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  1. digitalbusker

    2e Focus and Calculate

    Yes, there are more pilots who can stack Calculate tokens than Focus tokens. That seems to be why they made it worse than Focus, so they could play around with abilities like that for droids.
  2. digitalbusker

    2.0 Is a Ship in its Own Firing Arc?

    What are the odds that the range criteria for being in arc is defined in the second edition rules as "0-3"?
  3. digitalbusker

    Lines in middle of v2.0 movement templates?

    It's a preorder bonus for the 2.0 Core Set, not the Reaper.
  4. digitalbusker

    Damage deck legality in 2.0

    In addition to the Damage Deck and center-line maneuver templates, the new Core Set will also contain some pilots and upgrades that aren't in the Conversion Kits.
  5. digitalbusker

    Legality of using two Firesprays at the same time

    The intro materials in the various Core Sets have generally been written around the assumption that one player will fly Rebels and the other Imperials, but that's just a simplifying assumption for running an intro game out of the Core Set box. The full game doesn't care about mirror matches.
  6. digitalbusker

    Changing Focus Results With Focus Token

    No, spending a Focus token doesn't set up a situation where any subsequent eyes get converted. Your friend is incorrect. He could have gotten the same result, though, by just resolving Dengar first. Generally if you have a Focus token and some kind of reroll ability, you always want to reroll blanks first.
  7. digitalbusker

    A ship with port & starboard 180 arcs

    The firepower icons on the cards are the same (<o>) shape that the Falcon has, so probably not.
  8. Well the crew side has a Setup phase paragraph that says you have to start with that side up. If you can ignore that text and start with the configuration side up, that text has no purpose or effect. So it seems likely you can't.
  9. digitalbusker

    chopper and renegade refit

    We have ample precedent* that losing a card that grants you a slot doesn't cause you to lose a card you equipped in that slot, so no. *: FAQ 4.4.2 p16 "Boba Fett"
  10. digitalbusker

    A ship with port & starboard 180 arcs

    We've got single-direction turret arc indicators (<-) and opposite-side turret arc indicators (<->), so there's no reason we couldn't someday have a "wide spread" turret arc indicator (<^) that covers two adjacent quarters. Not sure off the top of my head if that would be a good idea, but the design space is there.
  11. The article implies* that the "L3-37's Programming" configuration card is the flip side of the "L3-37" crew card, so yeah, you could equip to it any Scum ship with a crew slot, because it has to start face up as a crew card. *: season to taste
  12. digitalbusker

    Revised core: worth getting as a board game?

    Okay, well, I picked it up. I'll check back in in ten years when I finally play it, if this forum still exists for some reason.
  13. I have some old WotC Netrunner cards, and the original FFG core and I think the first two expansions. I haven't been playing Netrunner in recent years, and I don't expect that to change, but I'd kind of like to have it in the closet as an option for when my kids are old enough to appreciate the mechanics. Is the revised Android: Netrunner core set worth picking up just to have, or should I stick with the various Netrunner cards I already have and don't play with?
  14. digitalbusker

    Begin Attack Run - Y Wing article

    There's no reason to expect the 2.0 rules to allow Evaan to trigger twice. "At the start of the Engagement Phase, you may spend 1 focus token to choose a friendly ship at range 0-1...."
  15. digitalbusker

    Can a TO play in a tournament?

    That's how I always did it. Make sure you pick somebody you get along with as your secondary, because if you get matched up against each other you'll need to be able to agree on rulings. Or designate a tertiary judge.