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  1. Depends. In a local now stakes tournament, it's a safe bet to be nice. At regionals? A Store Championship? World's? It's not going to be archived
  2. Exactly how I am playing it. If others don't want to keep that agreement, then it's OK but this is how I feel it should be.
  3. This... Topic... Where is that kind blown gif... Like seriously I never looked at those cards beyond resolving the entire effect...
  4. Took Banpuddle to the tournament, went 1 with, 2 loses, 1 bye. My loses were against someone who played the Dis creature that says you can't play a house on T1. He picked Logos and that shut me down out of about 4 cards from my starting hand. Second loss was a close game where I was down 2 keys, got caught up, had check and loss to a key charge because I couldn't stop her. Overlord Greking didn't get to play which if he did I would of handily had it since it would of allowed me to steal their Charette's. This the way of life.
  5. That's fine. I am willing to bet that those two decks play slightly different and have different combos
  6. It is a ton of fun. Definitely one of my favorites.
  7. Issue is that you might get decks like this Andromeda F. Banpuddle, the Mad which has a score of 2.76, -4.95, -0.84, 1.09 leaving a result of -1.94 So do I give my opponent 2 chains because I am bad at Aember control?
  8. I am not wrong 😜 This is an open market with no hard set rules for what things cost. Magic is the same way but it plateaus based on use and desire, here it's all desire because it's a full deck
  9. Yea that was the first deck I checked on Burger Tokens and was like... Huh, that's a lot of creatures. Best part, 14ish cards are duplicates so getting they are high... While laying down 3 Succubus on a player is harsh. Especially if they have chains
  10. Yup. It's my base deck to test against then I go against some of my higher power decks
  11. So I like to test decks to see what things pop up and what answers you can come up with. Yes I know, it screams NEEEERRRRRDDDDD! but it's what I have done since I learned chess. Anywho, I like using a particular deck to first test a deck in a 2 out of 3 format. Larkin of Glodga It's hyper trolling but it works well in coming up with answers and how long can those answers last
  12. One of the first decks I got. Definitely a ton of fun. Most definitely. It's got shenanigans, go go Bear Flute!
  13. I was doing tests with this (just games again myself vs some other decks so not great testing but decent) and it's pretty crazy. It has only some Aember control so it has limits but it's shenanigans based. For instance, one game ended with Banpuddle playing Gateway to Dis with Soul Snatcher on the board, giving my oppenet 15 (silly Drumble) with him having 8 creatures and I had stolen his Bulwark but Banpuddle ended on 10 and had 2 keys so... Win. Stupid thing was I had JUST drawn into Library Access... And had 5 logos cards... /sigh. This was against Herohill My favorite test deck is a trolling king deck. Larkin of Glodga
  14. So Keyforge has grabbed me... Hard... Already 21 decks in... /sigh... Got a tournament this weekend and while I am going in for fun, there are a few decks that have grabbed my attention but there are several of them... Curses... Thoughts appreciated in choosing and working through the issues each one will have. Castro the Doleful Qeev the Curious U. B. Herohill of the Magnificent Garrison Andromeda F. Banpuddle, the Mad Halfheartedly Crusty Ulysses The Scarred Lackey The ones that high me hardest are Herohill and Banpuddle though they are new to me and I have not played them. The others, the Scared Lackey is silly with Aember with dual Full Moons and a Hunting Witch, Castro is great with dual Warchests, Anger, and Follow the Leader, Qeev is intense with its Mars and Sanctum, and Crusty Ulysses is reliable with World Tree and its control. Thoughts?
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