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  1. Where do people pick up these weird rules ideas?

    Oh I completely misread that. I guess someone wasn’t watching the stream chat?
  2. New preview: save the dream

    Yum.... that begs the question, why don’t we have breakfast alt arts? That was forum level of silly good fun.
  3. Using the “Force”

    Like hitting someone with their car? I remember that troll thread from when I first joined the forums.
  4. Where do people pick up these weird rules ideas?

    I’m guessing the argument(if there was one to be made) is when the ship becomes the active ship in the combat phase you check for range from your firing arc. The ghost player was simply checking from the Primary before checking for TLT. (Even though you, I, both players, and the rest of the stream know that there was not a ship in his primary) Rules lawyering has been around since wave 1, sadly. I mean look at the errata to Dash, lone wolf, Gonk, the scum aggressor title, etc.
  5. New preview: save the dream

    No, I’ve read the errata, targeting scrambler just orders POTUS a Diet Coke.
  6. New preview: save the dream

    Well to the first part yes. Second part, I thought of the first example that came to mind.
  7. New preview: save the dream

    I loan your construction Droids for your moon sized planet killer, maybe not knowing what you’re doing but knowing last time I lent you this much stuff a Death Star appeared, yes. I sell you a plane for national defense and you invade another country’s airspace and drop bombs on the McDonald’s, does that make me liable? Some people argue yes, some argue no. DJ certainly did argue yes in TLJ.
  8. Tractor Beam; They got it wrong.

    I for one look forward to quad jumpers at tier 1 status.
  9. Possible Sheathipede/U-wing fix?

    I kindly disagree. Outside of changing the range, Miranda will still profit off TLT based on her pilot ability. And TLT is really just icing on the cake for Nym, he’s really all about bombs, make TLT useless to him and you’ll just find him running ion cannon or syncd turret. (Or ditch the turret altogether) And any major nerf to TLT will catch the Y-wing, Tie aggressor, and Hwk as collateral. I think an errata to the ghost title that caps you off at 5 point turrets would be appropriate. So either you get tlt or the double tap, but not both. Or limit to dorsal turret. Or add on Corran Horns restriction to the end. Or force the ghost to spend a shield to perform the second attack. There’s a lot of ways to reign in the ghost without hitting TLT.
  10. STAR WARS: REBELS Discussion thread

    That face you make when Han Solo swears he didn’t kill his wife but that she was murdered by a one armed man...
  11. Punish me Harder

    Has anyone experimented with trajectory simulator punishers? I know it won’t be super amazing, I was just wondering if it worked at all.
  12. Tractor Beam; They got it wrong.

    Yes and where do you see this type of weapon applied accurately? Capital ships. But if you ever played Tie fighter, you would know the small based tractor beams (on fighters such as the tie defender) don’t have the power to completely stop a ship, but merely Lock it down so it can’t do any fancy maneuveres(the -1 defense die) and keep the ship in your firing arc (the boost or barrel roll). they actually did tractor beam very well.
  13. STAR WARS: REBELS Discussion thread

    I thought it was rather uplifting... although the rebels seem to be winging this one.
  14. STAR WARS: REBELS Discussion thread

    So anyone see that new preview? No? We’re just going argue whether Ashoka is Alive or not for the next 30 years until she gets her own movie/comic/game that settles it?
  15. FAKE Servomotor S-Foils leaked

    Oh my, The next faq is gonna be a mess. Start with closed, add AT, does AT proc while wings open?