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  1. C) Yeah, yeah, Phoenix squadron will have allot of fireballs... who knows this could be the battle wedge breaks his leg. As for the main crew... we shouldn't lose anyone at this point, I think. I think we still have some stories to tell with all the crew. Although another life changing event like Kanan's blindness could occur. I don't even think Sato should die, although his ship should definitely be lost.
  2. A) Thrawn deserves a better helmet than being a bucket head. B) We get another space battle, nice! C) Thrawn should live to fight another day. D) RIP triangle carrier it looks like. E) Episode should be called "return of the sabine" F) Overall looks like it's gonna be awesome!
  3. Can't wait to see him fly against Nand at worlds this year...
  4. Where's PGS? oh wait... On a serious note at least FGD could be courteous most of the time.... and yeah were's JBR7? Where's the gunboat thread? very suspicous indeed....
  5. Well his original name is something something Wookiee speak, but his nick name is still Lumpy.
  6. They also have a cult like obsession with Vader:
  7. the whole line could use a -2, except maybe Blue squadron pilot, I understand the designers reasons for not having 5 b-wings on the field, that's 40 health to chew through, and can potentially deliver up to 15 damage a turn, 20 if there all in range 1 of a ship. Nothing could stand up to that fire power, unless you had some very lucky dice. So maybe Blue squadron pilot needs a -1. Daggers not having an EPT turns allot of people away from them. 1 agility ships struggle just like 2 atk dice ships. Kylo Ren makes the B-wing cry. I remember the days when people were impressed by 5 shields. Now people look and say "oh look that guy is flying B-wings. Nice shields, it would be a shame if something were to happen to them." When the B-wing was designed, all the choices made sense at the time. However in the current state, B-wings could use allot of help. A) X7 style title, essentially adding extra defense to a low agility ship. B) Rework of the stat card, could be via a modification, (like smuggling compartment) where you lose a shield but gain an extra hull, but can equip another mod for a small number of points. C) A cost efficient system upgrade that isn't FCS. Something that focuses around benefiting having a stress token...
  8. And an Ewok Glider.
  9. Just corners of the originals on the holocrons. I don't think Ezra was mind tricked by Ben, but rather some self realization. "This isn't your path to walk. You have another purpose to fulfill." Ezra's place is part of the Ghost crew, Ben's is to watch over luke, which happens to be on Tatooine. I agree with Ezra being in this episode to help complete his arc with maul as well. As for the whole chosen one, Luke is the chosen one from a certain point of view. He is the catalyst that makes Vader re-think letting Palpatine kill his own son, which no other character gets through to him in that way. Not Ashoka, not Obi-wan, and Luke barely gets through to him, all things considered. The only other being in the universe that could also make him feel that way would be "your twin sister" which we know to be Leia. Imagine the opening of Episode 4 had Vader known that was his daughter... Also glad to see the rebels have a new toy, but RIP Phoenix squadron. Tusken raiders: 1 Phoenix squadron: 0.
  10. WARNING!!! WARNING!! I REPEAT THIS IS NOT A DRILL! NOT A DRILL!!! MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD!!! This will take you to the spoiler!!! YE HAVE BEEN WARNED!!! (it's a direct link to a video clip on Youtube. Don't click unless you are 100% certain you want to watch it!) (What happened to the spoiler drop down tag?) :/
  11. Or create a super awesome mod that allows you take another mod... as seen in HOTR with the falcon. So you get the buff + if you want chimps or a crew.
  12. Dutch Vander handing out target locks though... I think he's going to like sync'd turret allot. Maybe paired with targeting astromech?
  13. A navy blue/ white scheme would look really cool on those guys to.
  14. Can't wait for the wookie gunship! I wonder if they'll add the other gunship at some point.... TIE aggressor looks meh, but I guess they needed to add something, and lack of gunboat might be because Rebels has a use for it in season 4 this fall or something... I know the fanboys won't be totally happy, but they mustn't give up hope yet. And the aggressor is a nod to the legends, and the H-6 bomber to.