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  1. yes that's exactly where it came from, heard it on the way to stag do and it became the warcry during the paintballing
  2. i had a fun game using Uncle Plutt with a stealth device and the tractor array, lots of tractor shenanigans
  3. yes its a bit crap that some of the cards that come in the pack can't be used by the Jumpmaster now but....is there anyone who plays this game and only has Jumpmasters? they can be used by other ships too can't they
  4. I've used Nera with Adv Protons, Extra Munitions, B-wing E2, Han, and FCS. its 39 points but when you get the torps in then it really can hurt, on the few occasions I've used her then I've generally landed 5 hits with both shots which can be really useful whittling down the big ships, or one shotting ties!
  5. Disappointing, but as I expected: Having shara chain target locks off other ships attacks is probably a little too good.Would have been nice though But you can use Dutch to grant Sharra a free TL action and with Weapons Eng she gets two which someone else can use (been using that to good effect with Norra in the mix as well)
  6. Chippy Tea


    if the reverse doesn't stress then a Burnout SLAM could be amusing
  7. Kath Scarlett, Imp and Scum, is going to enjoy this. Extra stress from one (if you get a cancelled crit) and don't get too close behind the other.
  8. Found a great combination for Nera: Deadeye Adv Proton torps Bwin/E2 Han Solo EM FCS Take a shot at your intended recipient to get the target lock from FCS, get into range 1 next turn, focus and fire your torps. With the combo of the TL, torps and Solo you can guarantee at least 3 hits - torps turn up to 3 blanks to eyes, Solo uses TL to turn eyes into blasts. I got 5 out of 5 with both torps at the weekend and ruined two tie bombers. I'd taken Nera with Sabine and Tycho but I think a better team is going to be with Dutch and Garven, Nera can get both TL and Focus before firing for free then if you can keep a good formation.
  9. I put together the following but I can't justify buying 3 more Scyks to try it: 4 Cartel Spacers - 2 with Tractor Beams + 2 with Manglers Serissu with Mangler I like these little ships but they do fall apart too easily, i find much more so than tie fighters
  10. My friend Lee had painted up a beautiful "Dr Doom" theme'd StarViper Is there a pic of this SV anywhere?
  11. Emergency reverse - use the 1 template straight out the back and discard - gives 1 or 2 stress, maybe chance of a damage too? would be 2 or 3 points
  12. Thoughts on taking an ace out early along these lines: Lt Blount with Tracers + VI (get the Tracers out early) 19 pts 3 x Bandits with Homers + Guidance Chips (change missiles as you like) 51 pts Dagger Sqd with AS + B/E2 + Hera + TB (reduce Agility before the missile strike) 30 pts Untried as yet. (or 4 Chihuahuas and Mastiff?)
  13. Why did they actually call the results of being hit by a tractor beam a boost or barrel roll in the first place? Its not actually that move. Same as the Tie Phantom decloak action, it doesn't actually boost forward or barrel roll when it decloaks, that move is there to represent the cloak confusing other ships sensors (imo). When a ship is hit by a TB it doesn't really barrel roll (as in do a fancy sideways loop), it is moved along a plane. I think if FFG had put on the card that the move is executed in the same manner as a boost or barrel roll then that could have saved some confusion over the 'is it an action or not question?'. Also, why doesn't the TB move ships backwards? If I score a hit with a TB while behind that ship how come I can't draw it towards me?
  14. Boost or BR can be more advantageous on a large ship but it can also be more difficult for a large ship to perform without bumping another ship or obstacle so i think making it red would be harsh
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