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  1. Treat the sandwich as a sandwich.
  2. Far as I can tell the only thing that's changed for this question in second edition is that the answer might contain the phrase "ability queue".
  3. Yeah, I guess this is really two questions: Does the similar structure of Lock, Jam, and Coordinate indicate a general rule that abilities of the form "Choose a [kind of thing] [with range restrictions] and [do something]." allow you to measure to any and all of that kind of thing before you do anything else? (I think this is probably a yes.) Is there something about Sense specifically that requires you to make a decision before you measure anything? (I think this is probably a no, but I have less basis for this one.)
  4. What @emeraldbeacon said, with the additional caveat that there aren't any 1.0 bombs whose drop timing is "before you move", and even if there were it's not clear that that would have counted the movement repositioning actions anyway. In 2.0 we have a movement keyword that's defined as inclusive of both maneuvers and repositioning actions, but we didn't have a similar definition in 1.0. There are a bunch of 1.0 effects that trigger before (or after) you execute a maneuver, but that definitely doesn't include things like Boost and Barrel Roll.
  5. I wouldn't hate a general clarification about abilities like this, but Coordinate, Jam, and Lock in the Rules Reference all start by saying you can measure range to any and all of the things in the class of stuff you'd target, so I expect Sense lets you start by measuring range to any and all ships, before you have to make any decisions at all.
  6. Ah, that's what I get for posting before I'm caught up.
  7. There is a ruling that Garven can't spend a Focus token to trigger his ability if he doesn't have any [eye] results. It's not much of a stretch to apply the same logic to Ten.
  8. The first clause of the Simultaneous Fire entry "To represent that ships with the same initiative are essentially attacking at the same time" is flavor text, and should not be taken to invalidate the rest of the rule if there's only one ship in the current initiative bucket. Simultaneous Fire used to be a rule that only applied some of the time--only when there were ships at the current Pilot Skill who hadn't had their Combat Phase activation yet. That is no longer the case. Simultaneous Fire is now the name for the general rule that if a ship is destroyed during the Engagement Phase you don't remove it until all the pilots of the current Initiative have engaged. If that's one pilot, it's one pilot, but you still don't remove that one pilot until after they've engaged. See "Destroying Ships" on page 9. The first two bullet points lay out when destroyed ships are removed. ETA: Well, phooey. Apparently there was a problem with my close quote tag, and I can't edit the quote (which I suppose makes sense). Hopefully it's clear that everything from "There are two ways" on is me again, commenting on the rules reference text I quoted.
  9. I agree that the difference between, say, the Heroes of the Resistance square-dish Falcon and the Millenium Falcon classic Falcon is small enough that it doesn't make sense to worry about it when we're allowing much more extreme DIY mods. As a TO I certainly wouldn't mind. But there is now a rule (assuming it stays in the document when it's finally fully released) that unambiguously applies.
  10. Necroing this to mention the early edition of the tournament rules addresses this: We have reason to believe the various YT-1300s all have different ship names (Scum: Customized, Rebel: Modified, Resistance: Scavenged), though the Resistance version is based on preview art. So if I want to run a Rebel falcon in a tournament it looks like I'll need to break down and finally buy one of the original Falcon boxes.
  11. The squadbuilder is a reference for the cards. But the card isn't the thing in conflict.
  12. (emphasis mine) I just want to point out that you're still in the Engagement Phase, even if the ship with Console Fire isn't yet engaging. There's one Engagement Phase, and it contains all the individual ships' engagements. (I'm pretty sure @Zircon understands this, and was talking about the fact that the rules about what happens with ships destroyed during the Engagement Phase assume there's a "currently engaged" ship, but the way it's phrased might lead some poor newbie to think there's a separate Engagement Phase for each ship, so I jumped in with a clarification nobody asked for. Hero, me? No, it's just... what I do.) As to the actual substance of the question: there may not be a ship that's actually engaging yet, but we're in a timing window that belongs to one of the ships, so I suspect what's going to come down is something to the effect that during the "before you engage" timing window you use the ship that's about to engage when checking anything related to the "currently engaged" ship. Makes more sense to me than treating it as a separate "NULL initiative" bracket or turning the ship into a burning zombie forever screaming through space.
  13. I think it comes down to this question: Is the "after action" timing window for the Coordinate action the same timing as the "after action" window for the action performed by the coordinated ship? If yes, then you can add Ciena's ability and the linked action to the queue in any order, and do the linked action first so it doesn't get blocked by the stress from Ciena's rotation. In 1.0 I'd have said it definitely is the same timing, but I'm not sure whether we have a good precedent in 2.0 yet. Absent a reason to expect it to be different, though, I think it's probably still the same. If it's not the same, that would probably mean you have to resolve all the timing triggers related to the coordinated ship's boost/barrel roll before you get to the "after coordinate" timing window, which would mean you'd be stressed by the linked action before Ciena's ability could resolve. (ETA: This doesn't actually change the result, because Ciena's ability doesn't care if you're already stressed.) Like I said, though, that seems less likely. Wouldn't mind an @OfficialRules clarification on this, though, because it would be a relevant precedent.
  14. I would not worry about Y-Wings, but be prepared for a TO to say "'T-65 X-Wing' and 'Z-95 Headhunter' are spelled and pronounced differently; you may not use X-Wing models as Headhunters."
  15. That depends on how the app is being developed. Is it being done in-house or contracted out? If in-house, is there a dedicated X-Wing App Team, or are they going to go straight from this must-hit deadline to a similar one for whatever the next big app rollout is? I don't actually know the answers to these questions, but, back to your original question about low expectations, there are lots of ways things could go wrong. In general expecting a satisfying software product with good ongoing support from a publisher that isn't primarily in the business of producing software is chancy.
  16. Speaking as a coder, the rollout of FFG's app is in a terrible intersection of two requirements: it MUST be ready at launch, and it MUST be reliable enough to support the demand the community will place on it from day one. As such, I expect the section of their requirements doc that would normally be labeled "Would Be Nice" is probably titled "HAhahahahaHAHAha!" Put another way, it's like the old "On time, reliable, full-featured: pick two" thing, except two of the things are already circled in permanent marker.
  17. Some official guidance on this would be nice, but it seems likely that Han's ability is still a dice modification, but doesn't count as a reroll for purposes of things that care about rerolling specifically, like an effect that triggers on rerolling a die or the rule that you can't reroll a given die more than once.
  18. This was all true in 1st Edition, too, by the way.
  19. I initially misread the first quoted post as specifically asking if you could perform another evade action. It wasn't, so the following paragraph is still true but less relevant now: You still can't perform the same action more than once in a single round (Rules Reference p3, Actions), and the Stygium Array is giving you the opportunity to perform an evade action, not just assigning you an evade token. If you could take the free evade and then perform a regular evade action during your activation, every Phantom would be able to bank two evade tokens to give themselves recloak insurance.
  20. I read it as modifying the count of enemy ships at range 0-1, so it would affect the number of additional Focus tokens. So: what @gjnido said, but longer.
  21. No. It's spelled out more clearly in second ed (via the Ability Queue) but I don't think you can go back to the same triggering event again after resolving something that triggered off that event in the first place. Even if you could, it would be prevented by Once per Opportunity.
  22. Yes, any time a TIE/SF with the Special Ops Training title gets to make an attack, it can trigger the extra attack through the title. IF it attacks from the primary (front) arc and chooses not to use the other title option (the extra attack die).
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