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  1. There's only one boat That's the fun boat Never fly into a sun boat It's the GUNBOAT!!
  2. One last one, then I'm off to Gen Con!
  3. Usually run VI, but have had luck with Juke, too. I'm running 2 of each this weekend for my squadron.
  4. Crush them with x7s. Then go back to TIE Adv + AC. My fav for Epic is (Red) Baron + title + Prockets + chips. Pretty tough, pretty jukey, and when they land a procket shot, extra deadly.
  5. Yes it is. I am currently working on a Cylon Base Star to be a space station. It's a 25 year old Revell kit that I have never gotten to. The Battlestar is from Mobius.
  6. Just another one of Lando's failed business ventures. . .
  7. He has said that he wants to: http://collider.com/star-wars-ewan-mcgregor-obi-wan-kenobi-movie/#star-wars
  8. Nope, I'm a 2-pegger. I am actually surprised how many use 1 peg given that 2 pegs is always shown as "standard". Have occasionally thought that I should use 1 peg for generics and 2 for aces, but I have painted most of my stands with spray paint, so most of them are now sorta sealed as 2 pegs. Lastly, the Decimator always gets 3 pegs to prevent interference with other ships.
  9. Part of my unit's theme:
  10. Ok, signed up, uploaded images, and can't get them ported over. . .ah, finally!!
  11. I obviously got the snap tite version. Still looks pretty good on the table though. When I get home I'll sign up for imgur.. .
  12. Super easy. Made for kids, really. You don't need glue (although I used it) and technically you are not supposed to need to paint it (although obviously we did).
  13. 1 ship only. 1 Shield Token = 1 article of clothing. XXX-Wing is born. That's so sweet. Playing with yourself is illegal in some states. Check local laws first. Personally, I would love the meet Sting. If it was over a game of X-Wing, all the better.