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  1. FlyingAnchors

    Obi Wan's pilot ability

    Oh, this is why I hate flying.
  2. FlyingAnchors

    Braylen Stramm

    They probably changed it, it’s just a matter of time. Part of what made Keyan good was the “roll all hits, still spend stress”.
  3. FlyingAnchors

    Braylen Stramm

    That’s why you take Keyan far... I mean Ten numb and spend your stress, so you’re totally free the next round.
  4. FlyingAnchors

    Deadly Speed - Resistance A-Wing article

    Tallies ability is not trash, it’s situational, which takes on a different meaning in 2nd edition. sure, you might not do anything with the extra green, or it might just save Poe, and if nothing else Tallie will be rolling 4 dice at least once a round. A-wings much like their imperial counterparts have always lived and died by their green dice, so Tallies ability feels great on spreading the love around. In a faction of heavy hitters, she should work just fine, assuming she’s not horribly overpriced.
  5. FlyingAnchors

    Deadly Speed - Resistance A-Wing article

    I doubt Tallie will be that cheap, given the rebel A-wings point cost. But given we don’t have an I-5 A-wing to go off of yet, I could see her costing between 36-38 points.
  6. FlyingAnchors

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    You People who haven’t seen Gone Girl.
  7. FlyingAnchors

    Deadly Speed - Resistance A-Wing article

    Agreed. And I was going to hard pass on resistance to.... dangit ffg.
  8. FlyingAnchors

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    Place yer bets folks! It’s time to play “Who’ll cost more?” Your choices for the January points adjustment are: Palob jakku gun runner Boba Fett 4-LOM Soontir Fel Wedge (is better than Thane) Or Miranda (just to be safe)
  9. FlyingAnchors

    What happened to epic?

    You don’t use your X-wing models as stand ins for armada fighters? Amateur. 😜
  10. FlyingAnchors

    Clone Wars!

    Hey, spinning is a good trick.
  11. FlyingAnchors

    2.0 Uglies

    Jawas junkyard: We try it, you fly it!
  12. FlyingAnchors

    Which preview will be out today?

    I don’t think so, but I do think FFG is hitting the ships that don’t need new pilots or didn’t have many pilots from 1st ed. I hope this isn’t the precedent, otherwise ships like the A-wing and Tie interceptor won’t be in decent place for a long Time.
  13. FlyingAnchors

    Clone Wars!

    Hahaha I can’t read.
  14. FlyingAnchors

    Clone Wars!

    At Nova we were told that the sith infiltrator could cloak... I don’t see a cloak on that action bar. Maybe it gets to take the scum version?
  15. FlyingAnchors

    New Star Wars live action series anounced - Cassian Andor!

    I’m pretty sure after TLJ there are a fair amount of people who do not want “Rian Johnson” and “producing a Star Wars movie” in the same sentence. And if Solo is anything to go by, those movies will not do well as they hope.