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  1. Says the person that didn't use spoiler tags.
  2. I think Oggdude is going to have to figure this one out. That looks like windows is forcing it to crash. Have you tried running it as Administrator.
  3. https://gitlab.com/rikus01/SWDataSet-OggDudes https://legendsofthegalaxy.discussion.community Here are what I could find with a quick search through my e-mails.
  4. Check the application event logs right after trying to open it.
  5. There are a few people who do. There is some on Gitlab, Discord, and a couple of websites. Browse through this thread and you will find them.
  6. It is probably your antivirus program, quietly closing it as it opens. Check the logs. I know that Norton doesn't like it and will do that.
  7. FAQ 2.3 should answer how to do it. and I have a best practices guide for doing that here: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/89135-another-character-generator/?do=findComment&comment=2697584
  8. why would you need to add more skills? if you have no ranks in them, then the dice pool is just the ability associated with it in green dice. As for the other questions Oggdude will have to answer.
  9. I'm not sure he wants to be updated. But if you update the character generator, you shouldn't lose anything. If you did it correctly.
  10. I found an interesting bug. If you select something and then go to options and uncheck the source for that selection it will not remove the item that was selected.
  11. I know it is a bit far back but there is this: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/89135-another-character-generator/?do=findComment&comment=2697584 and in the FAQ question 2.3
  12. They shouldn't need to be in both places. The DataCustom should be fine, if the other two have been done. Always clear your cache after upgrading, should do it before upgrading really. And double check the options on the Character Generator to make sure all the correct sources are chosen.
  13. If they aren't in the Data folder, then drag and drop works fine. But, did you Clear your cache? Or did you verify that "UserData" was selected as a source, under character generator options?
  14. That would be Doctor Aphra, She works(ed) for Darth Vader. She has her own comic book series also.
  15. Hrmmm, I've been playing that wrong. But I haven't actually read the Force and Destiny book either. Oh I see where I screwed that up. Strain does not increase after initial creation so I guess I just applied that to soak also.
  16. Not a bug. RAW states that additional Brawn gained after character creation or from enhancements do not add to soak.
  17. Yes it is very easy. I even wrote a best practices guide for doing so. I use dropbox for myself and a group of my friends. That way I can keep everything updated, we all use the same information, and I can access it from all of my PCs everywhere. https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/89135-another-character-generator/?do=findComment&comment=2697584
  18. Bug(?): The Generator allows you to equip 2 Backpacks.
  19. Yes it will require an uninstall of the old one. Then install the new one. I did not loose anything when uninstalling but it is always a good idea to make a backup of your datafolders before uninstalling.
  20. Thanks for helping out guys. I'm at work and not at my comp a whole lot this week. I'm sure working together we can get her sorted out.
  21. what is in the C:\Users\[yourusernamehere]\AppData\Roaming\SWCharGen folder? and where did you unzip that too?
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