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  1. I don't remember it having any rules? Actually, having looked at an unboxing video while I'm at work, there is a single page that comes with it that basically says add everything to the rest. The other side of it is handy though, as it has pictures of the miniatures and their tokens if it's like the other tile & miniature sets (mind you since it only has 1 monster, perhaps it doesn't).
  2. I can't comment really on Arkham Horror, as even though I own the game, I haven't yet played it. However I will say, Eldritch Horror has become my favourite game ever. I find it a real challenge, and great fun solo as well. The expansions fit in really well (without making the game more complex) and help extend the variety in the game. Having read the rules of Arkham, I'd recommend Eldritch first just from it's easier learning curve. It's still complex at times, but seems more refined and streamlined. Actually, perhaps my recommendation is to not get Eldritch, as then you'll want to buy all the expansions! (like I did) Mind you, I probably would have done that with Arkham as well.
  3. What if they launched a 3rd edition, that was compatible with all the 2nd edition expansions? I guess like Mansions of Madness 2nd edition. A 3rd edition solo focused at stream lining the Road to Legend experience, with replacement cards where necessary for the expansions (I would think mainly certain class abilities?).
  4. Out of interest, how long did it take? (I assume you didn't post immediately after the game, otherwise it seems it took 17+ hours )
  5. The Android app has been updated with it.
  6. I played with 2 investigators against Azathoth last night and lost miserably (worst loss so far out of 12+ games I think). I lost 6 investigators! (advancing the doom 6 due to these losses obviously compounded the early problems). I've only played Azathoth twice and lost both times so far. I'll continue to try until I can chalk up a win.
  7. What do you mean by this statement? "it's just 1 most of the time" Are you advancing doom for each open gate that matches the current omen? That's what quite often takes me out, trying to manage the open gates, but then you get a situation where there are 3 of the same omen open, and doom advances 3-4 for a single Mythos card.
  8. Well spotted. Will have to update my copy in Google Books! (for reading on the tablet)
  9. Probably this file on BGG? https://boardgamegeek.com/filepage/142414/investigator-tiles Also, the tokens are exactly 25mm in size, so they will be a snug fit in 25mm coin capsules (I've just put all of mine in 25mm ones). You can use 26mm if you want to be able to get them back out without destroying the capsule. Locally (in Tasmania) the coin capsules are expensive (10 for $10) so I purchase 100 x 25mm coin capsules on ebay for $8 and they seem to be perfect. They just arrived yesterday.
  10. Some point like today? (as mentioned in the post above this, they have published it today and it is now available)
  11. Nerekhall is the only really necessary expansion to get as it adds the Seeds of Corruption campaign which is fantastic! (still haven't finished it though). Beyond that, my recommendation would be to get expansions that add sidequests (which is basically all of the boxes and the Hero & Monster packs). I'm already repeating side quests, and only part way through SoC. I now have all the expansions, lieutenants and 4/9 H&M packs. So hopefully it'll happen less often. Of course if they release another campaign like SoC, whatever expansion it requires will become the next priority obviously.
  12. Would that be considered a spoiler? Or do you just mean which expansions may allow alternate map layouts in quests of SoC? Fantastic work on the CRRG Sadgit! Just skimming through it now.
  13. That's pretty standard behaviour by the way. You'll find it works in many places (eg. Microsoft Word, or email apps etc).
  14. These all look fantastic! I want to start painting the Descent figures (haven't painted miniatures for 10+ yrs)... Just wondering how much effort you are putting into these? I'm inclined to not get too complicated. Maybe just base coats, a wash and a bit of dry brushing... whereas all the tutorial videos I've looked at are doing multiple (3-5) layering passes on the cloaks and other raised areas. For just playing on the table top this seems like a lot of work. This is why I'm interested in how much effort you've gone to and got those excellent results! (especially when I've got all the expansions, all the Lieutenants, and so far 4 of the H&M sets to paint)
  15. The bear seems very powerful for use in Act I. But how about a bear cub in Act I, that then changes to a bear in Act II? Just started first RtL campaign with the Beastmaster class (SoC) so haven't experienced it yet in Act II other than in a Delve we played just beforehand to test the two heroes.
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