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  1. Thank you! Found it! that is, also, exactly what I was looking for.
  2. Ok, You guys have been awesome! and providing me with that link has helped A LOT! I read through it, typed out questions, looked up those question (before posting them) etc etc. Until I have finally understood the game. I think I got it, for the most part, the only other thing I see is that in the link a1bert provided has the Imperial player (the GM) of the game allowing rebel players to sell back their items to the "bank." I haven't seen anything in the game about that or cant find it. I really like the idea of it. Could anyone explain that to me or point me in the right direction for this process. It would be nice to have a sell back price list. Thanks a million. ~Arc
  3. Thank you! I read through this entire thread and by the time i got down here I had not resolved how Agenda cards worked until your post. THANKYOU!
  4. how much of the objective can I tell them for Aftermath?
  5. Thank you all! I just wanted to double check. That should be most helpful. I have a player who will probably attempt to rest all the time. Lol.
  6. I've watched videos go e through the Learn to play and my group is about to start the campaign. If a heroes Endurance is 4, he has 2 strain and 5 hit points. If he Rests he removes 2 strain and 2 hit points. - he now has 0 strain and 3 hit points. -- (¿)next round he moves and rest and recovers all of his hit points. ? -->Additional to the above question. If the above is true could he rest twice and recover 8!?
  7. At the end of the aftermath says to go to a story mission (if the heroes "win") but the campaign log says Side mission. I have the heroes pick the side mission. We play it. Do we go back to the aftrrmath page then play the story mission it directed us to play efore?
  8. Again thanks! These resources have been most helpful. THIS ONE IS AMAZING! Some of the links are broken in the other list given here and this is the original! Really nice! I plan on buying that space station from Maps of Mastery. I'm kicking myself for not jumping into their KS.
  9. Thank you both. I have searched "maps" many time and not come up with what I am looking for. I have the worst luck finding things in a search bar. But I have just tried "gridded" and got some positive results. If anyone knows some direct links with what I'm looking for I would be very grateful.
  10. I was wondering if anyone had a list or anything of the sort for 1"1 grids of Sci-fi buildings, space ships, etc. Even more specifically would be ones converted over from mission maps of the AoR, EotE and FaD? I have been looking all over and have found a few (only a few) and thought it was time to cast the net out to you fine people. Please and thank you!
  11. If you don't mind a non-player asking you a question: I plan on playing and later starting up a story I'm working on. How did you go about determining distances based on the range bands. and what did you decide on? Additionally, what figures did you use for miniatures and where do you get them?
  12. we will probably see a slow conversion back to clone trooper style armor/markings. Especially as the empire shrinks in size.
  13. ...kinda like how the D6 mini wargame actually was compatible with the RPG? That was a great game! I made a space combat version based on those rules. That's a nice story you have there. I will have to use that. Thank you for sharing.
  14. Excellent idea. I will have to look into Imperial Assault. I'm trying to make a game everyone can enjoy. I'm making an all-inclusive game where space/ground/roleplay come into effect.
  15. hello, new to the forums. Last time I played an RPG was back about 15 years ago. I played a Star Wars RPG that used A LOT of 6sided die for everything. Well after coming back to the miniature painting hobby I was looking to merge the miniature based RPG with a Star Wars RPG. Does this system accommodate for this or does anyone have any ideas how to do this? I have a few Jedi miniatures I'm working right now for some friends and they LOVED the idea of merging the two.
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