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  1. In No Disintegrations, The Heedless exploit requirements state, "during the bounty hunter inflicted collateral damage with a value that equals or exceeds the credit value of the bounty. " Anyone have a handy cheat sheet for this? Ships would be an easy find, just looking for buildings, property, people...
  2. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5vuh3ylPNDWdk5wbEZZd0xyWjA/view try this
  3. I'm crashing when I try to create a custom Reward. I'd post the error code but I honestly can't figure out how to add the spoiler deal.
  4. So I see the Field Dressing knife in Savage Spirits, are there any guidelines for selling hides (or tusks, poison glands, etc) anywhere that overlooking?
  5. I would love to utilize the psd file and help out where i can
  6. Been working on this off and on forever! Starting working on Legion cards. Time to get re-motivated for RPG
  7. just your standard Internet warning. Chrome won't even download it for me. Had to lower myself to IE and "accept anyways"
  8. https://imgur.com/a/9spnGYA Let me know if that works
  9. Jawas, Tusken Raiders, Ewoks, and Lasats all have stats for player creation.
  10. Picked up the book today. B1s are in there. No B2s. Probably in Rise of the Seperatists. I'm gonna try and nab one tomorrow. Ill let you know.
  11. i might be late in posting this, but i just found it. I was wondering why my program was never updating. I've been stuck at 2.2.0 Apparently 2.3.0 is available here http://www.legendsofthegalaxy.com/Oggdude/
  12. I haven't been on here in a while. Is 2.2.0 the latest release?
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