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  1. Can that thing be reassembled? Could you also play it as a raider on the ground?
  2. Wait, @Mep is a Mon Cal... He must be Loku!
  3. Well, they do all look alike. I do believe there were rumors of Obi Wan (who we know is a real individual) seen at the same time as one going by the name Qui Gon Jinn. Although I have reliable sources that claim the male human going by “Obi Wan” at the time was not bearded while Qui Gon was. Obi Wan could have been actively using a decoy as his ally Amidalla was known to do. There was another later going by the name Luke Skywalker, but again it could have been Obi Wan. There were no reliable reports of Skywalker’s whereabouts at the time, and the real Skywalker had no beard when last seen.
  4. Don’t you think among the entire species of Mon Cal there might be more than one trained sniper? I mean, every white, male human with a beard and a glowing sword is not Obi Wan.
  5. Just so long as he doesn’t tell his troops to “comb the desert.”
  6. Very nice. Scale works better than I thought it would. I have Revell’s A-Wing that I intend on doing something Legion related with. It is 1:43 or 1:44 and seems to fit perfect. I was worried this TIE would look HUGE.
  7. That TIE is 1:35 if it is this model: https://www.scalemodellingnow.com/hnscifi-first-order-special-forces-tie-fighter-star-wars-revell. Do you have an image with a figure next to it?
  8. Try a rotary tool on the tough ones like Royal Guards, E-Webs and the AT-ST. Cutting wheel or just grind/sand it down to the bottom of the “foot.”
  9. I posted a picture of the pilot and the outer halves of the fighter’s body in another thread a couple of weeks ago beside some Imperial Assault miniatures.
  10. Revel’s new A-Wing model is probably close on scale.
  11. It’s on the boat. when the boat arrives it should take about two weeks to hit the shelf.
  12. Kanan was a padawan on his first assignment when Order 66 went down. He eventually becomes a Jedi through his own actions, but not through any formal Jedi process. Ahsoka survived Order 66 because she left the Jedi before Episode III.
  13. I have been tempted to do exactly that for a while now. I almost did one for IA.
  14. All of my Imperial Assault stuff is on a clear base. I really like it, and will probably do the same with Legion.
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