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  1. Well, then I would argue we need more than 4 pilot cards per ship release. Because what we "have room for" right now is 2 aces, a low PS generic, and a mid PS generic (that IMHO should have an EPT). As an Epic player especially, what I am looking for during list building is mid range pilots with an EPT slot to allow me to build interesting/customized squads around.
  2. ^This. What mid-range pilots should offer over lower pilots is not only a higher PS, but more customization capabilities. Ergo, an EPT slot.
  3. Well, given that we are on the XWM message boards, and I would say that XWM is implied. But I guess we'll never know without markcsoul's input.
  4. Um, did you? He talked about alignment with the 3 factions playable in the game. So yes, it was about the game.
  5. ^ This? Because when you get player saying that DARTH SIDIOUS, a.k.a. THE EMPEROR, is more aligned with Scum and the Rebels, you know this game's factions are seriously ****** up.
  6. Yep. your right. Nym is going to be on both sides.
  7. There's always the secondary market. Competitive thread, competitive boards, competitive game design. Way too much of this game spins around winning little chunks of acrylic like they are Olympic Gold Medals. And if they are too tightly wound to take a joke, well, I guess that just goes with being competative.
  8. Yeah, the HWK gets 2 words: Top Tables. The Punisher would also like two words, but is tired of Dumpster Fire.
  9. Huh, Huh, Huh. That's my kind of. . . Wait. Why does S&V get all the best stuff???!!!
  10. So, working my way thru Clone Wars finally. Watching Cad Bane steal a holocron from the Jedi under the direction/employ of Darth Sidious. So in XWM he is REBEL AND SCUM ONLY!!!!????
  11. A ship with a 1 primary attack? That would be awesome to see. I mean, the part where these boards have a meltdown over a 1 primary ship that would make the China Syndrome seem like a tiny industrial boo-boo.
  12. Get away? I've got my best bounty hunter on the job. Awww ****. That means Scum Is Better.
  13. I only play games that are situated mid-triology, when the bad guys have the upper hand.
  14. When the Imps are down to 1 ship, the Imperial player deploys 50 points of ships. REINFORCEMENTS!!
  15. Son of a. . . Here I have spent 2 years tabling the Raider thinking it was one of the greatest asset of the Raider Expansion. Color me stupid.