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  1. "Even" allows it to work while exhausted, but it does not state anything about when it is unexhausted. Since it is an exhaustible card, it only is activated by exhausting. The "even" allows it to work during future rounds while it is exhausted. I think they intended for the "lose AI Attack" to always be active, but technically, RAW doesn't work that way I think. Edit: One could also make the argument that "even" doesn't add anything to the meaning of the sentence. There's ambiguity there.
  2. Sorry to necrothread this, but I was thinking about this again, as I just got my AAT today. Since exhaustible cards only gain their effect when they exhaust, the "even" in its effect doesn't necessarily apply to when it is unexhausted, only during the turn it it's exhausted, and while it is exhausted. I don't think that RAW has the "Loses AI: Attack" part active until it exhausts, and while it's exhausted. I think they intended the first part to always be active, but I don't think that's how it technically works. Maybe it needs an answer from a designer, or FAQ?
  3. Ah, my ignorance confirmed. Thanks for the assist!
  4. No, there is no information to my knowledge on the FFG site as to how the mechanics of huge ships actually work, unless I'm missing something. The rules reference doesn't address huge ships. I assume there is a rules insert for huge ships, that is very difficult to find online it seems.
  5. Hello: I cannot for the life of me find the standard huge ship rules for Epic play. I have the Epic Rules Reference, and the Epic Battles, Rules and Scenarios rules, but not the rules for huge ships. I don't seem to have them (maybe I threw them out), and I cannot find them online. I just want to know how the purple energy tokens, damage decks, etc. for huge ships work haha, and I don't want to rely on Wikipedia for that information. Help! Thanks in advance!
  6. Good point. That definitely seems like the intent of that card too, so I'm glad that it works this way. Thanks!
  7. Are we sure? The RRG states that exhaustible cards can only have their abilities when they exhaust, so because the card is exhaustible, it wouldn't be active while ready (so it wouldn't lose AI: Attack while ready).... Unless I'm misunderstanding something.
  8. How does his first line of text work exactly? Does his AAT always lose AI: Attack, OR does it lose AI: Attack the turn it exhausts, and for the rest of the game after that point? Thanks!
  9. I realize now that I was looking at an outdated RRG, which combined with another site that was comparing which command card to use (comparing both of Luke's new one pip command cards for example), led me to the wrong conclusion. The current RRG has the correct ruling, which I neglected to notice.
  10. I looked around on the forums for the answer to this question, so I apologize if it has already been answered, but with the new Luke and Vader operatives, can I build my command card hand with all 6 Vader/Luke cards? OR am I capped at 3 total cards (one for each pip, giving me a choice between two options for each slot)? I seem to be getting different answers in different parts of the internet. Thanks!
  11. Hmm... I think I could see it being fine either way balance-wise. What's your main reason for not wanting it to auto recover after a double move?
  12. I like that idea. I would push it farther and just say that at the end of a unit's activation, if it did not exhaust the card during that activation, it would unexhaust the card. (keeping the normal recover rules intact as well).
  13. I've played some games with the new standby rule, and I really like how it changes the dynamic of the game. It promotes getting into cover first, which is a nice change of pace. I don't know if it's completely balanced yet, but my first impressions are good. One change I'm making is limiting standby weapon usage to range 1-4, to keep snipers from being a bit too versatile.
  14. Question: Would you feel the exhaustable weapons would be balanced if they each had their cost reduced by 10 points? Thanks for your thoughts! ­čÖé
  15. The sentinel keyword offers a buff that I outlined. The´╗┐ ´╗┐sentinel keyword instead changes the movement part of standby to range 1-3, and the unit does not discard the standby TOKEN at the end of the round´╗┐.´╗┐ I had a typo in the original post.
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