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  1. Major Stridan (40) - Upsilon-class Shuttle Collision Detector (0), Systems Officer (2), General Hux (5), Hyperwave Comm Scanner (1) Sienar Test Pilot (20) - TIE Adv. Prototype Proton Rockets (3), TIE/v1 (1), Guidance Chips (0) Sienar Test Pilot (20) - TIE Adv. Prototype Proton Rockets (3), TIE/v1 (1), Guidance Chips (0) Sienar Test Pilot (20) - TIE Adv. Prototype Proton Rockets (3), TIE/v1 (1), Guidance Chips (0)
  2. Games U Store Championship in Gilbert, AZ Top 8 currently running. Here are the barebone details of the lists- 3x Rau Boats Brobots Dengar, Fenn, Kaa'to Major Striden + 3 Sienar Test Pilots Bossk Ketsu Biggs, Braylen, Rex, Jess
  3. Good lord. How can people play this way? Outside of the number of dice and arc restriction, they are worded the same word for word. I would get up and walk out if my opponent insisted they worked differently after being presented with the autoblaster cannon FAQ reference.
  4. It's possible. I just really like the idea of it being a system as it would help out the Punisher (presumably) as well.
  5. You mean Rune-wing. Or is it X-wars? Man, I can't even remember what game I play anymore since it's been so long since someone has reminded me what it's called with a preview.
  6. Well, there is a good chance you'll have no reason to buy it considering Bomblet Generator has a good chance of being a System upgrade...
  7. Aaron Bonar also ran Sigma pilots to a top cut finish in the Worlds previous. And before that? Oh, just a casual OUTER RIM SMUGGLER making the top cut AT WORLDS. Dude is unreal.
  8. To those who say Rune Wars is awesome... Convince me to buy in on a limited budget with one phrase.
  9. I like it with Vader too. Rhymer is silly overcosted, but shoot, if you are going to go all in, go all in. Tactician Snap Shot that ace, and then toss them a crit on top of it too while you're at it. Sure, that's probably the only shot he gets off, but hey, you did something crazy with Major Rhymer! You win!
  10. I'm thinking preview today...
  11. I've seen this on vassal a couple of times and it really isn't bad. Something I would like to see a top tier player explore at least a little.
  12. I have heard a lot of top level players indicate 100 games with a list as a minimum expectation for worlds level play.
  13. Chirrut Imwe crew confirmed.
  14. I've run it on the Punisher in testing, and unfortunately, only having the focus to modify is pretty crippling. The card, while not awful, just doesn't cut it compared to today's consistent 4+ dice fully modified attacks. Consider the requirements for this to even do 3 damage- 1) Must have a focus token, meaning you cannot have done a red maneuver or bumped unless you are getting the focus fed to you from some other source, in which case you are building a list around a synergy between multiple ships which almost always is not a strong competitive option. 2) Must roll all natural paint and a bonus point, 3) unless you have rolled all hits, you are now naked on defense unless you are running some sort of action stack, which, considering the platforms for this upgrade, is going to be difficult to run efficiently. I ran a Tie Punisher with Unguided Rockets, LWF, and Advanced Sensors to assure I could consistently get the focus. But even when I consistently got the focus, I still wasn't doing as much damage as I knew I could with other lists. In my opinion, the saving grace of the Punisher is Lightweight frame and Accuracy Corrector. LWF is bonkers on a Punisher. Sometimes, you are rolling 3 dice at range 3, which is hilarious. Acc Corrector allows you to have a gun which needs no mods at all, so you can save the focus for defense, or boost to block or re-position, or maybe even drop a bomb. As noted, 2 hits isn't much in today's game, but if you can guarantee 2 hits without any other investment in a ship that is only maxing out at 2 hits 75% of the time anyways, it's really not a steep cost.
  15. I think you are probably dead on. What is going to be most telling since we know it doesn't require a TL spend, is the range, dice and price. I can't see anything other than getting rerolls for the speed of your maneuver.