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  1. #1 is definitely legal. I can't remember off the top of my head if we know whether "after X, if Y, do Z" abilities check their condition as part of the timing window, but I'm inclined to think #2 would work unless somebody can come up with a counterexample. And for a hypothetical #3: unfortunately FAA cares about whether you overlapped, not just whether you're currently touching, so if you bump a friendly you couldn't barrel roll out of the way to give Snap room to boost.
  2. I think you've got it. (And I note that he could execute Stay of Target even without CC, although it wouldn't matter because he'd wind up doing the white 2 straight anyway.) I doubt that they actually meant the restriction to apply to pilots who were allowed to execute red maneuvers while stressed, but right now I don't see a good reason not to rule it that way.
  3. @dotswarlock I didn't mean to say that Contraband Cybernetics wouldn't work at all ("disabled" was a poor choice of words). I just meant that even with that going for you you wouldn't be able to trigger anything off revealing a red maneuver other than dial-manipulation effects.
  4. I think @theBitterFig probably meant "after the first round of shooting". Fly in with your warthog, firing all guns, then unlock your turret to get a shield back and be able to shoot out of arc during your long leisurely turn.
  5. The maneuver reveal trigger does happen, but via FAQ errata you're restricted in which effects you can resolve during it. It doesn't say anything about "unless you're allowed to execute red maneuvers while stressed" or allow any wiggle room if you do manage to change the color of the maneuver. I do think Hera crew and the new Contraband Cybernetics card are disabled by this until and unless they re-errata the errata.
  6. There aren't any negative-speed maneuvers in the game. Reverse-straight, reverse-bank-left, and reverse-bank-right are new bearings.
  7. No shade. I just thought it was funny that I thought "this seems familiar," and went looking for it, only to discover it had been you both times.
  8. For those who have staked out the position that this doesn't work, their only hope of being proven right is a reversal, is what I'm saying.
  9. Treat the sandwich as a sandwich.
  10. We also had a Frankmail saying that the Evade result added by a Reinforce token could be Juked, even though that's clearly wrong, and that later got reversed when Reinforce became a thing that non-epic ships had. So for people hung up on the "huge ships cannot be affected by" flavor text, there's some hope that a similar thing will happen here.
  11. Because "comprehensive understanding of and adherence to rules" is like the number one quality associated with muggers.
  12. This one will still get argued, but the best guidance we have is that yes it can, based on a Frankmail.
  13. Yes, every ship will usually take an action every round. You can skip in the early rounds if you know shooting isn't going to start yet, but most of us go ahead and do it anyway just to keep in the habit. Also, keep in mind the distinction between the action that grants the token and the token itself. There are lots of situations where you can't take an action (stress is the most common) but if you already have a token you can usually spend it, even if you can't take actions.
  14. A given pilot can only take a given action (like Focus, Evade, or Acquire a Target Lock) once per game round. There is no restriction on taking these actions more than once in a game. Generally things that are meant to be done only once in a game will involve discarding something, so you know it's gone. (The newly errata'd Biggs is an exception.)