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  1. Hey, you want quantity or quality?
  2. This rocks!! Why didn't FFG release a pair of mats like this instead of a lame Hoth and Styarkiller base mat? Oh, that's right. They are running out of design space. . .
  3. I had this happen to me just last week. I was trying to down an a-wing, and threw my dice. I could have focused for 1 more hit, but I was so sure I would get him I saved it for defense. The a-wing defended well. The next turn, 2 more shots and the a-wing is still alive with 1 hit. That turn I could have screamed bad dice, but in fact, the a-wing was still around because of a choice I made 3 rolls ago.
  4. They are out of design space if they limit themselves to 100/6. This game has lots of places to develop into past Starfighter Blood Bowl.
  5. Ships they got; ideas for play seem lacking. The most creative idea in Wave XI is Minefield Mapper, the rest is moving abilities around. IMHO, they need to really breathe some life into Epic play as a well-supported format to keep dining room play alive.
  6. This was my first thought, too. Proxy the card now; don't wait for the boat! I also find the TIE/SF to be solid, as well as the TAP. I would think Kylo's shuttle would help out his game. Also; if you guys are only playing 100/6, scale up to 200 points or 300 points. It will feel a LOT more like a military engagement and less like blood in the sand. If you want to play 100 points, start playing Shuttle Tydirium's Greyskull campaign. The missions are awesome, and the engagements are more like military encounters rather than kill-them-all. If it is any consolation to your friend, I played Imperials for a long time without much success. I had to give up on TIE/lns, FOs, and Squints, but I have been doing better with newer fighters. One last idea is to let him have a few games with old Palps and de-nerfed Phantoms. Give him a chance to experience the pre-nerf might of the Empire!!
  7. Have you searched these forums for ideas?? I started several threads that talked about the best builds for the Huge ships based on mandating one of the Titles. And for ISDs, look for the Omen build by Refugeanoth:
  8. Yep! Full on Star Wars is WWII in the Pacific Theater...legions of fighters supported by capital ships. That's epic play! 100%.
  9. 1. Missules and torps should functiin differently than they do. Most of these would be fire and forget, and as such should have better range and a full 180 arc. 2. The big thing missing from Imperial doctrine is the officers corps. Imps could use more large base ships sporting officers that help the statfighters do their job better. 3. The introduction of prequel ships would help. Lastly, the introduction of squad mechanics for all OT ships would bring back both flavor and potency. Red, Blue, Black, Scimitar, and Pheonix squadrons should be a thing.
  10. Sheesh, I'd just settle for Shuttle Tydirium. Talk about classic.
  11. I'm with you 100% on the "new kid feel" but for me it will always be Hoth. The @@s blew me away, and I love the look of the T-47. Having said That, Scarif is my new number one. Rogue One was everything I ever wanted a post OT movie to be. Then it's Asteroid Chase Endor Yavin Starkiller Base Nothing in Clones Maul vs Obi wan Obi wan vs Anakin Because the lightsaber fights are better than the space battles in the prequels.
  12. I have 3D asteroids, and we often just fudge it. It's casual, after all. This poses a little more trouble, though. I suspect we would just treat it like a bump.
  13. You are blessed to have a wife where this is a viable discussion.
  14. Good analogy. and I would extend it to this: alpha strikes = good acceleration high top speed = guns on target I mean, we don't talk about BETA strikes. It's a one-hit wonder, and you need to back it up with solid punches for the rest of the game. An alpha strike should get you out in front. But you'd better back it up, or it's just a flash in the pan.
  15. I'll second that, and shout out @heychadwick , @Babaganoosh, and @Biff, for making this game what I really want it to be: awesome Star Wars fun.