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  1. I love theming my armies, whatever game I'm playing. Sometimes that's easier said than done, and unfortunately Legion is one of those times. It's easy enough to handwave Snowtroopers away as grenadiers/engineers/HEV troopers or whatever though, and just giving them a base scheme consistent with the rest of your force goes a long way to tying them in: And of course, using a slightly tan colour for the coats allows you to do the same with the Shoretroopers, tying them in as well. Shoretroopers of course, not being limited to coastal regions, but rather anywhere where freedom of movement might be important such as swamps, dense forest, etc. Kind of like a hybrid scout unit. Now, it gets a little squiffy since the Shoretroopers use an element of camouflage in their armour, which begs the question why don't other troops? Scout troopers in particular look like they could benefit from some camouflage. Maybe the snowtroopers DO use camo armour, but we only ever saw them on Hoth so we couldn't tell? And it'd be nice to have variant troopers for the heavy weapons, but I think it's fair to say that would be sunk money on FFGs end, and for those of us really bugged by it we can always pick something up from shapeways.
  2. Do I own huge ships? Yes, multiples of some. Did I play Epic? Oh yes, every chance I got. Will I play 2.0 Epic? Absolutely! Do I plan to play Epic missions? Yep What is the biggest draw? Playing awesome massive games with lots of ships and splosions and lasers pew pew!
  3. Even at twice that size it'd be too small, imo. I mean, don't get me wrong, I'll still buy one! They were always going to have to compromise on the scale.
  4. That's a bit victim-blamey though. Like, we all know it's a risk for women to walk home alone, but wouldn't it be better if they could do so safely? Just accepting that it is how it is isn't good enough for me. And neither is laying responsibility for dealing with it on the shoulders of the film makers. I don't know about everyone else, but I interact with a lot of Star Wars fans online and in real life. I think it's my responsibility to call out hyperbole and excessive criticism and personal attacks when I see them. I don't have a problem with respectful debate and critique, but I don't think the hate should be tolerated even tacitly by remaining silent.
  5. Thanks for the responses guys. I'll have a hunt around ebay and see what I can scrounge.
  6. I'm going through a divorce at the moment and I've lost all the components from the core set. I still have all the models, but all the cards, tokens, range rulers and movement tools are gone. If anyone has extra unit/upgrade cards to sell, or anyone who bought two core sets has some extra movement tools, range rulers, command cards, deployment cards etc I could buy off them, that would be great.
  7. Cool, that actually makes a lot of sense now!
  8. I love this, and I know it's taken straight from RotJ, but WHY are those doors leading out to nowhere, and WHY are they thirty feet off the ground?! The pad only makes sense in that second to last picture, the lower configuration.
  9. Thanks everyone, you're too kind!
  10. But isn't cover all or nothing? If any part of the model is obscured at all, then cover is granted. They don't have to be 50% obscured.
  11. So what's the purpose of the 50% check?
  12. Now come on, that's not being fair. That's not a definition of balance, it's how I assess balance. It's a yes/no thing, not a gradient. X Wing is balanced, 40K is balanced (although it's really pushing the limits, lol) Legion is balanced, and all of them continue to be balanced at a range of points limits.
  13. Yeah, but we have a whole forum for that, and discussions around balance are interesting
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