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  1. Well said Stone. I think when we are trying to understand a rule, it is best to stick just to the rules for that game, rather than trying to make the rules for one game make sense with another's. Its not that I think the way the rule is now could never be subject to errata, I am reading and applying the rule as it is stated. Nothing in the rule mentions anything about a declaration before beginning dice resolution. The other systems mentioned do. I can even add another to the mix, Imperial Assault. In IA you declare where an attack is directed before rolling a characters dice. It is expressly written as such in the rules. When activating a character in Destiny however, It would make no sense to declare a target in this way because of the range of actions included in a die. I feel like the way the rule for dice resolution is stated allows for a great range of choices for combat flow in the game. It's fast becoming one of the things I really like about the design of the game.
  2. Which other systems are you referring to? It would help the discussion if we knew which other ones you are thinking of. Trying to understand where you are coming from.
  3. Its just that it is always better to not use unnecessary material than to use it and have to recycle it. It takes additional energy and work to recycle and you lose a little bit of material each time. I always recycle mine, but I get a bit mad when I see people tossing the packaging into the garbage at the game store. Also, a lot of stuff that is sent to be recycled is just thrown away at the plant I see. Well, at least they are using materials that can be recycled.
  4. The wording is very clear to me. It says to resolve one or more dice of the same symbol. Nowhere does it say you must declare how many dice you will resolve in an action. Adding definition to the ruleset is just that. Adding. Keep it to the rules as written.
  5. I ask sincerely, what's wrong with recycling the cardboard and plastic?
  6. Just answered my own question by continuing to carefully read the rules. Funny how that works! You can only resolve one symbol per action, but it does not have to be ALL of the dice showing that symbol. We have been talking about rolling 5 separate dice and getting 1 sheild on each. You may resolve all 5 in an action, or spread those 5 dice out over 5 actions, if you wish.
  7. Just looked at the "resolve dice" section in the rules reference, and it seems to bear out your point. So, for options when resolving dice, do you have to resolve all your dice in a turn, or can you break it up as much as you like? I'm afraid I'm not clear on this. More specifically, can you say, resolve your shield dice, then pass play back to your opponent, then resolve your melee damage after? Or do you resolve all dice in a pool, but resolve each die separately? I'm understanding now that each die is resolved separately (save for modifiers) but in terms of an "action" are all dice in a pool resolved, or one die then play passes?
  8. Resolving dice are an action by themselves. Resolving card actions are another action. But reading Qui-gon's card, it would suggest that before he receives shields (whether from resolving dice or other means) he can turn one shield that he already has into one damage. Note that the card says one shield. Not any number of shields. In addition, the card says "before receiving one or more ​shields" to me, meaning that before you begin resolving Qui-gon's dice he must have one or more shields already. Otherwise the ability would not proc. In answer to OP's question, rules as written, the action states: "resolve your dice" not "resolve a die". This means all dice for a character's dice pool that you've rolled would be resolved at once. Also, a character can never have more than 3 shields.
  9. Agreed. The sneakin around AND the fighting belongs in game. Not in the forums.
  10. I'd prefer a straight fight to all this sneakin around...
  11. Just got my bantha and wow it does not disappoint! I actually like that it comes in an unglued state, as it gives more options for prep and paint. Well worth the wait!
  12. I also use testor's dullcote to great effect. However, I also have some Liquitex matte varnish that I use as well. That one is brush on. Take your choice. Brush on is a good choice for when you are wanting to varnish in humid conditions. Humidity and spray varnishing do not mix.
  13. Do you mean a varnish for protection? I use a matte varnish on all my stuff I paint. Except when I want a shine on say, boots. For that I use a gloss varnish. I wouldn't skip varnishing your paint job. My two cents...
  14. This time, things went your way. You didn't cheat. Take the win. Well done!
  15. Yup. I'm with you Rogue. Forgot to mention that.
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