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  1. yes, It's supposed to have new phantom title to interact with the ghost.
  2. Gunboat "fix" thread inbound.....
  3. Or "no were not planning on that" because it's been specifically stated multiple times that card packs are not going to be a thing in this game. ever.
  4. the start date is in september right?
  5. always in motion*
  6. Only podcast worth listening to is a casual podcast. Shuttle Tyderium ftw!
  7. I'd bet you'd probably buy out minature market's pre-order quota before celebrating though XD.
  8. I hope all of you with your "When FFG When?" gunboat shirts have a big "Thank you FFG" banner or shirts when they finally do unveil the gunboat....
  9. Not that. This:
  10. "Chewie get us out of here!"
  11. Pulled from the other thread: Where people go to listen about quitting X-wing.
  12. Agreed, was just trying some humor.
  13. forgot points. oh right, it's a title, and this isn't wave 2, so no points. nvm
  14. As long you don't stream the tables at GenCon/NOVA. That was painful to watch the SC at atomic empire. Among other things, thank you for taking time to accurately spell out all the upgrades and names on every ship, like all the other streamers do. Oh wait.... I guess I have to settle with JPRBD BS and QD VD CV and no upgrade list or explanation of any sort.