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  1. O brother where art thou on the forums?
  2. Y-wing alt art is getting even stranger XD
  3. Tis a heroes expression....
  4. Honestly I wouldn't mind if they started reprinting some of the alt arts to go along with new ones. Offer 3-8 reprint cards to hand out for some sub categories "most rocks hit", "longest running game",(those are really bad examples, but you get the idea) and stuff along similar lines. Reprints of movie still Chewie, Wedge, Biggs, Vader, Luke, Gold squadron pilot (Please, what has been seen cannot be unseen) etc.
  5. The only way redline shines is if he pushes the limit. (Get it?) (*cries in non-ept*)
  6. Something Something inconclusive data. Something Something Meta-wing. Something Something Casual play. Something Something I secretly appreciate the time you put into this kind of data collection even if I don't show it correctly by bashing on its faults, even if it does provide a relevant snap shot of the meta for competitive play.
  7. Drop pants. Immediately get thrown out of store. Receive two stress tokens if Law enforcement is called.
  8. I was quoting the "adds one mod slot", not the original post...
  9. Soontir waves lazily from his retirement chair,
  10. The Defender's had a white K since wave 4, a "didn't see that coming" moment when it first came out. It's no different than a white S-loop. There are several factors that make the Jumpmaster potent, the white S-loop is a plus, but in terms of dial nothing spectacular. The A-wing hands down still has the best dial wise, The amount of greens and whites compared to red results is unparralelled across any star ship in the game currently.
  11. nice article!
  12. I've had alot of fun with PTL pattern analyzer poe... slap BB-8 on as well and you have shenanigans for days! Although, he doesn't like bumps... like really doesn't like bumps.
  13. Unless your running VI PS 9 thatsthejoke.jpeg Captured Tie: not allowed to be shot at until you shoot first, OR last ship on the board Sabine: adds bomb So now you can fly pretty much where you want and drop a bomb without sacrificing your... uh disguise. Scavenger crane: Rinse and repeat. Unlimited bomb dropping until your squadron is dust or you have won the match.