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  1. I’d argue it’s a combination of old tractor rules bolted onto an easily movable rotating turret arc. edit: oh we’ve already moved on. Feel free to ignore. Or burn down my hot take, Dwywm.
  2. “vultures OP, please nerf” - every clone pilot not named oddball.
  3. 5A bad. Invest in Poe+ 3. (Welcome back! wait for Monday points update for the hot takes to roll in, you picked a perfect time to return. Although if Dion has the space jams in meta wing, maybe some 5A stats in there?)
  4. Reminds me I need to paint one up in SBD dauntless colors. I think the upcoming multi missile pods out of the Droid gunship could potentially breath some new life into them. Maybe 3 with a way to pass locks and ion turret for control. Not exactly meta breaking, but something fun for a local tournament.
  5. If anything EA is producing more content for them to convert later on down the line.
  6. 1-5: thread title “how has COVID-19 affected you survey”
  7. How often are you using advanced sensors? Trying to think of ways to put Jake in the list instead of Blount.
  8. About bloody time, you’ve been nothing but toxic for 2 years now. you claim “hatred” wins when half of It’s your faults been because you keep picking fights with people. No compromise. No respect. You have a very poor way of sharing love for something with someone, at least on here anyway. Star Wars is what you make of it, and seeking validation from people who aren’t you is only going to cause you pain somewhere down the line. I hope this time away from here allows you to detox. Were I a betting person, I’d wager you’ll pop up either here or somewhere else on the internet to scratch that itch when the rebels sequel drops. I hope in that time you can learn to appreciate what you loved about Star Wars before, and not care about what In Star Wars you don’t, because at the end of the day Star Wars is whatever you decide to make of it, fandom or not. “A Jedi must have the deepest commitment, the most serious mind. This one a long time have I watched. All his life has he looked away…to the future, to the horizon. Never his mind on where he was. Hmm? What he was doing.” - Yoda, ESB
  9. We don’t need a 3.0 right now. And we honestly won’t know what needs to happen in 3.0 because we are still exploring 2.0. this bickering is pointless.
  10. Fair point, but why not just axe the generics and Cassian Pilot? With Biggs and wedge also being Knocked out, the traditional beef wasn’t going to be valid anyway. (I just want to field K-2SO Pilot without feelsbadman because Ks “not hyperspace legal”.) I agree with everything about the Ghost/sheathipede vs Falcon though.
  11. Fite me Friday(I guess?): the U-wing should have stayed in hyperspace.
  12. Make some sort of TCG mashup where you play with a deck of upgrade cards.
  13. Because I thought people were going to talk about the points adjustment with said pilots as well. Like if you swap Vader for Soontir, you still wouldn’t expect Soontir to sit at 52 would you? Ugh.
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