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  1. Custom cards

    I can, but you know Strange Eons is free, right?
  2. Which preview will be out today?

    A moving glacier or a melting glacier? Those are very different speeds these days
  3. Happy Friday X-Wing still makes me happy.

    Happy Friday, CB. Some folks were beginning to wonder. . . I only play Epic. It feels like Star Wars on the screen. . .a handful of ships (or more) engaged in a critical tactical fight. All the better if there are mission parameters. I never mastered swarming much, but even at that you will only be flying 8 bare bones ships for 100 points. Epic lets you have lots of ships, or fewer ships designed in customized units, and of course the option of capital ships. The larger game play area allows for pockets of engagement, breaking off, and stranding units too far away from the main battle to be useful. Thus, it adds back some strategy to an otherwise tactical game. Also, I like that a single game will fill an evening. I played 100/6 to learn the game. At this point for me, it's too small of a game for me to find it immersive in a "I'm playing Star Wars!" kinda way. And with that, I'm to bed. I have to get up early to watch them dye the Chicago River green
  4. Which preview will be out today?

    Well, the game is based on the SW IP, so there's that. What I mean is more exemplified by the TIE Aggressor. That ship only exists for the mechanics of a turret platform; the expac features no iconic characters, nor a ship that is all that familiar in the SW lore. Also the argument of why does the game need a ship if "that role is already filled by another ship." If it's SW and popular/iconic/in a new movie, it should just be in the game. Scum should get a Mining Guild TIE, just because it is in Rebels. There is still no Ben Kenobi. Why not? What are they saving him for? Just get him in the game because it's Star Wars! Release Inferno Squadron TIEs, let the Rebels have a single Raider if they use the Corvus title only, etc. A lot of these things are really only ideas that need cardboard, just to make the game more about what's happening in the Star Wars universe than the real need to come up with the next meta whing-ding.
  5. Which preview will be out today?

    Or at least the end of the week. . . That's not how it feels from here. We've just been told there are no plans for a Huge ship, the devs only talk about the game from a meta/tourney POV, they aren't interested in a campaign because they don't have the time, and the idea the they might add something "silly" to the game like purrgil is a zero sum. If they were truly treating it like a casual game, we would see releases that are Star Wars driven (characters, movie tie-ins, narrative play) rather than mechanics driven (shake up the meta, what's at top tables). ^This. Fine, get 300 of your closest friends together and see who comes out on top, but stop all the ballyhoo that everything needs to be perfectly balanced and cutting-edge 99% effective all the time.
  6. Epic scenario

    Perhaps you could make this a contest of dice: Rebels are trying to flip card faceup; Imps are trying to flip cards facedown. The ship can't be moved until all cards are face up. The number of dice rolled is equal to the number of crew on board, so the player with more boarders will have an advantage to the rolls.
  7. 'No Future Scum Epic Planned'

    Yeah, too bad we've just been told "no future scum epic planned." It's kinda the same as saying "it's 100/6 only, folks," since we were also told within the last year "we don't have the time to develop a campaign." No Epic? No Campaigns? No Prequels? I gotta bad feeling about this.
  8. 'No Future Scum Epic Planned'

    *sigh* I don't know if anything will help competitive play. Nothing can every be so iron clad that several tens of thousands of people hitting it with a hammer for months at a time can't find the clinks in the armor. The gene pool is too small. It's not a game like Magic with thousands of cards and millions of permutations. Also, you need to make 60 choices to build a deck. You can trick out ships with more stats and more granularity, but ultimately, N < 4 ships in the competitive genome. The game is amazing--when you are not trying to break it. And that is the goal of competitive play. (Not literally, but the effect is the same.) OTOH, I am all with you that Keywords and rethinking "the value of X mechanic" is sorely needed. Edit: This is one reason I think that Prequel ships, with the addition of 2 new factions to support them, would be very good for the game. More diversity, with increased internal faction-based balancing by limiting certain upgrade mechanics to one faction (think astromechs for Rebels, illicits for Scum, and Tech slots for FO/Resistance), would help future design and development from breaking the game. To use Magic as an example again, a White Spell has to only be not broken for White, not for the game as a whole.
  9. 'No Future Scum Epic Planned'

    It did. But that's exactly the far bigger problem here. No new Huge on the horizon means all the other ships of the same ilk are in limbo as well. There will be no design improvements for any of it. Yeah, anything like a 5th stat makes 2.0 a new game. I highly doubt they would go card-by-card over the whole game in the first place; maybe something like 50% of it would see a spit-and-polish. And would add bigger rule changes like "PWT -1 Attack out of arc" or other new mechanics.
  10. X-Wing Flights

    It's even worse to buy 12 TIE Fighters and TIE Interceptors and then find out even 1 of them won't do well in Epic the way things are now. But yeah, they changed things. And the "Limit 4" rule is what inspired this thread.
  11. Prequel ships in X-Wing

    X-Wing needs to see prequel ships as 2 new factions: Republic and Confederacy.
  12. Scarif Shield Gate play mat

    I would like this as a mat with just the gate and the planet below (no other ships). Plus, the gate image needs to be at a size that makes sense to play a scenario on it about destroying/protecting/penetrating the gate. Some of us like to storytell while playing!!
  13. “No new huge ship” support group

    True. Decipher's CCG was infamously terminated thus. Maybe I should think about a Nebulon for this Christmas. Right now, I'm saving for my 50th b-day in France, though.
  14. “No new huge ship” support group

    Someday, when this game is dead and my dollars have no other hobby outlet, maybe I can see my way to a Nebulon for Christmas. But until then, I'll settle for purrgil.
  15. “No new huge ship” support group

    Cuz, ya know, one every 12+ months isn't slow enough. And, as I said elsewhere, this isn't just about getting a new ship; it's about growth for all of them.