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  1. So I haven't seen the episodes yet, did they pick a new mandalor'? Maybe it's time they dug skriata or sergeant Vau out of the Eu vault. It's obvious Fenn Rau is the canon version of Fenn shysa ( although Rau is obviously less obsessed with finding boba) from the old comics.
  2. Hopefully the lack of fett means he's getting a solo movie and some events will conflict which is why he can't be on rebels.
  3. This has got me thinking about a prequels version with "this is where the fun begins" and "flying is for droids" among other things.
  4. It would just be Miranda with predator at range 2-3. And she's doing well with out the old elite slot. I feel hortons strength likes in either alpha strike torps or tlt at medium- long range because he basically gets a free target lock re-roll. i mean epts are good, and if it doesn't involve everyone's favorite astromech, which one would you take, also which astromech would you take instead? Does a free ept benefit Horton , and to what extent? Only reason I'm asking this is because we have two examples of strong ships (Miranda and nym) and one doesn't have an elite, and the other people are suggesting he lose his elite status. Other than just bumping Horton to ps 10, what other elite would he be worth running?
  5. Exactly. I mean the y-wings and b-wings would almost need an auto update to 2 agility. The t-65 maybe 3 agility, or 1 more hull or something.
  6. Ugh. The one thing I don't like about legion gracing our humble game. That being said... if theres only 3 decks (1 per faction let's say) or even just one general purpose deck, I'd be okay with it. What I don't want to see is x wing morph into more of an lcg than it already borders on being.
  7. should have played 4 punishers. #thanksgoldsquadron
  8. Official announcement for Q4 store kits.
  9. Tell that to the Air Force that seems fine with retiring the plane once they have enough F-35s.
  10. missed you guys last week! Glad to have you back.
  11. Friendly reminder the longest drought this game has had was between September 2013 and January 2014.... besides gfh drops next week.
  12. Nah, probably l5r
  13. There's always the afternoon article if nothing else...
  14. 4 space cows. 4 mangler cannons 1 epic formation
  15. to tune in line with the devs interview, maybe take a poll beforehand and then discuss what you like /don't like about the most popular formats people vote for. I think the idea here is that FFG gets involved with alternative play, but they want to have a starting point. or maybe do all of them in a 4-5 part episode series.