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    digitalbusker got a reaction from LTuser in Sabine Wren (crew) ability   
    Three. If somebody hits all three of them, you only get to Sabine one. On the other hand, if they get overlapped in different turns, you can Sabine them all.
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    digitalbusker got a reaction from ObiWonka in Poe Is Weird   
    Treat the sandwich as a sandwich.
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    digitalbusker reacted to KiAdiMoody in Tie SF   
    Yes, if the missile normally uses a forward arc. Proton Rockets, for instance, use the bullseye arc so cannot be fired out the rear with the Heavy Weapon Turret.
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    digitalbusker reacted to thespaceinvader in Poe Is Weird   
    Yup.  IIRC Dalan/SoT worked because SoT didn't care what colour the revealed action for it was - you could SoT from a red move to another move, treating it as red.  So it's not a complete analogy.  Treating a red move as a red move still results in a red move.  it doesn't answer what happens when two different things try to treat a white move as red with different triggers.
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    digitalbusker got a reaction from Gibbilo in (2e) Baze Malbus   
    I read it as modifying the count of enemy ships at range 0-1, so it would affect the number of additional Focus tokens.
    So: what @gjnido said, but longer.
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    digitalbusker reacted to GuacCousteau in Zari Bangel ability   
    No I didn't. I didn't do that at all.
    I brought it up because I was wondering if it was informing my mindset going into interpreting the card, and whether other people people arguing the same had a similar background. 
    I thought I'd mentioned that, but looking back over my post I didn't. So I guess I can see why you'd conclude that. Apologies if that's what you thought I was doing, I guess it must have seemed kinda condescending. 
    But honestly, I only meant it as a curiosity to see whether one side of the argument was coming from the perspective of hard conditional logic and the other was coming from something a bit more communicative where text description is more important. 
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    digitalbusker got a reaction from StephenEsven in Special weapons and spending locks   
    Note that this was the way it worked in 1.0 too.
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    digitalbusker got a reaction from Quarrel in Special weapons and spending locks   
    Note that this was the way it worked in 1.0 too.
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    digitalbusker reacted to Innese in Special weapons and spending locks   
    Nope unless it says to spend it, keep it.
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    digitalbusker reacted to thespaceinvader in Another friendly ship vs a friendly ship (Admiral Sloane)   
    Indeed.  'A friendly ship at range 1-3' excludes you and anyone bumped with you.  'Another friendly ship at range 0-3' excludes you but includes anything bumped with you.  'A friendly ship at range 0-3' includes you AND any friendly bumped with you.
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    digitalbusker reacted to AramoroA in Natash Pup and attacks   
    Maybe you do extinguish your console fire when you dock but in the spirit of fair play set it on fire again when you undock. 
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    digitalbusker got a reaction from Ryfterek in Sense - when to measure?   
    I wouldn't hate a general clarification about abilities like this, but Coordinate, Jam, and Lock in the Rules Reference all start by saying you can measure range to any and all of the things in the class of stuff you'd target, so I expect Sense lets you start by measuring range to any and all ships, before you have to make any decisions at all.
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    digitalbusker reacted to Hiemfire in Question re Biggs Ability   
    Arcs go from the edge of the base of the ship to range 3. Biggs would have to be within range 0-3 of the attacker as well as range 0-1 of the ship being attacked.
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    digitalbusker reacted to emeraldbeacon in 1e specific.. Bomb dropping?   
    Oooh, a first edition question!  Let me see if I can remember the specifics...
    SHORT ANSWER:  Usually no, but there ARE ways to do it.
    LONG ANSWER...  There are two kinds of Bombs (upgrade) in the game, loosely defined into two groups:
    Reveal Bombs are things like Seismic Charges, Proton Bombs, Bomblets, and Thermal Detonators. (more examples exist) They are so named because, you usually place them after you have revealed your dial, but before you have moved. These bombs are usually small and square shaped. Action Bombs include Proximity Mines, Connor Nets, and Cluster Mines They are called that because they are usually deployed as an action, after your maneuver. Mines vary in shape, and are often round, or have irregular shapes. Given that, there are ways to do what you've described.  The Genius astromech, for scum, lets you drop a "reveal bomb" after you execute a maneuver, but before your perform action step.  For action bombs, you'd merely need a way to perform a secondary action after placing the bomb... usually due to a card like Push The Limit.
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    digitalbusker reacted to meffo in Sense - when to measure?   
    i interpret it like this:

    during the systems phase, at your initiative, you announce that you're using the ability.

    you measure range (using the range ruler, of course, just like you would for target locks. there is no restriction that you could only measure at range one).
    you may then spend a force charge to choose a ship at range 2-3 rather than at range one.
    you then either pick a ship or you don't, since the card says "may".
    i still think you have to pick a ship to spend the force charge. that doesn't matter though, since you're always at range zero of yourself.
    if you sense something, a presence you've not felt, be vigilant and take heed. there is no try, only perfect information.
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    digitalbusker reacted to Icelom in Device Drop Limits per Ship per Round   
    Yes. The only limit on attacks per round is one bonus attack per round.
    So if he attacked in the normal engagement phase allready he can attack again when he is destroyed. (He can't if he got another bonus attack from somewhere else that round).
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    digitalbusker reacted to MockingBird ME in C-3PO 2.0   
    In case you don't want to go look it up the wording is "Before rolling defense dice, you may spend 1 calculate token to guess aloud a number 1 or higher."  So no, you can not guess zero.
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    digitalbusker reacted to theBitterFig in Natash Pup and attacks   
    Well, I think there's some disagreement between those of us answering the question, so there might not be a clear answer to whether you're understanding it right.
    Personally, I disagree with #1, and the relevant parts of #3 (I disagree with the Pup shooting, not with Bossk shooting).  As I read the Emergency Deployment rules, the trigger for Emergency Deployment isn't the destruction of a ship (it doesn't necessarily happen when Iden kills Bossk), but its removal from the game.  As I read the Simultaneous Fire rules, destroyed ships aren't removed from the game until after the initiative step of the attacker.  Since Emergency Deployment doesn't happen until after the initiative step has already ended, I think the Pup has lost its opportunity to attack.
    Meanwhile, I think there's a kind of fairness to it.  If Bossk has already attacked (because of high initiative or because of simultaneous attacks), the Pup cannot perform an attack.  If Bossk has not attacked, the Pup still gets to shoot.  There is a neatness and cleanness to that which appeals to me aesthetically.
    I can understand the other side, however.  It's possible to see an emergency deployed ship as a ship at the current initiative which has not attacked, and thus the conditions for moving onto are no longer met.  It's a little like a paradox.  The conditions to move on from the initiative step have to have been met before the Hound's Tooth is removed, but once it's removed, those conditions have changed because the Nashah Pup has deployed.
    The barber shaves all the men who do not shave themselves.  Does the barber shave himself?
    I can't really fault anyone who comes to a different conclusion of a Paradox, but I have my own preferred interpretation. I hope I've described it clearly.
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    digitalbusker reacted to thespaceinvader in Proximity Mine dropped on multiple ships   
    No. One ship of the dropper's choice. They included this in the rules ref they just forgot to include the single ship case.
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    digitalbusker got a reaction from PanchoX1 in Darth Vader crew   
    Ah, that's what I get for posting before I'm caught up.
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    digitalbusker got a reaction from PanchoX1 in Multi-Faction ships   
    I would not worry about Y-Wings, but be prepared for a TO to say "'T-65 X-Wing' and 'Z-95 Headhunter' are spelled and pronounced differently; you may not use X-Wing models as Headhunters."
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    digitalbusker got a reaction from Damo1701 in 2nd ed Console Fire damage card.   
    The first clause of the Simultaneous Fire entry "To represent that ships with the same initiative are essentially attacking at the same time" is flavor text, and should not be taken to invalidate the rest of the rule if there's only one ship in the current initiative bucket.
    Simultaneous Fire used to be a rule that only applied some of the time--only when there were ships at the current Pilot Skill who hadn't had their Combat Phase activation yet. That is no longer the case. Simultaneous Fire is now the name for the general rule that if a ship is destroyed during the Engagement Phase you don't remove it until all the pilots of the current Initiative have engaged. If that's one pilot, it's one pilot, but you still don't remove that one pilot until after they've engaged.
    See "Destroying Ships" on page 9. The first two bullet points lay out when destroyed ships are removed.
    ETA: Well, phooey. Apparently there was a problem with my close quote tag, and I can't edit the quote (which I suppose makes sense). Hopefully it's clear that everything from "There are two ways" on is me again, commenting on the rules reference text I quoted.
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    digitalbusker reacted to DR4CO in 2.0 Ruthless, bonkers?   
    Note that you can use Ruthless to abuse the new simultaneous fire rule. Ships aren't removed until all ships of the current Initiative have fired, so you can, for example, have a whole bunch of Black Squadron Aces load the Ruthless damage into only one of their brethren, reducing most of the damage to irrelevant overkill. The sacrificed ship will even still get to make his shot, even if he goes last.
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    digitalbusker got a reaction from joeshmoe554 in Which Millennium Falcon may be used?   
    I agree that the difference between, say, the Heroes of the Resistance square-dish Falcon and the Millenium Falcon classic Falcon is small enough that it doesn't make sense to worry about it when we're allowing much more extreme DIY mods. As a TO I certainly wouldn't mind. But there is now a rule (assuming it stays in the document when it's finally fully released) that unambiguously applies.
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    digitalbusker reacted to joeshmoe554 in Repairing damage.   
    Nothing on the card says you cannot expose the damage card you just repaired.  You must roll the die every time because in the event that there is only 1 damage card, that card may be exposed again if the die has a hit result.
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