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  1. I tried out eHux Cienna TIEp with big supports, including ATST and sonic cannon. Hux special with mobilize and imperial backing makes the big guns very affordable. At one point i rolled double specials with Hux with two Mobilizes in hand. Boom, 8 resources in one action. The problem is that when Hux drops, you may have a deck full of events that are now worthless. Still really fun though.
  2. Obstacles are used as a deterrent mostly, to try and coerce your opponent to make more predictable movement decisions. Even on a 3x6 table though, its easier than you might think to hit an obstacle or mine. Even more so once we get wave 2, and there is 800 pts of ships cruising around the board.
  3. Well this was certainly unexpected. Should see more adv projectors now floating around as a decent counter to the ever popular xi7s.
  4. Use fabs myself. Makes a nice printable jpeg for hard copy, or posting on forums. Have not used the other ones though.
  5. You can get these on ebay. I personally can't justify spending money on such a thing, but the option is there if you're interested. Nebulon card goes for $3 a pop, VSD is usually around $20. I Imagine the TIE and AF are respectively the same. Couldn't find the TIE fighter. I know I saw it at some point.
  6. This was a great read. Solid data analysis and good visualizations. I know this was a lot of work, but I hope to see more!
  7. I suppose it's a good thing that's there's this much demand for product. It speaks well for the popularity of the game, assuming FFG can ramp up production quick enough to keep up. Hopefully they will use the sales data from wave 1 to more accurately predict how much of wave 2 to produce and avoid this issue in future releases.
  8. Two solutions: 1.) Don't push the post quite all the way in. Leave it a little loose, just barely, and the slider will move way easier. 2.) Spin the fighter 180 when activated rather than mess with the slider at all.
  9. Regardless what is going on over in X-Wing country . . . I have no experience with that game . . . any game (board game, table top, cards, video games, whatever) that makes money by way of the evolution of said game will experience power creep in some form. Maybe it will be subtle, maybe not. That doesn't mean old minis will necessarily be obsolete. Often times they will just phase in and out of the meta game based on new synergies or upgrades. Other times they remain viable, but just not as potent as they once were. And even still, sometimes a mini is crap when it's released, but becomes a contender due to a later expansion. Power creep of course is a double edged sword wielded by game companies, but it's one that isn't ever going to go away so long as it's lucrative. All you can really hope for is that FFG uses it responsibly, which so far it seems like they are.
  10. "A" does not necessarily imply anything. If I have 5 $20 bills in my wallet and someone asks if I have a 20, the answer is yes. If FFG wanted to make that distinction, Warlord would read more like your last sentence. Something like "a single hit icon" or "one hit icon." By saying "a hit icon" it should allow the double hit. By adopting your definition of "a," there are a crap ton of rules affected. Examples: Are you also saying that H9s can't convert a double hit to an accuracy? If I use two accuracies on a single defense token, does ECM no longer work? Minefields says if i stop within distance one of "an" objective token, I roll two blue dice. If I land within range of two of more, does it not apply?
  11. Armada should remain focused on capital ships. Any upgrades to squadrons should continue to be through the ships that support them. FFG has done a good job with the way they are handling squadrons so far.
  12. Regarding the superior positions, this actually came up in my very first game. This was my understanding of it as well. Basically the card reads: Did you target the rear hull? Did you inflict at least one point of damage? If yes to both, then take a victory token.
  13. Yes sir, you are correct, for exactly the reasons you listed.
  14. Anything that happens simultaneously like this, you get to choose which order to resolve abilities. Also, thank you for showing me a reason to consider H9s Gimmicky, but interesting combo.
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