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  1. /sigh... A dream... Shattered... By good balance...
  2. Curse your inevitable betrayal you Wave 0 card!
  3. For that Activation. So if you can Gunnery Teams 2 ships with Dominator and Spinal Armaments, means 9 dice against each ship
  4. Meh, give it Spinal instead. 8 dice of DOOM!
  5. Kittens, Quasar, ISD. Actually all of them. I am a HORRIBLE PERSON to ask this question of. I can make any of these good. While that sounds exceptionally egotistical, it has been done.
  6. Uh, the Space Whale which is the ONLY medium Rebel ship is more expensive than this. The Shrimp frigate is more expensive.
  7. Cheapest medium ship in the game. In fact the all blue version is what cheaper than a Nebulon
  8. Don't forget the titles
  9. Double Quasar and Artikittens may be fun
  10. And still points left over... Trip Quasar is 183 at best with no upgrades you still have 83 points to fill.
  11. I was right... And wrong at the same time! That is awesome!
  12. It was a time where I worried if someone would use the void there. It's taken care of now
  13. That's how we did it back in the day. God's, I typically hate people bringing that up but I take my lumps where I deserve them. Though I REALLY should stop trying to make sure we get an answer and playing the devil's advocate side of things... Oh well
  14. I dont know... I hear that I am pretty infamous, at least in the Atlantic NE. Then there was this incident with a horse and overlapping on deployment.... The orple fiasco, what else... Oh my Hero challenge (that was fun but I messed up a total slaughter and only got the partial win... Oh well) I think there are many of us on here that have earned our jokes.
  15. You have no idea the mountains of salts that the Flotillas brought. The doom and gloom was so bad that many prominent figures left for extended hiatus. Hell, I still got attacked on my YouTube channel by the guy after he asked me to apologize to the community due to his banishment... Whew, the salt was strong with that one.