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  1. I am not saying that the game is bad. I am not saying that the game is invalidated. I like the game. It is good. I am only objecting to a single sentence, and its really only a problem with a single word in that sentence. I am not asking to remove all references to slavery in the game; I am only saying that this particular section is inappropriate. It is under the section that deals with player motivations, so it is a suggestion for what PCs might want to do with their wealth. Buy a ship, buy some land, buy a slave woman. Look on page 149 and read it for yourself. Is there anyone here who thinks that a Star Wars game should have the players buying women to use as their sex slaves? I hope not. Can you imagine what such a game would be like? Do you want to play a session where the PCs go to the slave market, pick out a crying Twylek woman in chains, buy her and then bring her home to service you, with the threat of violence if she doesn't? This is inappropriate for a game like Star Wars. It cannot be justified in the name of freedom. Freedom does not mean we have the license to do what we feel like. Immoral acts can't be justified with an appeal to freedom. If you call that tyranny then you are yourself objecting to something and calling it immoral. So why can you accuse someone of being immoral and I can't? This needs to be corrected in the rulebook. Call it errata if you like, but change it.
  2. If it were just a dowry for a bride, then the text would be fine, but that word "slave" really makes it sound like the PC is saving up to buy himself an unwilling marital partner. That phrase seriously needs to be changed.
  3. I am quite shocked and horrified by this passage on page 149 of the Edge of the Empire core rulebook: "But even most scoundrels without financial obligations are looking for a payout. Some are interested in raw credits and the easy life that they think wealth will bring them. Others have their shifty eyes on a faster ship, a hidden base on a fringe world, or perhaps even a dowry for an expensive slave-bride." Now clearly this refers to a sex slave, a woman that you buy for the purpose of repeatedly ****** her. I understand that the game portrays outlaw characters who do things like steal, smuggle and possibly sell drugs, but I think we have to draw the line at slavery and ****. Suggesting that characters buy slaves is sickening. Suggesting that they commit **** is even more sickening. I hope that Fantasy Flight will remove that phrase from future editions of the rulebook, as it is completely unacceptable. You cannot defend this passage by using the "it's just a game" defence. This goes too far.
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