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  1. Bug(?): The Generator allows you to equip 2 Backpacks.
  2. Yes it will require an uninstall of the old one. Then install the new one. I did not loose anything when uninstalling but it is always a good idea to make a backup of your datafolders before uninstalling.
  3. stupid system here.
  4. What finally got it working?
  5. Thanks for helping out guys. I'm at work and not at my comp a whole lot this week. I'm sure working together we can get her sorted out.
  6. what is in the C:\Users\[yourusernamehere]\AppData\Roaming\SWCharGen folder? and where did you unzip that too?
  7. That is the manual install version. Try moving the characters out and running it.
  8. I think i have a new outfit for my Mando Bounty Hunter.
  9. Which Character Generator are you using, The webinstall or the manual install?
  10. You need to go to your data folder and remove everything except the characters and then try to open it. If it works put stuff back one folder at a time running it between folders until it crashes again. I believe you have a corrupted XML file. Just move the whole data folder to your desktop and move them back one at a time.
  11. Did you install a custom dataset?
  12. That is an error with your Browser (Edge) not the Character Generator. Which Character Generator are you using?
  13. Which version (manual install or web install), Try to run it again, then right click the start button (windows logo in the corner), go to Computer Management, Event viewer, windows logs, Click on application, one of the top ones should have an error tell us what that says.