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  1. Darth Meanie

    Standing out from the Swarm Article

    As a guy who will never go to a convention or tournament, it just becomes another way some of us are left out.
  2. Darth Meanie

    Standing out from the Swarm Article

    Yeah. I remember once suggesting that models might go OOP in rotation and everyone had a meltdown that this game shouldn't be "collectible." Now it is, and the main response is "ooooo, shiny."
  3. Darth Meanie

    Are card packs going to be a thing?

    While I realize there is a large amount of sliding scale going on, once you get the ships on the table, it all feels pretty good. Ya know, gameplay >> fluff as they all say. Have you played Epic?
  4. Darth Meanie

    Are card packs going to be a thing?

    I do my best to only read for content as I want it to be. A resculpt and they still forgot the blue line?? Unbelievable! 🤣
  5. Darth Meanie

    Are card packs going to be a thing?

    "A swing and a miss." I don't see movement templates for huge ships in there, so either they are revamping that whole system, or. . . Range 5 ordnance is coming to Standard. Epic players get excited!!! FFG:
  6. Darth Meanie

    Are card packs going to be a thing?

    Three. Ah, Epic. The version of X-Wing where you routinely have to manage more dials than you can count on one hand you can't just netlist a single broken combo to win fortressing isn't a viable strategy on a board that big over-blown aces die under a withering barrage of generics you need to understand a second set of rules to run Huge ships you might actually play a scenario where killing everything doesn't work you need to be ready to commit to more than 60 minutes of play time I understand. It's really just not for everyone.
  7. Darth Meanie

    How are the other 5 Factions getting Ion Clouds?

    Much less than is required of the Epic community.
  8. I play the game. I play it at 1.0. I have bought a 2.0 Y-Wing, Lando's Falcon, Firespray, Fang, all for the repaints and re-sculpts that I can use immediately as 1.0 models. I have also bought 4 mining guild TIEs, 4 RZ-2 A-Wings, which I can either DIY into 1.0 or eventually use as 2.0. Ergo, I am interested. So, while you're sitting there spending $0, I have continued to support the company that makes one of my favorite games. So I guess the real question in my mind is why some of you think you are the Better X-Wing Players who are allowed to talk about the game on these boards, whereas I don't get to have a say because I'm not playing everyone else's "acceptable" edition of the game? And a lot of elitism and exclusionism. I came out here to fix my Campaign thread over in Epic, and found that the bashing continues. Fly casual. I'll do my best to only post in the Epic subforum, so as not to pollute your 2.0 threads.
  9. Says the other guy who chases me around telling me I don't get to have an opinion because I don't play 2.0 right now.
  10. Darth Meanie

    Do I need it?

    Well, by "dead in the water" I didn't mean unfun to play, I just meant no new material. The OP isn't going to find much in the way of new ship content by converting.
  11. Would the "this expac contains all the same materials as the conversion kit" offer me more card options if I had? Or is there a secret 2.0 handshake I would need to know to get a different, better expac? Or maybe no new options = no new options = same level of no new interest in 2.0 Empire for me. Which then actually means I am allowed to have an opinion, since a different choice by FFG could have had an impact on my purchasing choices. Which lastly means that FFG should be regretting that I have still not been enticed to actually buy a con kit because nothing has changed, and nothing seems likely to change, since 2.0 dropped for the Empire.
  12. That isn't new options. That's the same options with new point values, despite the fact that it may change your list. Well, that would depend on who you are. I will be joining the 2.0 parade because of the new factions. Others will be buying them because they love the prequels. Still others to explore the new mechanics of droids and Jedi. In any event, I doubt demand will be "less." It really sucked for Epic in 1.0 as well.
  13. Sounds great. Until you get tired of playing the same Imperial list for 5 years straight as 1.0 is re-released into 2.0. Rebels and Empire are dead in the water right now, at least in terms of new options. I mean, you could be an Epic player, if you want it to suck more. . .
  14. Darth Meanie

    Do I need it?

    Believe it or not, I'll actually add to this: I like the idea of The Bullseye Arc as an integral mechanic to the game as a whole, with pilot abilities keyed off the effect of having your opponent "dead in your sights."
  15. Darth Meanie

    Do I need it?

    What do you mean by this? Will you be less satisfied later? For me, I'm hoping that the game will be back where I liked it in 3-4 years--plenty of options for pilots, ships, missiles, torps, etc. I have the most fun playing at Tier 2--lots of less-than-perfect elements to story-build around. I'm just "worried" that by then conversion will no longer be an option, and when I would find it worth doing 2.0 Empire I'll be trapped in 1.0 without rebuying everything.