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  1. While I do understand that visual representation is especially important in order for a game to appeal to female players equally, I think the "its 1 in 5" comment is not fully embracing the Fallout background. Moreover, as sexism was mentioned, how would one intent to alter the background in order to present characters that everybody would more easily identify as female without becoming even more sexist? Example BOS outcast: Its a power armor, they look as they look (more or less) since F1 and there has never been a version that somehow exhibits parts or would alocate dedicated room for secondary private parts. Easiest way to alter it, drop the helmet and have a clear female/male head. Ops, you triggered a sexism trap, as what head "design" exactly is clearly male/female? Other way to alter it, have some more female version of the power armour with a more elaborated chest part. Ops, you triggered both the sexist and the lore trap and are now equally vilified by SJWs and hardcore nerds. Great job. Supermutant: Unsure if still human. Lore says they lose secondary sexual parts and are sterile. Not sure how a female superhuman should be distinguished from a male one without coming up with a complete mockery of it (dresses) and equally triggering the sexism trap. Goul: Similar problems as with the Supermutant, loss of body parts, hair etc. makes it difficult to visually distinguish male from female without going full comedy.
  2. There is simply not enough information available even if you learn wookiepedia by heart - and should anyone ever manage to accomplish that, there is still the problem that some details contradict each other, or that given statistics for e.g. armaments seem quite incoherent. Apparently a W34t Turbolaser costs 9000 credits and weighs 5 tons, but what does it exactly, apart from turbolasering? Next problem, if you ever get to grasp the technical details of all involved ships, their armaments, armor, shields, you would still need to find an explanation for SW physics. Even if you get all weapon characteristics on the sheet, you will still not be able to calculate a ships combat capacity. After all, SW is not sci-fi, its space fantasy. There is no way you will ever find a definition of a ships power that is much more but pure opinion and imagination.
  3. Just adding a blue die to anti squadron armament might further shift the squadron meta towards aces, however. Not sure if that is intended by FFG - dedicating a Quasar and some upgrades to make RnF squadrons viable again, just to crush it by giving Nebs a third blue die? Seriously hope its something different as I like the TIE swarm theme yet struggle to keep it alive outside of fun games. Well, even during fun games, really.
  4. The idea of releasing new versions of ships from earlier waves by cardboard only is not new, it already came up during wave 2 if I remember correctly. Question is if FFG would invest time and resources to balance new versions of old ships against the current meta(s) just to sell some cardboard packs for 10-15$. My assumption is no, they wont invest it and will continue to just throw new stuff at us, at full price.
  5. I still doubt that this will happen, as it would completely forego the squadron-meta game and most of its mitigation mechanics. Engagement? Not happening. Scatter? H9 (supposed it will not use the TL upgrade slot or you are an MC80), rerolls, size of the dice pool. Chances to either take out or damage a single vital squadron (your intel guy..) so badly its pretty much out of the game are quite high, which would seriously hurt the squadron-heavy builds.
  6. Suggest we agree to use statistical averages here, your squadrons all either bring one black or one blue non-bomber anti ship die, means 0,5 average damage for blues, 0,75 average damage for blacks. Anti ship punch is the weak link in your squadron superiority list, there is no way to argue around that. As to your lifeboat argument, I agree that it is an easy way to keep your admiral alive, but is it an effective investment to place chiraneau on that lifeboat and to rely on another 15 pts relay squadron to allow 2/3 squadrons to move out of engagement? Difficult to judge without seeing the complete list, but it is a sub-par use of chiraneau (10 pts) who could to better being in command on a high squadron value ship, backed by a Lambda which you only need as he is placed on that flimsy platform and together with a high-value target.
  7. Not really. We're still talking an ISD 4 activation fleet. Besides, it's a total of (le gasp) 3 blue, 4 black anti-ship dice. Teach them to take more than a token wing. If you want more upgrades, go with double gladiators and an arq. Had the same thought as Blail Blerg. While I think that the Lambda gives some security to activate squadrons out of regular range and to keep your Goza out of the fray, I would argue that it is a bit of an overinsurance for 15 pts. Dropping the lampda would leave enough points to upgrade one Tie advanced to tempest squadron (best single point spent in my eyes), and further gives you options like Saber squadron, which pairs nicely with IG-88 to deadkill stuff you really dont like. A single phantom to try that dodgy repositioning would also be a nice option.
  8. I think they should be squadron assassins and scalpels but lack the hitting power to truly embrace that job. Jumping out of an engagement/retaliation range is all nice, but four blues is not that menacing, and the lack of swarm keeps them out of the imperial synergies. They are also not able to attack escorted squadrons, so the emerging out of cloack killing off an intel squad -thingy does not work 9 out of 10 times against any squadron wing that is not seriously decimated already.
  9. Its a small place northerly of Oldenburg, directly at the Northsea . Good for living (if you like small towns and the overall northsea climate, that is..which I do), but not too good for getting armada or any other boardgame into an organized state. Anyway, working with a shipping comany (navigator here) with lots of time overseas or at sea, so the local gaming group does not see me all too often anyway.. What brought you to Wiesbaden, some military affiliation or studies, maybe?
  10. Simple end goal. A pirate gang or criminal enterprise doesn't want to attract the attention of the governments in that manner as it brings the heat on them. Even in old legends none of the more powerful crime lords did anything directly againsts the Empire. We saw in shadows of the Empire what happens when even the largest criminal fleet goes up against the Imperial Navy it is a horrible one sided curb stomp Mind that the rebellion started as a local nuisance at best, with few small crafts and their disposal. Even at their heights they could not oppose the assempled empirial navy in a full scale battle and had to rely on ambush and surprise to gain an advantage. Several scum factions had the financial capacities to maintain a fleet that could rival whatever forces an early rebellion could muster, and an ambitioned crime lord would certainly take his best shot at overthrowing a sector if he sees a possibility. SW:A does not state exactly at which point in time it takes place (to my knowledge, might be wrong), and you may play a battle at the very beginning of the rebellion or even after the happenings at endor, as long as you leave out darth vader. Still not in favor (or against) a third faction, but the arguments brought up against a scum faction seem quite one-sided. EAW had scum as a major faction, SW:ToR has them, so somehow all these designers with their lucas arts approval have been wrong? Doubt it. If FFG decided to bring scum in any iteration (full faction, auxiliary faction..) they will, and with legitimate reason from the fluff.
  11. There is a version of the lambda shuttle on KDY that features this effect. Transferring an admiral to the shuttle within distance 1 or so, and later hand it over to another ship at similar distance. The only problem is that outside of any objective or scenario it will not see too much use during the regular games, as people found quite good ways to hide their admirals from doom so far.. but it could work well in a campaign of cause!
  12. Its not hate by any means, its just.. people grew older. When I watched the original Star Wars movie I was maybe ~ 11 and thought, oh boy that is the greatest movie ever and mankind will not come up with anything better. I even loved return of the Jedi with all those fluffy retards in it when it released. Now I am 31, I saw a lot of movies that surpassed SW on many levels and I personally would wish for a more, well, grimdark version of SW somewhere. I enjoyed KotoR and SW:ToR to a great extend as both depicted SW with much more depth as a fantasy movie ever could, and a much more comprehensible background story for the "evil" side over the "yeah lets rule the freakin galaxy and force-choke random dudes!" (I know thats oversimplifying it and I know I force-choked random dudes as a Sith, but anyway..). That being said I enjoyed the clone wars on the occasional friday I had to stay at home (was broadcasted on fridays on a TV channel for children in germany by that time..), and I still hope to find out when and where this rebel series is broadcasted on a free channel (not Disney XD, stop grinning Disney!) or get the time to find.. darker means of getting to watch it. But some part of me is still hoping for GoT in space, or the grimdark that is battlefleet gothic: Armada introduced into SW. Hope is the first step on the road to disappointment, hm?
  13. Well I agreee with that objection, but keywords or keyword-combinations are limited as well. Balancing is another issue, as you only have four stats plus keyword(s) which have to be balanced by point values between 7(z-95) to 22 (Decimator) for generic squadrons. Difficult enough, so that is why I dont expect another full squadron pack anytime soon..
  14. Not saying they will never show up in armada, but they have to fit in under circumstances differing from those in X-wing. We have already quite an abundant choice of squadrons in SW:A, and the limited amount of stats with which you may differenciate - and balance - squadrons internally mean that there is only a finite amount of squadrons FFG could publish before any new wave will essentially just be an existing craft with new cardboard. We are already close to that point, so I am not sure they will "waste" the remaining combinations of stats for squadrons anytime soon.
  15. Wow, so salty - please state your LoL ingame name To cut it short, I am not begging for a third faction but I am confident that FFG would be perfectly capable of balancing a three factions system, with the same fluctuations and distortions which we already have between two factions and which are inevitable in any game that is not plain chess. Cannon-wise, some of the ships/squadrons we have now for imps and rebels have not seen a second of screentime as well, so that does not break S&V as a faction for me. Books, even games (EAW) managed a scum faction so that is not a limiting issue in my eyes. Gameplay-wise it could become an issue, as it is not easy to launch a full scum wave with at minimum 3-4 ships and several unique fighters from scratch. What could work for me is the introduction of small/flotilla type S&V ships as auxiliaries to rebels and imperials respectively, similar to the S&V squadron pack. They could then merge the released squadrons and ships with alternate asses and unique titles/upgrades in a later stage by releasing 1-2 medium ships and some scum admirals.
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