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  1. I keep asking this because I really want to know: what price point for the conversion kit do your think is fair? FFG has to pay the designers for their time to create and balance that entire faction all at once, come up with all the new rules for that ship, design a new format, create all the new artwork, produce all of the cardboard tiles for each of the ships in multiplies, print all of the pilot cards and upgrades, and ship the kit to the U.S. and to your FLGS so you can but it for 50 bucks. Considering all that, what price do you think is fair for that content?
  2. I think there is some social pressure by referring to lists as "cancer" to making it a larger hurdle for someone to choke down their doubts and slap that said "cancerous" list on the table. At the same time, even if we tried to socially stigmatized certain lists, that won't make them not good. Winning with a worse list is hard, so most of the tournaments will still be the most powerful components. And seriously, there is some majority powerful lists right now, even the lower tiers. The problem I think, is that the scale just keeps getting wider, which means the bottom tier lists are just so much worse than even the lower tier "good" lists. I love flying Corran Horn. I can pretty much only fly him now because of Fenn and Lowhrrick. And Corran is stupid good. He will definitely die, but there are games he just simply can't be killed. Just like Sontir and Kylo, the game basically can't be won at a certain point. And even though Corran isn't at the top of the heap, he can still crush your enemies and see them driven before you. I have hear tons of people saying that Kylo and two boats is "wholesome". Kyle is not wholesome. He is only wholesome in comparison to a ship the gets an evade, two passive mods on attack, passive mods on defense, big ship boost at ps11, and can chose between 4 dice primary (the best natural attack dice in the game) or TLT (the best turret slot in the game) and can attack twice. I really love this game and the people in it re great. But I am getting pretty concerned that the vitriol is increasing. The polarization of these issues very easily can create toxic environments. If that happens, I will simply stop playing as much. I am already getting there. Beware the silent flameout of the community. Right now I see rage, but silence means the game is dying. At the end of the day, the only real hope is for FFG to invest in fixing these issues that are driving the community apart. Don't be that guy and rage against people for what they play or for fortressing or for doing what is permitted in the rules. Being a **** and ostracizing legal things probably won't convince people, but it just might increase animosity. In summary: don't be a **** because I want to keep playing X-wing.
  3. On Bourbon, they are very very different. I do not like high Rye whisky. I think Knob Creek is terrible. I would much rather have Jim Beam than Knob Creek. Some people like them if they are a bit more sweet. Maker's Mark is probably a good start for drinking whisky neat. But seriously, try a bunch. You might learn Bourbon isn't quite your thing. Then try Irish whisky, peaty Scotch, less peaty Scotch, or maybe something Bourbon adjacent like Bernheim. My favorite right now is Filibuster dual cask. And if you like your whisky slightly chilled but do not like it watered down, grab some whisky stones.
  4. Alright, my fix for the TLT ghost and all other TLT carriers: TLT does not allow you to modify dice, sort of like unguided rockets. Keeps it good against low or no agility ships because one or two hits regularly will still be good. Doesn't hurt cheap TLT carriers that much, because they don't stack mods very much. Hammers Maul Ezra and actually might make synced turret look decent in comparison.
  5. I wasn't trying to say they are the same. I am trying to point out that there are things that simply take advantage of the rules by running out the clock. They do it differently and have different strengths and weaknesses. But at the end of the day, you can win by having more points on the table at the end of the game. This is a fundamental core of the game, and has been since the first person put R2D2 on Luke Skywalker.
  6. So honest talk. What is the difference from a Poe that takes one damage when you shoot at him and the recovers it the next turn, and Sontir who takes no damage when you shoot at him? Both don't die. That is their win condition. Or perhaps Kylo who you just don't actually get to shoot because he has boost barrel roll 5 forward without keeping stress. All of these ships get to the end game and don't die. Why is regenerating worse than not taking damage?
  7. I appreciate all of the discussion on this. It got heated, and I understand why. It got heated because both groups are correct. One is correct for results the other is correct for method. That is why it is heated. Because both groups are right. Hopefully we can all come together and realize that we all care about the game more than we care about winning this argument. Shame on you FFG. You have created a schism in the community with your ambiguity. I implore everyone to overcome this and at least have empathy for the opposite side. Sozin's post was a good start. I would still be honored to throw some dials on the table with you folks. Even if we disagree.
  8. Yeah, Corran is in a tough space right now I think. I am going to keep playing him for a while just to see if he can keep it together. The only answer I can come up with (and I don't know if it will work) is to be double Regen. That way one can try to die slowly and get the other to the endgame. I am settled on Poe Corran Rex. Rex will work as a real cheap Biggs because no one wants to shoot only 2 dice at Poe or Corran. Just slightly slowing down the damage race will help. I like Corran PTL R2D2 FCS for 44 points paired with PS9 Poe Lone Wolf Autothrusters R5P9 Pattern Analyzer for 42 and Captain Rex naked for 14 points. Corran has the benefit of kiting like someone said earlier, so if they hammer him, run and hope they pursue. That gives Poe a chance to whittle then down. I ran that Poe setup at regionals, and it just can't deal damage fast enough in 75 minute rounds when you are careful like you should be. Hopefully adding Corran back in will help spike damage through so Poe can close it out. No bid for this list is painful but I don't think you can go to PS8 Poe, particularly against Fenn Rau. That's what PS9 Poe helps with. At least you get to shoot before you die. And that can mean everything. Pattern Analyzer Poe helps Corrans biggest weakness when he doesn't have engine: turning around while regenerating. Anyway, not sure if I can shoehorn it in, but this is my operating thesis. I just can't stay away from Corran and I am hoping this makes him just able to skate by.
  9. I am waiting uptil someone uses captured TIE and emp device on VI Ahsoka to fly an entire TIE swarm off the board.
  10. Probably not. The painted miniatures are just such a plus, it is difficult to imagine the game being successful without it.
  11. The first question I ask myself as I build a list is: will these other things help Corran Horn in the current meta? I'm pretty much addicted to Corran, so whatever pairs well at the time is what I try.
  12. I definitely think walking away quickly is a bad idea. Maybe it will ultimately be the best decision for you, but taking your time to figure that out is worth it. You don't lose money by pausing your purchases while you figure it out. Keep a bright outlook. You perception can actually drive other people's reactions. When you interact with the players that you feel might be a clique that hasn't let you in, just remember that it might not have been intentional.Good luck and I hope you figure out a way to enjoy the game. Win or lose.
  13. I have not once heard any of these terms at my FLGS; and we've a few of the country's top-tier players. Don't assume area-specific terms are universal. This is a good point. If these terms are not familiar to you or used by the players in your neck of the woods, then learn terms from your area and use those.
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