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  1. Maybe you can roll one of these bad boys into the mortgage: https://ultimategametable.com/
  2. Getting what one wants = being able to find/play any mode of XWM with equal facility. Wanting what one gets = wanting to play XWM, but only being able to find 200 point games, and thus "wanting" to play 200 point games. True. But: Aces High is a prime example of a successful non-200-death-match variant. 400 points of Epic on 3x3 is basically just one more ship if Huges are required to play. Also, an FFG-official Mario Cart (c'mon, it's in the Resistance cartoon just begging to be scooped} would be a nice official variant. My point is everyone is so geared to "standard," many folks just won't play anything else. I can solicit an opponent, but if they won't change gears, it's 200 or go home. It would be nice to see a XWM world in which there is a Hyperspace champ, an Epic champ, an Aces-High Champ, and/or a Racing champ.
  3. Fair enough. I'll leave y'all to your dung pile. Carry on.
  4. Why don't you just watch Jerry Springer instead of ruining the XWM boards??
  5. You bet. But my micro community is just a reflection of the larger community, as you point out. Hmm. Are folks getting what they want, or are they only being allowed to want what they get the most/easiest?
  6. So, you're basically asking for 3/4 of the forum threads to be loaded into this one??
  7. XWM's Achilles Heel has consistently been a lack of well-supported official alternate options for play. Sure, there's Epic, and a Missions box, and now a Solo play option, but these have all felt like they turned into fire-and-forget projects rather than FFG vigorously attempting to truly diversify how folks can play the game. When I would go to the FLGS (back in the old days, before the Emperor virus), I would ask about Epic, or Environments, or Missions, and no one wanted to do more than bang out 200-point games to practice a list. Right now, this translates into 3rd party products like the TTS that can't really support 6x3 epic, elements for missions, and the like, so that folks can play silly x-wing online together. The constant focus on tournament play has hampered any conversion to something new when tournament play is not an option. However, what makes me the most concerned about XWM's future is the failure to see a new app for months. If there is one thing that could get finished during a pandemic, it's a computer program.
  8. This is not the thread I'm looking for. Move along, move along. 🤯
  9. Epic needs more than 4 ships. Epic is the most you can have. It would utterly F Epic. Therefore is would not be more fun. There ya go. A rock-solid logical proof. Let's lock this thread and move on.
  10. I definitely fall into this category. I'm gathering that the OP is going to be fine if the game is competitive (which is it's main strength) because what this game still lacks, IMHO, is official play modes that feel like Star Wars. The best works in that mode (Trench Run, HoTAC, Battle of Scraif), have all been fan made. Given that I expect to play zero games of XWM for 2020, my interest level is getting down to "I collect the cool models."
  11. Since it is actually my b-day today, thanks!! Playing X-Wing with the Shuttle Tydirium crew at GenCon 2018 (and actually doing pretty well) is certainly up there. Alas, no chance to repeat the public-play experience at Adepticon this year. . .
  12. It was @voidstate's Unofficial X-Wing Squad Builder. I looooooved it. No disrespect to the designers, because you are 100% carrying the ball for FFG, but I have always hated YASB's layout, hard-to-read printouts (especially if you can't do color}, and the inability to sort by PS/IN after you have made a list. As an Epic list maker, there is no way in **** to make my list in IN order without making the whole thing first then entering it, and no way to get it in order once done if you can't decide in advance the highest IN ship you are going to have. But Voidstate bowed out of XWM when 2.0 happened, leaving YASB as the best cloud-based builder. And I'm with @theBitterFig; I would really like to see a squad builder that let DIYers add unofficial content, mix factions, and do all sorts of cool things that an official app probably won't ever do. If the new App really is good, allowing players unofficial flexibility would be the reason to still have 3rd party squad builders.
  13. Having traveled this globe, I know there are far more nice people of all creeds, colors, and religions than bad ones. Now I know where @Tvboy fits.
  14. I fed mine after midnight. . .
  15. I'm sure these folks have no choice but to offer them up for sale to offset the cost of the electricity they used spending time online. It's totally not about greed, I have been assured multiple times. While FFG can't track these people, the best way to screw them is to assess demand with this release and print to known demand for the next pass. Ditto!! Photo op coming soon. 😁
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