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  1. Oh yes, tie fighter with turret strapped to the bottom is so original. /S I will give the first order this though, the upsilon and silencer at least feel new.
  2. I deduce you’ve never actually flown anything with selfless, so you’re really talking about something you don’t understand. Sure the mechanic idea is nice, (in practice) pull a crit from your ace to a ship not currently getting shot, presumably a ship with either lots of shields or regen available, but you will run out of regen, and sooner or later you run out of hit points to spend. This also assumes that your opponent is going to have crits to deflect, which isn’t always guaranteed.
  3. Did I mix up quotes again? I couldn’t find it and didn’t remember if you were the one who made that quote or someone who had an even better reply. Anyway that was part of the original quote, the intent was not to body shame or make anyone self conscious. 😐
  4. It’s true, we only listen to @LagJanson because he is a 6ft4” American Caucasian male on the hefty side who will intimidate us into conceding if we don’t( his words not ours), and to hail supreme dinner from Bojangles, @Brunas.
  5. Rebels are still a decent faction, but they stink of being the least efficient faction currently. a lot of stuff is priced right, but if you weren’t in handbrake Han on rebel beef you didn’t get touched, While a fair amount of chassis’s did. We also are in a predominantly 3 aces or swarm meta, neither of which the rebels particularly excell at, especially compared to how almost criminally a lot of stuff is priced in other factions. Theres also Selfless, which is a garbage card to start with, at least competitively speaking. You’re taking half points off one ship to make it easier to score half point the following turn. Now it is priced right with the chassis currently, most 4 ship builds allow for Selfless or regen, but not both without sacrificing other components of the squad, but the problem still remains you’re either gambling for your opponent roles a lot of crits. You also have to build your list around it, or not bother with it. It really stinks compared to Fanatical, dedicated, and Heroic, which are mostly universal. Rebels desperately need a new faction identity card. (Stay on target from first edition would be a good one). (Empire kinda does to, ruthless only really favors decimators or the day Empire has access to deadman’s switch, but at least it’s costed correctly). If regen points don’t change, I really think the Xs and Ys could use a point drop across the board (even Wedge and Dutch, 54 and 39 is still reasonable), as well as U-wings not named Cassian. I would also argue the generics save Blue squadron pilot (B-wing) , blue squadron scout (X-wing) and Carven angel zealot could also use a 1 point drop.
  6. Speaking of European countries, anyone heard from our Russian squadron pals? Haven’t seen a Reddit post from them in awhile...
  7. Well it is ridiculously durable, although how much of that is plot armor is for you to decide. Obi-Wan had buzz droids on him and wreck his ship but it was still flyable to the hanger, and Anakin had several seconds before the crits became worrisome in the clone wars. Although you do make an excellent point about 6 Hull being a little much, maybe it should be like the tie silencer bar shields, and have 4 Hull. (I mean the Naboo starfighter is really small and still has 3 Hull).
  8. I think I’m canon it didn’t come with shields so maybe 3/3/6/0 stat line? Or maybe 3/2/6/0. Idk
  9. You could make the same argument for the FO regarding their interceptor coming out, but there getting that anyway. So sure the actis isn’t needed, but it is wanted.
  10. You put it on Braylen to eat crits aimed at Dutch (also Braylen rerolls make him slightly harder to kill), Cassian pulls stress when needed, and Wedge is more Ace insurance that strictly Jedi insurance. If you are going to drop him, I guess question is, what are you subbing for 55 points? Norra? Thane? Biggs?
  11. Ooh ouch owie my bones. Well at least he did make the transition.
  12. Primed thrusters makes Kylo not care about his stressful double reposition (for a little while).
  13. The Return some of the forgotten astromechs: R7: 1e ability was if you had a target lock on the attacker, you could spend it to force them to reroll any dice of your choosing. Obviously a little busted for 2e, but give it 2 charges(non-recurring) require a lock to spend on the attacker, and force the reroll on all dice (no more cherry picking), also you can use it on friendly ships (big change from 1e was only on enemy ships). sure it’s a risk/reward, but I did enjoy the gamble aspect of some 1e effects (should also happen at the start of modify attack dice step so your opponent can still spend any focus tokens if they desire). Agility based costing, this is something E-wings would have a field day with if it was to cheap. M9-G8: same idea as R7 but with 3 charges. Ship A spends a lock(and a charge) on Ship B (when it’s attacking) to allow 1 full attack dice reroll. Flight assist astromech: would be nice, not sure how many charges it would need though. Tageting Astromech: Passive sensors for non-sensor slot ships. However 2 recurring charges. (Or maybe just 1) R3-A2: forget stress, let this droid do something with strain or deplete tokens (and make it appropriately costed). A big problem with this droid was that there wasn’t a downside to the stress for the carrier, just the ship affected. Deplete/strain brings back the risk/reward. (You get the token you give.) R7-T1: 1e action: allows you to take a target lock at range 1-2 and then perform a boost. 2e suggestion is to make the boost/barrellroll (whatever maneuver exists as a white action on the action bar on your ship) red, and allow the lock to occur at range 1-3, provided in the bullseye. Some other cards I wouldn’t mind seeing again with minor changes: Rage: 1e: gain 2 stress, acquire a focus and you may reroll up to 3 if your attack dice. Stay on target: 1e ability: when you reveal a maneuver, you may change it to another maneuver of the same speed, treating it as red. (I would really like to stay the same if possible. I wouldn’t mind it being a natural counter to sense either). Opportunist and Expose could also be considered.
  14. It does fit, but did he take the bid or put selfless on Braylen?
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