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  1. I'll double check my inventory tonight and get back to a couple of you.
  2. I plan on space battles to mix with it that will be kinda like Armada and the new Dropfleet Commander but that is a few years out.
  3. Well I am using a completely different 6mm/1:285 rules set where you can make your own units and do crossovers easily. I have my own FB page. Nodal Wars (Formerly Mecha Skirmish).
  4. It's not that I don't like it, it's just I'm making my own 6mm rules game and could use X-Wing with that, while Armada is sadly something that I cannot cross over with. I've played 2 games since I bought wave 1, although I will grant I was working on a post-grad at the time too.
  5. OK, so I really love the idea of Armada....just won't get to play it anytime soon....so I'm tempted to trade it all for an equivalent value of X-Wing stuff.... I have 3 Victories 2 Gladiators 2 Full Sets of Reb Fighters already colored with sharpies 2 Full Sets of Ties same as Rebs 4-5 Corvettes 3 Nebulons 2 Raiders 2 Assault Frigates 2 MC-30s 1 ISD 1 MC-80 1 Rogues Nearly all are in the boxes made in the group....all except wave 2. Thoughts?
  6. It works well as long as you limit upgrades as you scale up the points you make it so that more and more ships MUST be vanilla.
  7. Fighters can move and shoot during the squadron phase but at 1/2 their normal move. So a B-wing can go 1. A Y-Wing 2. A Tie Bomber 2.
  8. Easy, fighters can move and fire at ships as if activated by a ship but suffer a 1 speed penalty. So Y-Wings could move 2 during the fighter phase and fire at ships. A Tie Bomber could still move 3. The B-Wing is reduced to a speed of 1.
  9. You can easily increase the games size. Just limit ships to one or tow upgrades at most and stick to that. Multiple upgrades, while cool, slows things down a lot. Or limit it to one upgrade for your fleet for every 100 points. At 1000 points you can field a pretty big fleet and mix and match those 10 upgrades as you see fit.
  10. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B0VSNzmthd1vcE1ka015b1hNU0E
  11. Awesome work BTW. I will be assembling the last 4 that I need tonight! 2 Gladiators and 2 Mk IIs.
  12. See, I told you the fighter boxes were a bit small
  13. I think that fighters should be able to move at a reduced speed (half rounded up) and attack instead of just move or attack during the Squadron phase. The one or the other reduces fighter effectiveness tremendously. Also allowing a half move decreases the power of Squadron commands that are often arguably the most powerful in the game. It will in the end place focus back on ship and what and how to command them and not so much on fighters. Just my 2 cents from all the games I've played.
  14. Another victim of the shipping problems on the coast....
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