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  1. @Undeadguy Yeah I see that now. It looks like I need to print this rules reference out for the LGS so we can look at it instead of just the Learn to Play book.
  2. Like I said we played it like Vader could not do it but (and here is the Devils Advocate in me) the Golden rule says If a card effect uses the word "cannot" that effect is absolute. The argument then becomes the rule about withdraw is not a "Card Effect" and therefore that part of the Golden Rule does not apply. @Big Easy explanation is more in line with what we determined during game play. Like I said afterwards however we started to overthink and came up with these questions. But this does bring up a different question, (and bear with me I may talk my way into my own answer) Engaged says While a trooper unit is in a melee with another trooper unit, those units are engaged. A unit that is engaged cannot perform moves, cannot be displaced, cannot perform ranged attacks, and cannot be targeted by ranged attacks. With that being said Engaged does not say anything about losing the ability to Dodge, Aim, Standby, Recover, Attack, or Card Action. So my question is then Could Vader have still used his free card actions and take an Aim action to give him Force Choke(if a trooper unit is in range), Jedi Reflexes(dodge token so he can get defensive surge), and an Aim token?
  3. This came up last night while playing. I apologize beforehand for the wall of text. Engaged- While a trooper unit is in a melee with another trooper unit, those units are engaged. A unit that is engaged cannot perform moves, cannot be displaced, cannot perform ranged attacks, and cannot be targeted by ranged attacks. • Trooper units can be only engaged with other trooper units. Trooper units cannot be engaged with vehicles, and vehicles cannot be engaged with other vehicles, even if both units are in a melee. • To exit an engagement, a unit must withdraw by using its entire activation to perform a speed-1 move. A unit that is withdrawing cannot do anything during the “Perform Actions” step of its activation except perform this speed-1 move. Free Card Action- A free card action is a type of free action. If an ability is preceded by a free card action icon, that ability is a free card action. Free card actions do not count against the two actions that a unit can perform during its activation. • Each free card action is a unique action; a unit can perform different free card actions during its activation. However, a unit cannot perform the same free card action more than once during its activation. • Card actions can allow units to gain aim, dodge, and standby tokens. If a card action specifically instructs a unit to gain an aim, dodge, or standby token, that effect is different than performing an aim, dodge, or standby action and therefore does not trigger abilities that occur after aim, dodge, or standby actions are performed. Relentless- After a unit that has the relentless keyword performs a move action, it may perform a free attack action. • This attack action is a free action and therefore does not count as one of the unit’s two actions. • A unit that has already performed an attack action during its activation cannot perform a free attack action. • A unit that has already performed a free attack action during its activation cannot perform another attack action. And finally The Golden Rules. THE GOLDEN RULES The golden rules are fundamental concepts on which all other rules are built. • If something in this reference contradicts the Learn to Play booklet, the Rules Reference takes precedence. • If an effect on a card or another component contradicts rules found in the Learn to Play booklet or Rules Reference, that component takes precedence. • If a card effect uses the word “cannot,” that effect is absolute and cannot be overridden by other game effects. Here is the situation, Luke moved in to engage Vader in Melee, During Vader's activation there was a unit of troopers at range 1, Based on the wording of engaged Vader cannot perform anything except a melee attack or a Withdraw. Withdraw is a speed 1 move. Vader has "Relentless" Saying he can perform a free attack action, The Vader player wanted to withdraw and then use saber throw, and then use force choke and jedi reflexes to gain a dodge token and to kill another rebel trooper rather than attack Luke. We determined that that was not possible due to the wording of engaged and made Vader attack Luke in Melee but when we finished playing we started to second guess that decision. Basically because of the golden rule that says card text trumps the rules reference and the learn to play booklet. We came up with two main questions. 1. engage specifically says trooper units, so does that mean commanders are not trooper units or they are trooper units? 2. Does withdraw trump free card actions and card text or is it the other way around. Just thought I would throw this out there.
  4. We will get Palp and the Royal Guard, then Saw and his Renegades, With Krennic and Death Troopers, then depends on what they want to pull from, like I could see Iden and Inferno Squad as well as a Jyn Erso/Cassian/K2SO specialist pack. I can also see them adding in Lando and Bespin Guards, Bib Fortuna with some Gaemorans, Boba Fett and the rest of the bounty hunters from episode v, A Rancor and Trainer, the crew of Rebels tv show, the inquisitorsous, Gar Saxon and the Mado's, Fenn Rau and the Concord Dawn protectorate. I mean there are a ton of things to choose from. before they even leave the OT.
  5. Yeah I just saw in the Rules Reference that it is a free action so basically you do the following. Dodge>Move>Move>Relentless(Saber Throw)>Force Reflexes>Force Choke if you kit him out with Saber Throw, Force Choke and Force Reflexes. OK I cannot wait to get him on a table.
  6. From the learn to play book. "Actions represent a unit’s capabilities. During a unit’s activation, it may perform two of the following actions: • Move • Attack • Aim • Dodge"
  7. here is my question, why take force reflexes since every unit can take the dodge action?
  8. smccaughan

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  9. The stripes would be hard to do unless you have a real steady hand. Good Idea though.
  10. Make one commander Cody.....paint his visor yellow
  11. true I will concede that point, Just so far with my first core set i have not run into any issues as long as I matched the arms to the torso.
  12. One of my Squads will be the 501st with Captain Rex's Blue color scheme. I think I am going to do a Red Trooper armor squad, kind of Royal Guard color scheme. The rest I think are going to be generic White. The Rebels will get a Tatooine Squad, an Endor Squad, a Cloud City Squad, and then a basic tan theme. One of my Vader mini's will be Father Sithmas.... and the other is going to be classic Vader. Luke will get his Cloud City garb and I am nor sure what to do with the second one yet.
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