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  1. Yeah, same idea. Looking for the bestest build on the Gozanti Requiem. I've run it a couple to time like this: Title, Docking Clamps, Auto Protocols, Ordnance Experts, Dual Laser Turret. (59 points) She carried 4x Scimitar Sqdn with Plasma Torps, Assault Missiles, Thermal Detonators, and GC, with the idea the Torp or Missile would be used for a "surprise" alpha strike. What is every body else idea of the primo build, assuming the Requiem title's use?
  2. Looking for the bestest build on the Gozanti Vector. I've run it a couple to time like this: Title, Docking Clamps, Auto Protocols, Dual Laser Turret. (52 points) I "cheated", not realizing the TIE/sf is not a TIE Fighter. What is every body else idea of the primo build, assuming the Vector title's use?
  3. THIS is why I think FFG need to design more for Epic that is NOT huge ships. Just as an example, since everyone laments the idea of the Sentinel-class shuttle as OMG like the Empire needs another shuttle, what if the Sentinel-class was designed as a large-base Epic-only ship? It gets Coordinate (a formerly Epic only ability), can equip Epic crew and teams (allowing Tarkin to ride), and features some abilities that are better with large numbers of ships (ala Jabba's abilities). Make the Senator's Shuttle a cut-down version of the medium transport. Make a large base freighter a cut-down version of the C-ROC. Allow all of the ships to have teams and Epic-only crew. Give them wacky abilities that would be broken-ish in 100/6. Just another example of a huge untapped potential when you only focus on 100/6 design. OTOH, everyone would probably have a meltdown if there was an Epic-only wave.
  4. I am coming to Gen Con to say "hi"
  5. Ok, drop fun but keep theme, because I agree with the second part of your assessment. And I don't know what you mean by "time rabbit."
  6. Actually, that was not meant to be my proposition. My point was that this game spends a lot of time trying to get everything back onto the "short-list," and I wondered what the game would look like if we had 12 new entries rather than 12 repaints. I want Blue Squadron X-Wing, more Y-Wing pilots, and heck, I would even buy a 3rd release of the A-Wing to get Phoenix squadron pilots. The main difference between me and some other players is that I want them for fun and theme, NOT to get the ship back onto the short-list. And thus, for the same reason, I don't care if the Naboo N-1 more-or-less duplicates the abilities of a currently extant ship; I want to see it in the game because this game is about STAR WARS, not unique mechanics for all entries.
  7. And even more disappointing.
  8. I'm going to assume you are talking to me. . . If new ships are the worst idea you have heard, you obviously don't read many threads. There a lots of terrible ideas to be found. And personally, I recognize all the ships. Some of them just weren't in a movie. Besides, there are only 9 PS slots per ship. And how many times can you release the X-/Y-/A-/B- veterans pack before people get bored of nothing new for the game. Plus, all but one of those ships has had two releases already. None of the hot ships are in the movies at all. I don't find that a problem at all, and recently played a list of U-, X-, and A-wings. Had a blast. Gunboat, Skipray, Slave II, Sith Interceptor, anything Prequel*. You mean those ships? *Speaking of which, if screen time is the best prerequisite for eligibility, why the fudge do we have almost NO prequel ships?
  9. Fine, but, I feel like far to much (negative) energy is spent on staring at the list and being peeved that something is not on there or that sometime isn't high enough on the list as it "deserves" to be. I feel like this game has a LOT of recycling being done to get ships onto the short-list, and these energies could be spent in creation rather than repair. We have had Imp Aces, Rebel Aces, Imp Vets, HotR, and 4 Huge ships + starfighter. What if those were 12 new ships instead??
  10. It's a joke that's not entirely a joke; I am not keen on peaches, perfect or no. OTOH, if peach cobbler was what was for dessert, I could certainly eat it. And given that I'll eat haggis and tripe (with enthusiasm), it's not that I'm a finicky eater.
  11. The last time I joined a gaming forum (and maybe this is an exception over at SJGames), there was a huge presence of all the writer and developers. Heck, sometimes they would even post direct thoughts about the game and the meaning of the rules. I really wish that somebody official would pop in here from time to time and just comment. Don't be a rules lawyer, don't spoil future releases, and certainly not answer directed questions like this is some sort of Q&A session. But just. . .be present. Even irregularly. At SJGames I felt like those people, besides writing the rules, played and enjoyed the games they created and we were all experiencing. X-Wing feels like a game issued from an ivory tower with royal proclamations. I mean, do these guys even like the game, or is this just their day job?
  12. Peaches? Seriously??!! Gawd I hate peaches. I mean really, who wants to eat fruit that's fuzzy on the outside and has a rock in the middle?
  13. TRUTH. So, Don't complain when your favorite ship isn't on the short-list. or Bail on tournaments and play for fun.
  14. I'll give you that. The couple times I tried I felt like I was writing a lab report about the experiment I just did in chemistry class. Too long, too fussy, and without all the details not easy to communicate. Of course, there could also be threads about "I did this Gozanti build and here's what worked and didn't" rather than a complete battle report.