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  1. BioWare never got involved. Considering they still consented to numerous interviews with me *and* I still am in contact with many people from the original design teams. BioWare and I are, and were, on good terms. They were well aware (especially people like Hall Hood) that my job was to be critical of them as opposed to being a yes man sycophantic. Also, in the end... I. Was. Right. They even admitted that, we have THAT in a video interview too. I told them their marketing would cause a gross population imbalance, they said, "No! Our internal numbers say..." and I told them their numbers were wrong. Three days after the game went live we had a 3:1 Sith:Republic population imbalance. The only thing BioWare had to get "involved" on was the fact that there was a very vocal group (kind of like in this thread I noticed) who jumped on anyone who disagreed with their position. My account was attacked several times and in the end 3 of the offenders were banned and yet I still have and had an account in good standing. It isn't my fault that fandalorians take this way too seriously.
  2. Because the Rebel Alliance only existed for exactly nineteen years of canonical history in Star Wars? The iconic ships are a loss, save for the fact that the iconic ships aren't around for most of Star Wars. For example, you mention the X-Wing, but no book (to my knowledge) ever had the E-Wing which replaced the X-Wing. The Rebel Alliance is far less necessary to Star Wars than Jedi are. Literally, when using Pre-Disney cannon it is: Thousands of years = The Republic Nineteen years = The Rebellion to Restore the Republic Hundreds of years = The New Republic What has been a constant throughout that time? That span of thousands of years? Oh yeah... Jedi.
  3. Also note: I'd be just as annoyed if someone released a Star Wars book without rules for Smugglers as they are part of the core of Star Wars as well. (Though, to be honest, Smugglers only appeared in 3 films, Jedi appeared in all 6, though, to be fair Han appears in almost as many novels as Luke does so you have to have rules for the Han Solo type or it doesn't work either.)
  4. Unless you live under a rock or did no research I call bullsh!t? You obviously found the FFG forum's dedicated to the game. Did you somehow miss them back when you were purchasing the book? Did you also miss the information being put out by them about what they were doing? Did you do no research before buying? If so and you ended up disappointed then you only have yourself to blame. You are late to the party with your disappointment. Pick up the Force & Destiny book dropping soon so you can start complaining that Jedi aren't the superpowered uber characters you want them to be. Nice straw man attack there. Insinuating that because I like running for, and playing, Jedi that I must, of course, wish them to be overpowered. Which is amusing because I already mentioned that I run Saga Edition where Jedi aren't overpowered at all and are already quite often underpowered. Did a Jedi run over your dog when you were a kid or something? This is just like the stuff with Karen Traviss, she hated Jedi, her Fandalorians hated Jedi, and it was evident. If you like Jedi then you must be a nazi. (Which was more or less actually said by Ms. Traviss.) It has nothing to do with liking or disliking Jedi. It has to do with 90% of Star Wars material stars and/or features Jedi. As I said, there are one offs... The wonderful X-Wing series. The Tales of the Mos Eisley Cantina, The Tales from Jabba's Palace, Battle of the Bounty Hunters, The Han Solo BBY series (3 books), the Calrissian series, the Traviss Books, Which in total, I'd say, there are maybe around 15% of Star Wars material that don't feature Jedi. I named about maybe 20 or so books in total that don't feature Jedi... That is still only a fraction that do... Considering, in novels alone, there were 240+ (I think the actual number is 247) that it is STILL a legitimate complaint and you attacking me for it doesn't change that. Edit: As far as, "Did you do no research before buying" goes... I'm a rank and file Star Wars fan usually if it says Star Wars on it I buy it. Doubly so for RPG books. I own everything from WEG Star Wars, to D20 Star Wars, to a Savage Worlds Star Wars, to Saga Edition, to EotE... Only EotE has no Jedi in them in the main book. Only. So no, I didn't think I had to research that, to be honest... It says Force Powers on the book, it has the name Star Wars, I assumed (incorrectly in this case) that it had Jedi in it because... As mentioned... Star Wars.
  5. Kshatriya - This is the official forums, so it stands to reason that one can give feedback. Oh? To the person who wanted to attack my references... Let me put it this way... I told BioWare months in advance (you can look it up everywhere, go check out the old (now defunct) askajedi, that they were going to cause a population imbalance with the way they marketed and constructed their game. The Devs told me I was wrong... They swore their internal numbers said things would be even... They swore that they asked gamers what they wanted and they acted on it... I told them straight up that they were wrong. Game launches? What happens... Oh right massive population imbalance exactly in the areas I predicted and exactly in the way I said they'd be. Go check out the videos from Cel 5 where I was interviewing people. HWalsh, Professor Walsh... Same guy... Here is even an old video from Pax East where I was at covering as press: Anyway... In this case the post was made late at night while I was frustrated that I still had a book, that despite years later, was incomplete and I was upset. That having been said, nothing I said is without merit. I never, even when I told Drew Karpyshan to his face that the ending of the Darth Bane trilogy felt like bad fanfiction, ever give criticism without at least explaining my stance. I honestly don't believe that they were told by the vast majority of Star Wars fans that they preferred Han Solo to everything else as far as roleplaying games go. I say that because games tend to be either "All Jedi" because every player wants to play one, or all "Non-Jedi" because every player in that game hates them. In fact I pretty much stand that either their sample was somehow tainted (which was the problem with BioWare's own polls and questions) or that the sample was a victim of an abnormally large statistical anomaly. Namely that Jedi will usually come in the most popular followed by everything else. I support that with the case of Karen Traviss, a Star Wars author who liked to bash on and marginalize the Jedi, who eventually was offered the choice to stop writing and resign or be fired. The replies have mostly been, "Well EotE was only 1/3 of a game." or they have been, "Well F&D is the book for you and a different game than EotE." So, since I haven't seen F&D obviously... Did I need EotE to play it? Because if I do, then its not an optional book. It feels more like, instead, I'm being told to buy a copy of Metal Gear Solid... But then buy the DLC if I want to play as a character named Snake.
  6. Sorry for the long absence... I saw a ton of vitriol in the first few replies and decided to hold off for a bit (and real life got in the way, but what are you going to do) the situation (for me) was this was a delayed post. I picked the main game up back on release day. I read through it, saw it didn't have Jedi, shelved it. Came back to it, hoping the book had been released, still no... So in a fit of frustration (and kind of feeling like I spent a lot of decent cash on a game that, to me, felt incomplete especially without the Jedi) I decided against the better part of valor to give my honest appraisal. Now... For those who go, "Well everyone loves EotE! It is acclaimed!" You can't use that as an actual comeback. Why? Because anyone who doesn't like it is labeled as a troll and pretty much chased away. And my statement still rings true, when I bought it there was no information that there were no rules for Jedi on the book. I had to go online as it was to find out that the book still hadn't dropped. That should have been part of the initial release. For those who say I was bashing the system... No. I actually said the system is fine, the lack of the Jedi is the issue because they are so important to Star Wars and they should have been in the main book. The company really shouldn't have released the game without rules for them in the main book given how important they are to Star Wars. For example: For me? As a Star Wars GM? I'm still running Saga Edition. Why? It is the best book out there for me as a GM. Why? I love the original trilogy... But it is a stretch of time roughly 5 years long... That is all the time that passes and for me, to have a group of people who don't (or can't) match the main cast as player characters makes it unplayable in a lot of settings... That and every single time we turn around there are more Jedi. (Just go look at Star Wars Rebels... The Rebellion was started by a former Jedi, one Ahsoka Tano.) Then there is the fact that the only reason the Rebellion survived initially was because of a Sith turned Jedi. (One Starkiller.) For a group that is supposedly "wiped out" there are Jedi all over the blasted place. My personal theory on that was that Yoda was simply wrong when he said, "The last of the Jedi, you will be." So if I want to run a KotOR era game? I can't. If I want to run a Jedi Civil War era game? I can't. If I want to run a New Jedi Order game? I can't. If I want to run something post Fate of the Jedi? I can't. I can't even use EotE to properly run a Legacy Era game. So like I stated, EotE isn't bad... It is a great system for a Smuggler-centric game... So is Firefly D20. I don't like the exclusion of the Jedi, I feel it makes it impossible for me as a GM to use, and I wanted to state it. So if that makes me a troll... Despite a clear lack of, "You guys suck!" In my post, then so be it. I thought I made it perfectly clear I was stating my opinions and nothing more.
  7. This isn't a complaint thread... Well, it is, but it isn't complaining to complain. This is me giving my honest appraisal of the game Edge of the Empire. Let me get my asbestos suit on... Okay... Here we go... I Don't like Edge of the Empire... Edge of the Empire isn't a bad game and I really want to like it... But I can't. As a game it isn't, at the core, a bad game. The mechanics are good, the system is clean, the generalities work really well. It does so many things right... But... It isn't Star Wars. At the core, that is my problem, it doesn't feel, to me, like Star Wars. I bought the book... It isn't the system at the core, but it feels like someone who generally doesn't understand Star Wars wrote it. I know, I know, a huge contingent of fans are big on the "Jedi Hunter" and a huge contingent of fans love the Mandalorians because they kill Jedi, and a huge contingent of fans think Luke Skywalker and all Jedi suck and that Han Solo, Boba Fett, and their crew are the greatest thing since sliced bread. I got nothing against Mandalorians, or Han Solo, I love those guys. However... Star Wars, at the core... Is about Jedi. I'll brace for the hatred and recoil from that one. Okay, lets continue on... Now, I've read every single EU book... All 240+ I've read nearly every single comic... Marvel and Dark Horse... I've professionally worked for a Star Wars fan site and did interviews with people like Drew Karpyshan and Hall Hood. Basically, I'm saying that I know my Star Wars. Do you know how many had no Jedi at all in them? Very few. Episode IV, New Hope? Obiwan Kenobi, Darth Vader? (Not including Luke in this one) Episode V, Empire? Yoda, Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader? Episode VI, Return? Luke Skywalker, Yoda, Darth Vader, The Emperor? Now, based on that... Let us look at the party, if they were an RPG Group: R2D2, C3PO, Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Obiwan Kenobi, Han Solo, Chewbacca... Of these characters: 2 are Jedi/Sith, 2 are Force Sensitives, 2 aren't Force Sensitives/Users, and 2 are Droids. Second film? R2D2, C3PO, Leia, Luke, Vader, Yoda, Han, Chewie, Lando Of these characters: 3 are Jedi/Sith, 1 is a Force Sensitive, 3 aren't Force Sensitives, and 2 are Droids... At this point the Force Users outnumber the non-Force Users. Third film? R2D2, C3PO, Leia, Luke, Vader, Yoda, Palpatine, Han, Chewie, Lando How about this one? 4 are Jedi/Sith, 1 is a Force Sensitive, 3 aren't Force Sensitives, and 2 are Droids... In Star Wars Lore (pre-EU wipe) literally every single major war and event included and/or revolved directly around the Jedi/Sith. Or in short... Star Wars, at the core, is primarily set around Force Users and their allies. Yes, there were short series (such as the wonderful X-Wing series) that didn't focus on Jedi... But they were the massive minority. To me... Edge of the Empire just doesn't feel like it understands that. The idea is that, yes, in the time of the Empire the Jedi were virtually wiped out... Save for the characters the movie followed... So... Does it want us to be background characters? Does it want us to be one of the guys sitting in the cantina in Mos Esley? Is it a game balance issue? I never felt that the non-Force Sensitives in the films were under powered, and I've seen plenty of other games balance it out just fine so that shouldn't be an issue. Then... The Jedi book wasn't even slated for release until 2015? That... That is what lost me. That was when I filed the book into the long box of books that I probably won't ever use. It sits, to this day, next to my copy of Babylon 5 D20 and Brave New World. It, to me, was a breach of trust. I play Star Wars, personally, for one reason... To play Jedi... That is the unique element of Star Wars. When I want to play a smuggler or a space cowboy of some type I play Firefly D20. To put it simply... I can't trust the decisions of a group of designers who actually thought that some players wouldn't be miffed in a big way about not having Jedi actually be available from the start. Not only is it insanely restrictive (as it doesn't allow for proper simulation of any era other than the Empire era) but it removes, in large part, the largest part of Star Wars. As a game designer myself, it flabbergasts me, I want to seriously ask, "What were you thinking?" If they wanted them removed from the game world... I don't know why they would want that... They could have simply released a series of early source books. Smugglers and Rogues, Jedi and Sith, Soldiers and Warriors... Instead they make a multi-year wait for Jedi? No. Just... No. So... My honest feedback... EotE is great if you want to play a budding Force Sensitive ala Luke Skywalker during Episode IV. EotE is great if you want to play a Smuggler, a Soldier, a Pilot, etc. EotE is absolutely terrible if you want to play a Jedi... Because Jedi weren't included... That... Was a mistake.
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