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  1. I am disappointed too. When you picture giant space battles you picture squadrons against squadrons with giant capital ships. I don't really picture a hwk-290 flying in a giant battle. And then the bounty hunters generally have their own agenda, which makes sense in x wing for little patrols, but does Ig88B really hate the rebellion to a point where he would just sign up to attack them and lead tie fighter squadrons? The answer is no. Ig88 is trying to build a robot society. And Is Bossk just going to fly in and act as a bomber? No. And I can't even picture Boba Fet getting paid to indiscriminately kill random rebels (or terrorists). And I don't know to much legends but I'm pretty sure the rebel rogues didn't do large scale battles too often. It just isn't very logical. But don't get me wrong these are awesome characters, just ones that i think shouldn't come out before the real affiliated ships like decimators, Lambdas, phantoms, etc come out. At least for the Empire. But now to stay competitive we will most likely need to use these for our builds.
  2. I think I will say a spy may be playing, but not reveal the identity of the spy until the spy wanted to make a big reveal, or is caught. The arguments are both convincing and I will just have to try to see what happens.
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    I don't get it. Quote number three of this video:
  4. Azorius16


    I love this idea! I am going to over use the quote "I have you know" every time I attack with Vader. And "What!" every time he is destroyed.
  5. Should the spy actually go as far as to kill imperials? Or should that be up to them. And does this mean that the Spy could end up trapping them all. Should I hold separate sessions or at least talk with the spy to learn what he is doing behind the scenes?
  6. One of my players really wants to be an Imperial spy, and I was hoping someone could give advice. It just seems that this idea really isn't sanctioned under the Age of Rebellion rules as Duty is to literally serve the Rebellion.
  7. Tie Bombers have two sets of Twin Ion Engines, but a bulky body filled with ordnance. To me, they would probably go fast when getting from point A to point B with no resistance, but in a dogfight they are heavy and don't shoot much. This is contrary to the B-Wing. Overall it is a slow ship when going full speed and straight ahead, but in a dog fight the rotating cockpit and various armament makes it better. So to sum things up, the TIE bomber is fast, but not maneuverable. Although frankly I was surprised that paired with corrupter they are the fastest fighter possible.
  8. Clone Wars or maybe World War II would be cool. But my vote is on clone wars.
  9. I was reading Major Rhymer's card and it seems he uses the non-squadron side of the range ruler. Can I please get clarifaction?
  10. I originally was thinking Dutch, Wedge, 2 y-wings, and 2 x wings. Dutch and Wedge are good at beating down squadrons together. Thats a good idea but how many fighter packs is that going to take?
  11. What about the MC30? It is basically built like a space submarine with torpedoes and stuff. Can you picture missiles coming out the side? I am having the most trouble with that. Home One makes sense to this explanation though.
  12. This is what I was thinking, with a variety of y wing and x wings for fighter armament. Also putting a paragon title on the MK II B could be good. And then to begin the "slugfest" I would bring Mark II A and give it advanced armament and Paragon for Max anti-ship damage. Only problem is I have to buy the victory class just for flight controllers.
  13. On the Assault Frigate and the upcoming Mon Cal ships, it seems that they shoot best out of the side firing arcs. The MC30 being a missile cruiser, I don't picture it speeding in and then turning to its side to unleash its payload. Empire at War makes me visualize the best guns in the front for all ships, and I would assume the best would be made the strongest hull zone as it faces the enemy. Even worse, the Assault frigate front shields are the strongest, yet it isn't designed to fight from there. Being a Rebel player, I want to have a greater understanding of the ships, and I was hoping someone had an explanation.
  14. Thank you. This helped me get the creative ball rolling a lot. I will be sure to listen to the podcasts. Any ideas for commander players? They fight decently but will they do any commanding? Or should they be the group "leader"?
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