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  1. Agreed, the license Probably did not carry over. Any particular reason why spartan games went under?
  2. FlyingAnchors

    Wave 1 includes which ships exactly?

    No, Reaper and Saws renegades are considered part of wave 1.
  3. I would like to see Halo get the treatment, although the Armada system would definitely work better, although you could make a limited X-wing style game, they have enough for at least 3 ships per faction. I realize one came out, but I haven’t heard from it since, which usually means no one liked it and it’s dead...
  4. FlyingAnchors

    Pre-order of 2.0

    Oh, you expected the boat to arrive on time? You’re braver than I thought. 😉
  5. FlyingAnchors

    Clone Wars Bounty Hunters

    Maybe that will be one of the CIS identitifiers. I know it’s been kicked around for a unique illicit that lets you take 1 scum ship in an empire list, why not apply the concept to the CIS? They used bounty hunters more frequently during the war. So sure you can field all droids and swarm and it’ll feel like an empire list, but adding in a bounty hunter will spice things up a little.
  6. FlyingAnchors

    Clone Wars Bounty Hunters

    Yeah, but Boba and Jango in dual fire sprays is a dream come true.
  7. FlyingAnchors

    2nd ed ARCs

    (Possibly) coming to a republic faction near you, wave 4, fall 2019. (I say that because there’s a draft for a clone wars episode where Rex basically top guns in an arc. It was never finished and released. It may come back in season 7).
  8. FlyingAnchors

    What does "ca" on "TIE/ca Punisher" mean?

    You remember after Cartoon Network stopped airing clone wars and they started down the dark path (before starting adventure time ).
  9. FlyingAnchors

    What does "ca" on "TIE/ca Punisher" mean?

    But the answer is always MOAR B-WINGS, so I’m not sure that joke works...
  10. FlyingAnchors

    2.0 is kind of a mess

    No U
  11. FlyingAnchors

    An old grump watches the clone wars

    We get phase one arc troopers (or even just phase one Rex, I can work with just that), Kal skirata is going to be flying across the battlefield with Ordo and his brothers.
  12. FlyingAnchors

    Tops and flops in 2.0 so far?

    Tops? Pancakes. Flops? Undercooked Fillet o fish oh you meant some X-wing 2.0 meta...
  13. FlyingAnchors

    I wonder how long FFG will make conversion kits

    Okay, say it with me: wait. I see there’s still a lot of variables here. Unsure if you want to play all factions or not, etc. I would say go on and buy the conversion kit for your favorite faction and then play with it, and from there decide if you want to delve into the others. It’s a pretty safe bet the conversion kits will be around for at least the next 6 months after release, which should be plenty of time to pick up the other two.
  14. FlyingAnchors

    FFG/X-wing gets featured on the Star Wars Show

    I wonder if they are going to add the center mount R2 unit variant?
  15. FlyingAnchors

    An old grump watches the clone wars

    Pretty sure the first Tcw movie is the 2003 half hour special (this was back when a clone wars episode was a 5 minute short), and it’s basically anakin vs ventress on Yavin 4.