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  1. Personally, I don't really know the game all that much, so I'm not 100% sure that'll work, but you could try a trick I'm gonna call double-sleeving Step 0: Explain the situation to someone else in your meta who can back you up when you try this. (Especially if this player (or players) are a known problem) Step 1: Set your fleet out on the table, with your cards upside-down and some completely different strategy sleeved in the backside (With the same ships) (that's also illegal because it's over point value so they can't claim that you cheated by changing your fleet) Step 2: Wait for them to commit to a specific fleet. Step 3: Flip your cards before the game starts. Step 4: Profit! Or, alternately, if that's too much work (or highly impractical), then just bring your stuff with a blanket and cover your stuff with that until the other player commits to a fleet. It's really sad that you've got players that will force you to go to those kinds of measures, and I feel really bad for you that you have to deal with that. It's really sad that these players feel like, at a casual games night, that it's worth scouting and pulling out a teched fleet against it.
  2. This looks like, IMO, one of the best games that FFG's come up with. The setting is perfect, the gameplay sounds thematic (and awesome backstabby), and it's another game that lets us be the Megacorps we all love from A:NR (well, the ones who play ANR anyways)! This looks absolutely EPIC!
  3. It's a universe, like Star Wars, or Lord of the Rings and IMO, it's actually pretty awesome! (Then again, I play netrunner, so I'm obviously gonna like it...) There's books, Android:Netrunner, New Angeles (the game), Infiltration(another ffg game), and 1 other ffg game I can't remeber that exist in the universe. (Shouldn't this be in the New Angeles forum?)
  4. You forgot the roleplaying games. Workerplacement game: Star Wars: Death star. Generate enough gunners, pilots and storm troopers to man your fully operation battlestation and blow up the rebel base before Luke shoots a proto torpedo down the shute! * * Actually... I'd play that! I'd totally play that! Some kind of Empire/Death Star Management game! Or rival hutt cartels? FFG, give this guy a job!
  5. Thanks! These are really awesome!
  6. Gonna second CommissarFeesh, AGoT never had rotation and would have been WAY too much to fix, from what i'd heard of it, just beacuse of the sheer size of the game. Netrunnner's gonna rotate, which means that there's a static card pool size, so it likely won't have that problem.
  7. Yeah, also gonna say that going back to a ccg (with dice) model vs lcg completely turns me off, and this almost feels like a betrayal of everything ffg holds dear! They're the LCG company, who were said to destroy randomized boosters, not join them! Bring balance to the gaming world, not leave it in (randomized) darkness! Cheesy overused quotes aside, I don't think this one's gonna be for me...
  8. Nico Okarr is coming and will be on his way ! I haven't found an effect I really like on him or a direction for his set to synergize in, but once I do he's on the top of my list! Re Cardgamedb, I actually posted there first, and tossed a cross-post here since there's such a large custom cards thread
  9. First off, i've got a whole bunch of custom cards on this thread: http://www.cardgamedb.com/forums/index.php?/topic/32170-fan-expansion-star-wars-the-old-republic Second off, I come with an offer. If anyone would like me to convert text objective sets into image sets, I will attempt to use my limited skill of photoshopping in that regard. Everyone deserves to be able to play with their fan cards! The only thing I ask is images to put on the cards and relatively nicely formated text versions I can't guarantee I'll be able to finish all the requests, or that I won't have to fiddle with the wording to make stuff fit, but I'll do my best!
  10. Also wanted to say, that if there's anyone else who wants to hop aboard ship and do some design work with me, I'm more than happy to have you. I'd prefer if the sets were Old Republic era, but I've got 10-16 objective set slots open. Individual cards are also more than welcome, I'll definitely try to find a slot for them somewhere. Also, a lot of this stuff is my earler design work, and I'm a lot more happy with some of my other sets coming down the pipline. Oh! Lifelink! Forgot to explain that one.... When a unit card is Lifelinked to another card, that card becomes an like an enhancment to the card it is lifelinked to. The unit "follows" around the card it is Lifelinked to, it is declared as an attacker or defender with, and only with, the card it is lifelinked to. The lifelinked card can no longer focus to srike, or perform other abilites that require focusing. The lifelinked card can be targeted for damage, events, and enhancments as if it was a regular unit, and if it has damage equal to or above its damage capacity, it is destroyed. Damage dealt to the lifelinked card can be protected as usual (with appropriate subtypes, and such). Only 1 unit can be Lifelinked to a card at a time. It's sort of like piloting, except the "host card" triggers it, and the hosted card can still be destroyed and enhanced and targeted as if it was a normal unit.
  11. For about the past year, i've been working on custom cards for this game. I'm an absloletly massive fan of this game, and of Star Wars in general, so the two fit perfectly together! I've designed so many objective sets where everything flows together perfectly because there's so many thematic effects that I want to include. I picked the Old Republic era because I'm a massive fan of that time period, there's lots of interesting characters for every faction (well, pretty close. Rebel Alliance got characters from the Republic, because the Alliance to restore the Republic and the original Republic are close enough), and because it's quite simply an awesome time period! There's so much going on and so many new things to explore. My inspiration mainly came from the Old Republic Novels (SWTOR:annihilation for the first pack), The Old Republic MMO, Knights of the Old Republic (never played KOTOR2 sadly), and the Darth Bane Trilogy. First off, copyright belongs to FFG and whoever else for the game, copyright for Star Wars belongs to Disney, etc. etc. I'll take this down if I'm breaking any rules I haven't found (but I think that's quite unlikely since there's a custom cards thread that's been going for 241 replies). None of these cards are official, they're not magical spoilers I found, I'm not gonna sell this for profit or anything (since that's definitely gonna cause problems with copyright). I'm just another fan of this game with (limited) graphic design skills, a fair amount of imagination, and an all-devouring hunger to design cards out of the Expanded Universe! Originally, I designed The Old Republic to be a big box expansion, same size as any of the other ones. Then it grew a bit too much, right past the big-box size, so I'm now gonna be ambitious (and kind of stupid and suicidal), and try to design an entire cycle. With no further ado, I present the first Force Pack of the Cycle: Darth Mechis' Legacy! I'd absolutely love to hear your comments, questions, concerns, compliments, or any of the like! (Note: I'm a Star Wars the Card Game player with an incomplete collection, so my balancing and OP wombo-combo eradication may not represent the entire game)
  12. They've proven they know how to make the characters fail with competent villains... Darth Vader absolutely schooled them every time they were up against him in season 2. True, I Definately agree, and hope that they use thrawn in somewhat the same way, as a character who's not just: "Oh, here's another minor villain to add flavour before they defeat/humiliate/outsmart them". The trailer certainly seems to depict him in this way, as a real threat to the fledgling rebellion (as he should be!), ad although I don't really follow rebels all that much, I'll Definately make sure to watch anything with Thrawn in it! Long live the empire!
  13. Sorry just a second comment to make up for some of the negativity in the previous one... Watching the trailer, Disney seems to have done an excellent job of remaining true to the Grand Admiral Thrawn that's so well loved. With the obvious references to his ruthlessness, and the art reference with him studing the rebel graffiti, I'm actually pretty exited to see what they do with thrawn. I just still don't want to see the ghost fly circles around him because they're the main characters...
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