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  1. I don't think I can answer that question in a way that would satisfy you, since I'm a Filthy casual who loves jank.
  2. The real kicker is that those 2 sources take precedence over the one that is always physically present. *sigh* And, since they pretty clearly stated in the last interview that all they have time for is new ships, in seems unlikely any of these nuances will be ironed out any time soon.
  3. So, all you ask for is a perfect ship every time? Which is exactly the only thing I can think of that will reliably "shake the meta."
  4. Agreed. Mostly, I find the title weird. What am I saturating if I'm supposed to miss? And the multiple splashes might miss, too? Maybe it should have been Poly Unsaturated Salvo.
  5. Which is exactly how it should be, lore-wise. The weakness isn't the bomber, it's not having a mission profile when building a list.
  6. Which rules? The rules on the card? The rules in the core book? The FAQ?? In a game with rules on components of the game, the rules on those components should be explicit enough to play the game without mistakes. Having to look up keywords like Jam, Reinforce, Focus, Evade, etc. is learning the game. Having to follow a flow chart and consult multiple documents for minutia is not ideal at best, and very confusing at worst. There are still people who are not playing Minefield Mapper by RAW.
  7. Stop teasing without pleasing. That's just mean. ()
  8. Well, then don't do that. 100% agree. These ships aren't just about winning tournaments. Some of us just like to have prize-free fun. For example, needed for unguided rockets, if you so choose. And, it keeps the design space open for later. Having an unused upgrade icon is better than not having one later when you might design something that wants it.
  9. So, Cluster Missiles is 2 attacks. . . and TIE/D generates 2 attacks, but according to the timing chart they are not the same thing. Without prior knowledge and/or the availability of the timing chart, there is no way to understand that "perform this attack twice" is not they same as performing another attack. That is not good wording, because in plain English, they are both 2 attacks. TLT and CM need some sort of keyword to make their attack mechanic obviously different to novices. Something like "perform this attack as 2 linked attacks." "Linked" becomes a keyword that you are not done with the attack until both sets of dice are rolled.
  10. So what about TIE/D then? Does "after attacking" effects only trigger once as well??
  11. Yeah, this is one of those things where some key word would be much better than "attack" to indicate that the two sets of rolls are 1 linked attack and not "2 attacks" in the other sense of the word.
  12. Maybe one of those effects of "the game your playing is not the game we're designing" from the last interview. OTOH, for 1 point, this is a great card for versatility/in-the-moment-options in Epic play.
  13. Nope. I've been corrected on this too. See the timing chart. "After Attack" really means "after all the secondary attacks your ship could possibly perform this turn." OTOH, SS would be so much more worth it if it had 2 chances.
  14. Holy cow, it's easier to lose a loved one. There are only 5 stages of grief. . .
  15. Seriously. Between cruise missiles and prockets, most of my alpha-strike TIEs are loaded for bear.