs decision of font size.
  10. Regional Results thread.

    Sorry if I missed it but do we have the resistance bomber list from Seattle up yet?
  11. Krennick - best uses

    Will have to be hull upgrade.
  12. Cool Stuff from The Last Jedi Novelization

    You have such an issue, report it and say it’s off topic. Everything shared about Hux makes him that much more lame of a character. Man is he lame.
  13. Contracted Scout is still Amazing

    While they are not the most popular ship right now, listjuggler data seems to indicate when scouts are taken, those players/lists perform better than any other scum options.
  14. What X-Wing pilot do you want to fly again?

    Agreed. It HAS to be Luke. Even with a fix that’s actually a fix, I’m afraid his ability may not be up to par with the better abilities of Tarn, Bigs, Wes and wedge. I also would love any reason to fly red squadron pilot. I’ve been waiting a long time for an upgrade that gives mid ps pilots without elites a reason to be flown.
  15. Krennick - best uses

    I mean, I can’t be the only guy who is going to play a 8 health defender.