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  1. Edit - It appears to be on the boat already!
  2. Good place to start is BoardGameGeek, you'll probably find some custom teams and templates in the files section of the BBl:TM entry already - https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/90137/blood-bowl-team-manager-card-game/files
  3. I'm hearing that FFG are working on the English translation for this and we'll possibly see it at GenCon. Anyone have any more info / able to confirm?
  4. I'm with you, I'd rather see a full revival of Blood Bowl over a limited edition collectors set but things have to start somewhere. If the set (a) exists and (b) sells out in record time when it's released, I can't see GW leaving money on the table. There wasn't much they could do to follow up Space Hulk (beyond maybe look at doing a similar set for Hero Quest) but if a Blood Bowl set is successful I have no doubt we'd see GW revive it as a full franchise. If that all happens, assuming FF are able to find a gap in their schedule between all the new Star Wars stuff, I hope we'd also see some POD teams released at the very least.
  5. There is long-standing rumour that GW are going to produce a new edition of Blood Bowl this year, initial model designed were even previewed at their last big event (Warhammer World? I forget the name) if I recall. Initial reports suggests it's going to be closer to a one-off collectors box similar to their recent Space Hulk release that an actual full-blown new edition with all the extras but at least it's something. If it's successful it might encourage FF to at least do some POD releases for BB:TM.
  6. Any idea on a release date for this? Honestly don't think the games needs any extra rules or changes, the game is **** near perfect far as my game group are concerned, but the minis look good and it's always nice to have variant rules available if you want them ;-) https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgameexpansion/185354/dear-boss https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1349699/upcoming-dear-boss-expansion-any-further-details-m
  7. Can't blame them for exploiting their SW licence while it's hot, just hoping that all the profit they're (probably) making on SW means they can keep less profitable lines like Blood Bowl alive. And don't worry about X-Wing getting bloated out and slowing down, they'll just release something else with the SW logo instead to keep things ticking over... enter "SW: Rebellion" ;-)
  8. At this stage I think unless they can put a Star Wars logo on it, FF probably aren't that interested. SW is a licence to print money, compare that to the money they probably make on BB:TM... sadly but understandably they're running a business so they're going to put the effort into the profitable lines. Just look at the news page for the last few months, has there ever been a day when at least six of the eight lead articles haven't been Star War related?
  9. Off the top of my head if I recall correctly you can break the headline rule but doing so will give that player a cheat token / penalty card (would need to double-check the rules / depending on what expansions you're playing with I think). So yes, the manager could use the player ability to throw a team-mate to another match and break the 3-player limit but doing so will give that player a cheat token / penalty card. Risk vs Reward
  10. Difficult to design but not impossible, as I said there are some great designs over at BGG. There's absolutely no need for them but having used one of the fan-made designs from BGG my game group really like it, just adds a little more flavour to the game. I'm sure FFG could design something if they wanted to (or even just buy one of the fan-made designs and make it official) but I'm really starting to think this game isn't making them any / enough money to justify any more investment. I suspect the base game and it's two expansions are all we're going to get.... which is more than some games get so we can't really complain I guess, but it would be nice if we're not getting any more expansions to at least get some official word on it's demise.
  11. I'm starting to think that the odds of FF releasing another expansion for this are somewhere between slim and none. In all honesty I'm not too surprised, with the last two expansions introducing new rules alongside the new teams I'm not further rules or mechanics would really improve the game all that much (although I'm more than willing to be proved wrong!). But how about some print-on-demand packs? Individual team packs, a "refresh" pack for the original teams, a "star-players" pack? And I've noticed that FF are producing some really good playmats for some of their other card games. Any chance of an official BB:TM playmat? There are some really great fan-made examples over at BGG but I suspect FF could do something special.
  12. The set-up time depends entirely on the players. If you just throw the tiles down and place your units without any real thought then yes, it's quick. But if you're playing a four player game and each player is putting some thought into their tile placement and unit deployment, looking at how others have placed their units and tiles in relation to your objective tokens.... the set-up can take time and have a huge impact on how the game itself plays out. You've clearly not understood what's being suggested as the idea is far from ridiculous. If our game group was able to remotely plan out their tile placements / unit deployments etc in advance using a shared online tool of some description, giving each player the time to think and plan their strategy before passing it to the next player in turn for their next tile placement etc it would mean more time actually playing instead of setting up when we meet.
  13. Hopefully any future expansion will have some replacement cards for the original teams. The new mechanics and teams introduced in the two expansions so far have left the original teams feeling in need of a minor refresh.
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