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  1. @Rytackle, you are my Yoda Santa!!
  2. I look at as more of an "Easter egg" hidden in the rules that makes a goofy interaction "perfectly legal." As long as it doesn't get out of hand, of course.
  3. Or pull alongside and hit him with a fly by fruiting. . .
  4. I'm gonna hit the brakes Goose. . .he'll fly right by. . .
  5. I'll second that. I have tried to point it out in official channels, but the issue remains. @voidstate are you out there?
  6. Calculation.
  7. 1. It's not in the game yet. 2. It's not in the game yet. 3. It's not in the game yet. 4. It's not in the game yet. 5. It's not in the game yet. 6. It's Star Wars. 7. Guri is awesome. . . .and did I mention. . . 8. It's not in the game yet.
  8. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you cry. But life is full of tough choices.
  9. Even as an Imperial player who owns multiples of this ship, with the advent of the gunboat, I'd rather than FFG not waste it's time on this ship. Fix something else, or develop new material. If they could toss a few upgrades elsewhere, that would be fine. But to waste a whole expansion on this clunker. . .
  10. Completely my wish list as well, plus, I must have bad taste, too. If they are talking about the Biggs nerf. . . . . .the interview is not from 2015.
  11. Pixels the size of your head, and using the arrow keys for flight control. I had a "cheat sheet" of the F-commands hanging on the wall next to the amber monitor. Ah, the good ol' days. . .
  12. If I demand to see what I speculate produced, does that mean I expectorate? Hoping for current Rebels goodies and a revisit to the vastly under-served Rogue One film.
  13. I really love Defenders, and I wouldn't say I got bored, just wanted something new. I discovered the TAP, and kinda fell in love with it. It feels like a more "traditional" TIE in that it's fragile, but not too fragile. I guess the TAP hits a sweet spot between the very practical TIE Defender and the Squint that I really wish I could fly (in Epic). Like Boom Ogre Owl says, every ship is like an onion. For example, the TIE Punisher just makes me cry no matter what I do.
  14. Ditto, but I long for the Sentinel. With Gov'nor Price and GA Thrawn. I would even let Hondo drive from time to time.