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  1. great job! how did you keep your lines so precise?
  2. i am also in need a gaming table. has been difficult to find a table large enough. prob about something around 4 x 6 ft
  3. did this happen with xwing?
  4. is there a way to purchase upgrade cards on there own without purchasing a full expansion set? i wonder as the core set provide more equipment for less money when wanting 1 neb, 1 corvette, and 1 VSD; but purchasing those independently as the expansions will provide a different set of upgrade cards. definitely think i will want those upgrade cards, but would rather get a 2nd core set for price plus additional gear.
  5. What day works for you? Also, I believe there is an event on May 4th, as a May the 4th Be With You event, around 5 pm.
  6. I don't think a delay will hurt the game at all. the already existing fans of armada, while disgruntled about the delay, won't stop playing bc of it. and the potential players that don't play the game have no vested interest in having wave 1 arrive early. new players can join the game at any stage. they might even enjoy it more if they discover the game after a wave or 2 have been released as they will have more substance to play with. also, the game is still very new and I know that I am still learning how to play the game with efficient strategies, etc (probably most everyone is). so having a little more time to refine our skills won't hurt us. with that said, i will definitely adding some more ships to my fleet to dominate with!!
  7. just like X-wing, the little circle before the name signifies a unique upgrade that you can only have one of in your list unique upgrades are character names (including commanders and ship titles) preventing you from doing stuff such as fielding squadrons upon squadrons of luke skywalkers thank you!! i did not even notice the dot next to the names, yet alone know the rule about them.
  8. can you equip dodonna's pride on more than 1 corvette? is there a rule that prohibits equipping more than 1 of the same type of upgrade card? maybe only 1 allowed if it is a ship specific upgrade card?
  9. Corvette B (all blue dice) -Dodonna's pride Nebulon -General Dodonna Used this combo recently. Works great. Get blue crits and you can deal face up damage and look through the top 4 damage cards to make sure the most damaging damage card is inflicted. I dealt numerous face up damage cards to a VSD which crippled the ship substantially
  10. i have played a couple of games as 2 v 1. it works perfectly. both sides still get the same fleet points. you just have the individual players on the 2 player team operate their own ships in the fleet. mechanics of the game stay the same. doesn't matter in what order you move bc even as a 1 player team there is no set order you have to move your ships in (for your team obviously)
  11. agreed. not only can the rebels not engage in a straight slugfest with the imperials, it is very difficult to even destroy a VSD in six turns even when playing aggressively. currently the only balance i see for the rebels is playing an objective that favors speed and maneuverability. i hope this does not become the primary strategy for the rebels, as it would be a very boring game. currently, the only units that get destroyed in the games i have played are the squadrons, unless a ship drives off the map.
  12. agreed. have not been able to kill the VSD in 6 turns, even when playing fairly aggressively . haven't played enough objective matches to test them all out though. i hope that the game does provide for lots of action/ship destruction going forward though. i think it would be fairly bland if the rebels just ran around the board to collect objectives
  13. really? i would have thought that with so many people in NYC that there would be a ton of people playing
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