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  1. Can AP-5 be used multiple times a turn?

    This. "Before it performs a free action" isn't just giving you a deadline, it's refining the timing window. If the ship doesn't perform a free action, there's no "before action" timing window, just like there's no "before revealing your dial" window when you're ionized. Yes, this means that AP-5 is recursive. Droid precognition confirmed.
  2. Tournament Rulings for Tractor Beam.

    I don't know if @Hoffburger's infinite damage argument is tearing up the meta anywhere, but counterpoint: in the basic Barrel Roll rules (rr p6) it says you can't perform a barrel roll if the template would overlap an obstacle. Not if it does overlap, if it would. In other words, it's not actually happening, so you don't get penalized for it.
  3. accuracy corrector/auto blaster turret question

    If there were a card like Lightweight Frame but for attacking, i.e. if there were a way to "roll" attack dice a second time during an attack, then the HLC downgrade effect would definitely still apply to the second roll. The fact the you don't downgrade results off a reroll has always and only ever been about the difference between rolls and rerolls, not some assumed limitation on secondary weapon card text vis a vis red dice. If FFG decided they wanted to prevent AC+ABT from working as it currently does, they could accomplish that goal without upending years of rules precedent by just errataing ABT. So the hypothetical rules justification for not allowing AC+ABT both relies on an interpretation of existing rules that is, let's say "creative", and is also completely unnecessary.
  4. Crossfire Formation?

    In fact, the base token doesn't indicate faction, so for instance you can run either version of Han's pilot card with either version of his base. Handy for me since I never got around to buying the original Falcon, but I do have Heroes of the Resistance and an alt art Han pilot card.
  5. Performing Same Actions Twice in a Round

    Action is a defined keyword in this game. It's not just a synonym for "do something". Everything that counts as an action will use the word "action" somewhere. So assigning a token isn't an action (though there are certainly actions that assign tokens), nor is receiving one or spending one. We do have a FAQ entry about not being able to spend a Focus token for its standard effect more than once in an attack, to make it clear you can't Focus then reroll them Focus again if some eyes come up on the reroll. (Normally you wouldn't want to do that, but it comes up with R4 Agromech.) But that's in one attack, not the whole round.
  6. Lightweight frameworks

    With the caveat that he rolls the first three before the fourth, you are.
  7. Is that a "may"? I thought it was a must. Also note that fleeing the battlefield does not trigger the on-destruction deployment. If you fly your Ghost off the mat, the shuttle goes with it.
  8. "So now I will Coordinate a Cloak action on Biggs...."
  9. Reload without Flipping?

    There's someone outside who wants to talk to you:
  10. Keyan Farlander vs. Rebel Fenn

    This feels like the eventual FFG ruling will follow their "Bro, don't overthink it," precedent and rule that removing a token to receive an effect is "spending" it. I would probably even lean that way if called in to rule it. But yeah, RAW for that isn't quite there.
  11. hitting a ship

    If you hadn't determined, together, whether the ship was in arc before the nudge, we're not going to be able to give you a "should" answer. I can tell you that if I nudged the ship, I'd concede the check. If my opponent nudged the ship and proposed a roll, I'd probably be okay with that too. If you're in an environment where there's a judge, feel free to invite the judge to decide, but otherwise, find a way forward that everybody can live with.
  12. Turbo Lasers

    Start with the Single Turbolaser hardpoint, then add more range and inherent dice modification.
  13. Multiple Harpoon splash damage

    And there's no reason to expect that's ever going to change. I can imagine errataing "Limited" onto Harpooned! if it turned out to be meta breaking, but I can't imagine why they'd ever blanket forbid multiple conditions on a ship.
  14. Epic point costs?

    Well there's the Huge Ship Rules as well as the Epic Tournament Rules, but neither has been updated recently. Go with three epic points for the corvettes and two for the transports.
  15. Raddus vs Planetary Ion Cannon

    I'm thinking we just did.