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  1. The wooden wonder isn't a gunboat, per say, it's a gunship.
  2. You're* I'm also a grammar nazi on occasion.
  3. Pepsi in a coca-cola can sleeve.
  4. Shout out to @Fuzzywookie and @JimbonX with the creative/fun threads and comments. @ficklegreendice for the witty comments. @Darth Meanie for the serious/improvement thread comments. @Joe Boss Red Seven for the epic/custom play comments. @heychadwick NC REPRESENT!!! (also that wonderful little podcast) @Jello Knight (that new podcast I found that I really like) @Admiral Deathrain for making the punisher great again! And @Cubanboy for the weekly post that gets everyone in a good mood for a Weekend of X-wing!
  5. Ashoka +VI+ Sabines masterpiece + Rey + Captured TIE+ EMP Device = 24 points. Ps 9 that almost always gets her ability off, and can banzai charge the enemy and ion them with no repercussions. (Ion is a one trick pony though)
  6. Defenders are really nice. S/F's are really nice. Do you want: A high speed move ship, that is somewhat predictable, but almost always gains a defensive bonus, or a double tap when using an ion/stress/tractor beam cannon? With a good range of pilot skills, (1-8 native). It is more expensive than most other ships in it's class though, and it will be targeted first most times because people don't want to deal with it. The Defender is your ship. If however, you want a ship that is slightly cheaper, can carry newer mods such as the tech upgrade, jousts better, and comes with dual firing arc's and a title that helps boost those arc's attacks, the S/F is for you. only 4 pilots (Ps 3-9) but they do have an ace without VI, so your EPT is free for other things. There's also more defensive options availiable to the S/F because of it's 2 defense dice like Lightweight frame. Also their pilot abilities are arguably more useful as a whole.
  7. the second one, now with 100% more X-wing theme: I used push the limit's alt art form because blue:
  8. Or four red dice potentially, if you can get him in range 1. Agreed, he's reasonably cheap flanker in the filler role.
  9. Control has always been a part of game design. Look at the upcoming Bomb upgrade shenanigans in wave 11. Your opponent now has control of where you go during the course of the game. Sure you can choose not to fly through the bombs, but if they have their wall set up right, you'll have to fly through either an asteroid or bomb in order to get into striking distance of their ships. Or Boba Fett crew? Opponent lands a crit and now one of your upgrades is gone. That's a form of control. It's fine if you don't like him or his ability. I don't care much for the Fang Fighter, but people still play it, and i'll still fly against it. And you don't have to take him in your list either if you don't want to. I just disagree needs to be dramatically changed, based on the plethora of secondary options that elimnates him in one to two turns now even with his damage mitigation droid onboard.
  10. Except when the variations critically impact the already established story. If force ghosts could possess animals, where was Obi-wan during the Wampa/Rancor attack? Or Qui-gon and at the Geonosis arena? If there's going to be change to the lore, it needs to fit within the already established rules of the universe, not be different for the sake of being different. Then it's not really star wars, it's something else entirely. I could see another sect of force sensitive beings perhaps control the force to this aspect, but it's solidly established this is not on the power-up list for Jedi, Grey Jedi, or sith. At least at this present time. Who knows what secrets luke found at the first jedi temple?
  11. He is far from a crappy play experience. Fat Han was a crappy play experience. Triple scouts were a negative play experience, alpha nuking your list on turn 2. X/7 pre nerf was a negative play experience, because no matter what you did you were up against 4 evades every round of shooting. Biggs is an annoyance, but not game breaking.
  12. I know I quit listening to them when they started to get political. I wanted to hear about X-wing, not what's going on in the news. I have plenty of other sources for that. You already listen to shuttle Tyderium so that's about the extent of my knowledge of the other podcasts. I know slingpaint gaming on youtube has some good discussions.
  13. Soontir Actually profits from the B-wing getting a double tap cannon, because that means more 1 agility ships on the board. Ten numb is not a two agility large based EPT carrying, k-4 security back up droid wearin', ship. The only time Ten numb will ever be a threat is with VI, but honestly you want expertise on ten numb anyway, 99% of the time. Tie defenders didn't push soontir out with the TIE/D, they did it with the X/7(and certain TLT card, but that's another topic). Honestly the same restriction on the TIE/D would work for the B-wing as well. (limit to flechette, ion, or tractor beam cannons.)
  14. Keyan can give Tycho a run for his money.