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  1. I mean that Standard is a one trick pony. All ships only need to be good at a single thing in a single milieu: kill another ship in a field of 6 rocks. If you diversify the mission parameters and/or diversify the battlefield, you will exponentially diversify the number of ships that have a job to do. Now, the trick will be picking the right ship for the right job, and fighting on a field of your choosing. For example, what if winning the bid meant selecting the terrain (ergo, an environment card) instead of chosing to go 1st or 2nd?? Then, a generic ship of the right chassis type might be way more valuable than an ace of the wrong chassis type.
  2. Yeah, I can say that. But I am also going to say that the best way to get there is NOT thru ships+upgrades+points. It's going to be thru battlefield manipulation and scenario diversity, allowing ships to shine and fail based upon a spectrum that has yet to exist in the game. There's my Audacious Balance. I hope it's coming in the card packs.
  3. Well, I expect that the originally idea would be that repositioning comes as an opportunity cost of not doing something else. OTOH, like the imbalanced 1.0 JM5K dial, there really isn't much of an opportunity cost. Maybe if all repositioning was Red. . .
  4. Eh. And I could argue that such a view will leave you in a perpetual state of dissatisfaction. *Also, I don't think it's fair to lay this at the dev's feet. They are kicking out a pretty spectacular game at the moment, IMHO. Perfect balance for XWM can only be achieved when all the variables are in place and can now be adjusted in a closed system against one another. This means there are no new releases, and the game is over, and none of us want that. I guess I'm just being semantic, but I guess I'd rather see things couched against "what I would like to see in the next iteration" rather than "perfect balance."
  5. Will people pleeeeeaaaassssseeeeeee stop using this as a benchmark. To wit, other failures of humanity in an attempt at perfection: Eradicating poverty 100% vaccination rates Crashless cars Eliminating human error with technology Microwaving popcorn without burning the first bag It's ain't a thing, folks, so stop lobbing it up as a comparative endpoint.
  6. Ah. So the title should really read "(Basically Any Game Mechanic Effect) Adds Insult to Initiative Injury".
  7. While I see what you are saying: A. At this point, there are a ton of pilots in the game besides K-2SO. If you want him, to the exclusion of all the other possibilities, then yeah unfortunately that's the route due to the evolution of product releases and nothing more. Maybe someday he'll get recombined elsewhere. B. This is a hobby of disposable income in the first place, so I guess you just will be supporting the hobby?? I suppose that depends on who you are. I never, ever use the cards, so it is not even close to a card game for me. I need a dial and a mini, period (with the exception of a damage deck--my only card obligation at all). This is the main thing that keeps me buying product--the actual miniatures for which the game is named. I'll buy a repaint to get the mini even if it doesn't contain any new cards. Over all, the cards are more of a proof-of-purchase for tournament players than anything. You can, in fact, play K2 any day of the week without the card. Heck, you can play him right bloody now because he's been revealed. But I will agree the official crApp(TM) has been a disappointment from the day it was born, and really needs to be something that supports the game rather than distracts from it. Until it prints, the App is dead to me.
  8. Yeah, I'd rather see stuff like this than another whiny "I know what the points are supposed to be for everything in the game so when is FFG going to change them?" thread.
  9. Minefield Mapper. I used this so very often in my written scenarios to protect whatever was supposed to be the target. But in general, I still would like to see more battleground manipulation.
  10. Seems to have worked fine! So now I guess I'm forced to Git Gud and keep my record up.
  11. I'm taking a ride in a 75-year-old B-17 this weekend. Don't jinx me. 😅
  12. This. A lot of great actors had their talent squandered on ST performances. Hayden might not be one of them, but I'd really love to see McGregor reprise Obi-Wan.
  13. It's to remind FFG there are still cool EU options for Resistance/New Republic when the cartoon and movies end!
  14. Yes, it was my brother's 1st 2.0 game, too. We have been playing out my 1.0 campaign for the last year, and then have not played much because of summertime. Also, several FFG promises have been fulfilled over the last year which make it seem like it was time to step in: Epic is on the horizon Environments and missions are going to be a thing New factions mean that we don't actually have to convert: we can buy 2.0 stuff and just play without needing to convert at all After initial release the game seemed smaller; a year's worth of releases has increased the options again. Also, now that the fervor has died down, my brother was able to pick up a Rebel conversion kit very cheap! As far as the game goes, I see lots of new neat mechanisms: my brother used remotes in the second game, and while it really didn't work out for him the mechanic is cool. Having to line up bullseyes to make use of EPTs is a nice way to limit the power of those abilities and reward "sweet spot" flying. Linked actions are fun, and add to the decision making process. 2 die attacks work!! But, as I said above, the ability to manipulate the environment in game really adds a new level to playing: I was able to force choices and needed to make choices based on something other than ships and dials. Suddenly it not just fly and shoot. . .now it's fly--OMG rock!--fly different and several turns later cope with the in game consequences of 6 semi-randomly placed rocks. The evolving physical battlefield is a great new aspect of the game that I hope FFG continues to explore. I think my only major "criticism" is Charge Token Management. Oi. Some of my T-70s had 6+ charges to keep track of--ordnance charges, astromech charges, and ability charges. OTOH, I can see how this is an excellent game mechanic: I get a load-out of missiles instead of just one-and-done, and powerful mechanics like regen get in-game-use caps. I also liked how Iden's pilot ability is Charged, and hope to see more pilots that get to do something super cool--once per game. (In my game, Iden stopped 2 hits and a crit!! Totally awesome, saved her wingman, but then she was just an I4 generic.) So, I think I just need to get used to it. . .and yet I dread the thought of just how many Charges my Epic lists will carry!!!! Also, it's a little odd that some abilities like Dooku's actually refer to token color. And neither of use could figure out what the Stressed Token was! 😂
  15. If you have Buzz Droids attached to your ship, can you "scrape them off" my moving next to an object?
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