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  1. Surprised everyone is using Karsabi and not literally anything else... even a mini flight of tie fighters. You've got 36 points, that's even Ps 11ATC/EU Vader with a bid, or Vessery, or Stele defender, or even a palp shuttle, or a super light stridan, etc.
  2. I think it stems more from the design process of creating something that can do more than be "just another palp mobile". Doom shuttle doesn't get played near as much since ole palps came out: (To be fair you have a reason to run Vader now, as that fix was released in the same expansion, so it's not entirely palpatines fault)
  3. So would norra be considered a big enough threat wedge would get to do his thing?
  4. So I made into my Regionals, off the wait list. I'm super excited, I have a secured spot, and this will be my 2nd regional so the rookie nerves are mostly gone... however I'm currently feeling like this: All these new ships and I have literally NO idea what to fly. So in uncertain times, what do most people do? Turn to what they know/love to fly. In this case, I've been looking pretty hard at Wedge. Now Wedge is supposed to be really good with FAA, but.... I can't seem to see how. sure FAA is cheap, and grants you a free boost or barrel roll outside of your normal actions, however; 1) Wedge is often best when at range 1-2 2) moving at Ps 9 and having no other ships in your primary arc with a ship that needs to have a ship in it's primary arc to even attack just feels off, off in the sense that you won't always be able to boost or barrel roll into range for an attack. I do see the corner cases where you have a ship outside of your arc and you either boost or barrel roll into firing range/arc, and the bug can grant coordinate to net you more modded shots, but at the same time, I'm failing to see how this is any different then BB-8 or Regen Wedge, save about 3 points.
  5. Don’t worry, the new wave will drop in time for worlds to be legal and greatly shake up the meta game with some new broken combo that makes imperials undesirable to fly. Only happens every time a worlds comes around.
  6. I feel intensity would work better, saves you a point, you bet that 3rd action, and your free to grab the target lock.
  7. For Reasons listed above, Run your Funboat with this instead: OS-1 Harpoon missiles LRS
  8. I wouldn't call it OP, It's within the games rules, and as you've already sort of figured out, It hates high Ps alpha strikes. Another thing I see that could be crippling is stress. It shuts out your expertise. I know you have Kanan but with Palps making a comeback I suspect before long scum players might remember Boba fett crew exists in this game, and he's actually pretty good for 1 point.
  9. (I have never even seen this list but maybe if I post something that seems right or wrong someone who actually knows what there doing with this list will come along and correct me). theoretically speaking, I'm thinking you want to run them in a squad to maximize pilot abilities. Miranda is for late game, Jess is there to do damage, and Lowhrick is just there to tank shots for both until he dies, which will (hopefully) be a long time coming with C-3PO and Rey. Asteroids Vs Debris: I typically don't. As in avoid at all costs. You do have a tankier build, and I would think you would force the opponent to commit. Make them come to you through the field. As long as you can keep everyone in range one so Jess and Lowhrick can activate their abilities you should be fine. Of course don't be afraid to turn in with both Low and Jess when the time comes. Potential weaknesses I could see would be High ps alpha strikes. Miranda will keep most things away with bomblet generator if you keep her on the tail end of the formation, but without EI it's hard to take her on offensive besides TLT. Harpoons could be another major issue because you want to keep Low and Jess in range one.
  10. Kuzzco Palps alt art card. Someone make it happen please.
  11. 7 was fun, because it was the first release after I got into the game.
  12. Wouldn't it technically be 83' cause Luke was considered a full fledged Jedi until after Yoda died and he Faced Vader again?
  13. Congrats, you have just successfully created "The Last Jedi spoilers" discussion thread.