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  1. Yeah, I did it. I have some sort of a small and rough tut on my blog: Darth Vader Luke Skywalker
  2. The acrylic rod is 1/16" diameter. The light saber "blades" are more or less same diameter.
  3. Thanks to Asmodee Germany I was lucky to get a Luke and a Vader before release (I helped them out with my Batuu table on two offical events). So I did some conversion work with them. Since I don't like to paint the lightsabers (this mostly looks odd in my opinion) I let them do what the normaly do... shine! With some LEDs and acrylic rods I managed to install some lighting that is powered through a 3V button battery which sits inside the base. You can find some describtion and WIP pictures on my Blog (at least on Lukes entry). Lukes Saber LED Mod on Arts-n-More.de - click here for more pics and infos Vaders Saber LED Mod on Arts-n-More.de - click here for more pics and infos
  4. Have a new build done. Batuu Residental House My Batuu mat is featured on a Legion Demo at CaveCon Germany this weekend. So I am happy to be one of the lucky guys that could check pre-release if my terrain looks good together with these awesome miniatures. Check it out!
  5. I don't think so. I asked Asmodee Germany a few days ago (the german distributor). They told me end of march / begin of april. AND that it would be released worldwide at the same date. So this matches to the dates below.
  6. Got two new expansions for my cantina. Beside the lights shown in the post before I built two shelters. One for gambling, one for smuggeling goods and trading stock. You can find more pictures and infos in the corresponding blog posts. Expansion 1 - Shelter for smuggeling goods and trading stock Expansion 2 - Gambling table
  7. My Cantina got some lights. The lanterns are from HQ-Resin. Drilled a bunch of holes inside and "backlighted" them with two LEDs.
  8. How do you know about the Asmodee Germany Stock?
  9. Thank you. I only have the pics shown here and the one in my blog (I wrote the links in the first post). More will come in future ;).
  10. Here is my tablet layout for my Batuu mat. Sorry for the bad picture quality. I hope I can post some better pics in the near future. The mat isn't complete yet. It's just the rough layout. I am going to include an additional building and will provide the existing terrain pieces with more details.
  11. Oh, good point. I forgot that one. I used acrylic filler as well to fill the steps. Since In liked that structure I stopped within the process and didn't smooth them out completely.
  12. I cut several circles of foam. Each about 1cm / 1/2 inch wide. I also build a cross section which had the form of the roof. Then I positioned the circles on that cross section. Unfortunately I have no pics from the building process but from the final roof form. Hope that helps.
  13. By the way: My Planet got a name in the meanwhile. On the Star Wars site it was announced to be "Batuu".
  14. I use a Proxxon 37080 Micromot Hot Wire Cutter Thermocut. Shifting Lands produces their tools for this device.
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