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  1. jarick098

    Skull Forge Stuff

    Bought and printed the desert scrapper bundle from @Skullforge. Added some bases from thingiverse. Just need some paint and cards. Speaking of cards, how is everyone dealing with homebrew character and cards/stats for them?
  2. jarick098

    Another Character Generator

    i might be late in posting this, but i just found it. I was wondering why my program was never updating. I've been stuck at 2.2.0 Apparently 2.3.0 is available here http://www.legendsofthegalaxy.com/Oggdude/
  3. jarick098

    Another Character Generator

    I haven't been on here in a while. Is 2.2.0 the latest release?
  4. jarick098

    Compiled Resources List

    Thank you! This is great
  5. jarick098

    Compiled Resources List

    How are the minion group skills calculated? It appears correct to me.
  6. jarick098

    Compiled Resources List

    Is this site you were thinking of? http://swa.stoogoff.com/ If not, it's still a sweet tool. Props to Stoo Goff
  7. jarick098

    soak, cortosis and lightsabers

    @SEApocalypse where is this mentioned?
  8. https://fanggrip.wordpress.com/2015/04/17/edge-of-the-empire-style-guide/
  9. jarick098

    deckplan software

    i found a GIMP tutorial a while back, if I can dig it up, i'll link it
  10. jarick098

    Another Character Generator

    I've been trying to figure how to word this without coming of as a big jerk, but is there any site OggDude could post (if willing) the program that would us to help with the updates and bugs? I know this is his baby, but it seems the community is sort of lost without it. Don't hate me OggDude
  11. jarick098

    A few odd questions about IPKC

    I was curious about this as well. After digging thru the CRB I finally found some mention of it. Page 57 - Edge of the Empire Core Rulebook Player Characters are almost certainly going to be either Guild or Independent Hunters. However, regardless of what type of Bounty Hunter is played, the character will need to have a current and legitimate Imperial Peace-Keeping Certificate (IPKC). This is the specific license that all Bounty Hunters are required to have on file with the Empire in order to operate as professionals. Without such documentation and status, a Bounty Hunter is little more than a kidnapper and, possibly, a murderer. Any character with the Bounty Hunter career automatically gains an IPKC — unless the player would prefer his character not start with one. Although this may seem like an odd choice, it could make for a particularly compelling story or character background. Hopefully they'll go more in dept in the new book
  12. Is there a specific markup for restricted items in the CRBs? All I've been able to find is that they "may cost far more". Is there a general rule you guys use? Also, on the topic of markets... How do you handle the use of threats and despair during your Negotiation rolls to haggle the prices for items? Threats increase the price?
  13. jarick098

    Another Character Generator

    Short answer. Defense doesn't stack. Longer answer. Rules As Written: Multiple sources of defense do not stack. However, the character always uses the best defense rating available to him. If the PC possesses a defense rating of 1 against all attacks but a defense rating of 2 against melee attacks, he applies the defense 2 against all close combat attacks directed at him. So if you test the program out and add equip a Voss Warspear (Defensive 2) your character will have Rng 1/Melee 2
  14. jarick098


    Thanks for the replies. Got some ideas now.