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  1. Darth Meanie

    2.0 Question

    . . .they can't seem to play a game for anything other than a victory end-result.
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    Beeeee Boooooo Beeeeee Booooo
  3. Darth Meanie

    Make Epic 2.0 Great

    This is 100% my qualifier for bothering to move forward with this game. I am tired of feeling like the neglected second cousin in XWM. This conversion, while pretty dang cool in terms of rethinking the game from the ground up, is nevertheless obviously focused on easy adjustments to the meta and balance for Sport-Wing. We don't even have any idea when Epic 2.0 might happen. Sadly, I suspect 1-2 years. I own the entire game in spades; I really don't need to buy anything to enjoy X-Wing 1.0 for years to come. OTOH, I would like to see my options grow. But, I really need to know that FFG gives a **** about other styles of play before committing to rebuying a game I already own. Otherwise, I can spend my time figuring out how to get purrgil into the game.
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    Yeah, staying logged out mostly so that I can't knee jerk respond. This stuff is hilariously pathetic: The game isn't even out and this guy is already whining about his NPE. So, since this thread is harder to kill than a vampire, I don't have a great ferret gif at hand, and I'm working my way thru Catch-22, may I present:
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    You guys are looking for XXX XXX XXX XXX O! O!! O!!! Close, though. . .
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    Fine. Now it looks like Red Squadron attacking the Death Star.
  7. I am still not excited, but I am more appreciative of the effort that went into 2.0. 2.0 will be more complex, but I don't think it will be more complicated (to wit, the Quick-Build Cards). I think the devs did a great job adding design space (Force power, Calculate to differentiate droids from Bags-of-Mostly-Water, Bulleye Arcs as a sweet spot for abilities, linked actions, etc. etc.) and revisiting everything all at once. I am disappointed to see that they couldn't figure out how to make a 1-die attack ship workable. And that some favorite EU characters (Isard) are going to be dumped for "more canonical" characters. For me the game is dormant. I see no reason to shell out cash for a game I can play just fine as-is (and actually can't convert to until Epic goes 2.0). So until they actually release new material (Solo movie ships, Prequel factions), get Epic up to speed, or y'all prove over the next year that 2.0 was really, truly, amazingly worth it, I'm in a holding pattern. Repaints and resculpts may get me to buy the minis, but they won't get me to buy the game. I am also sad that many of the other narrative players like @weisguy119 are also disaffected/stymied/marginalized by the 2.0 conversion and are also stuck in limbo.
  8. Darth Meanie

    Voidestate's Sqn Builder

    The database is apparently knackered: http://xwing-builder.co.uk/log I do have some hopes that @voidstate hasn't thrown in the towel on my favorite builder, since as an Epic player I need it for many moons to come. I would become a Patreon if that would help. . .
  9. Darth Meanie

    Creating B-Wing art: "Enemy ships in Sector 47!"

    Your last piece is my new desktop background. Awesome work. I like the moisture cavitation being created by the Interceptor in the background. Attention to detail Looking forward to seeing how this one develops
  10. Darth Meanie

    Dagobah Dave's Trench Run: Strategy

    I second this! I have already printed a copy of the first layout, I would love a second one that's different graphics to play out the DS2 scenario.
  11. Darth Meanie


    Adjusted title to ensure death.
  12. Yeah, harsh, but right. If this was all anyone wanted, FFG could have made 4 new OP versions of these pilots and not put the game into limbo for the rest of us for 2+ years as stuff gets re-released.
  13. Darth Meanie

    X-Wing 1.0, what would you like to see in the future?

    The Force ghost of Darth Meanie will return just this once to say that the attitude in this thread is despicable. XWM 1.0 can still exist, and must exist for Epic players for the indefinite future. Thank you for you efforts @Jadotch. I think you have covered most of what I would want to see. A uniform way to treat 2.0 retrogrades for Epic play would be mostly helpful. The entire main forum is 2.0, save this one thread. He's not whining. He is helping an orphaned community. If you don't have something constructive to say, type your idiocy somewhere else.
  14. Darth Meanie

    Assault on Picutorion (Ep I)

    I had hopes that I could drum up interest in a "community play" experience with this. Hopes were thin before, but now with 2.0, meh. I have to say that the main boards are beginning to feel like having a conversation with a bunch of expectant mothers when you are not expecting. It's all diaper genies, toddler outfits, and daycare decisions. They are not my concerns, not my dreams, and I can't really say much more than "I'm sure it will be marvelous." Worse still, I'm beginning to get a reputation as someone who "hates kids" for saying anything that spoils the dream. Epic, for the foreseeable future, has become a billabong in the river of X-Wing. So, since I'm not going to go to Toche Station to pick up some dial converters, I'm just going to mind my own business with my trusty, if rusty, R5 unit. Maybe we'll see if those factory direct parts for an R2 unit can be used with my R5. Or maybe I'll transmit my application to the Academy next year. Until then, I don't think I have much to contribute for now, and I'm in France for all of June anyways. So, I'm just going to say au revoir in my favorite little corner of X-Wing land, take a break, and worry about XWM later. Thanks to all the wingmen who had my 6. DM, going dark
  15. Darth Meanie


    I'll just go ahead and suspend myself. Sorry to have given offense to all of the above.