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  1. I'm quite hyped about this news, mostly because i hope to see games based on the Runebound(descent) IP. But I hope it will bring some more DLC to the app, but i'm not getting my hopes up, Road to Legend wasn't mentioned at all in the news-update about FFI.
  2. I played almost 5 hours of the new dlc, the Bear trial to be exact. It used monster from both my monster packs and Mist of Bilehall and Chains of Rust. It was mostly swarming with reanimated, skeleton archers, bone horrors, Dispossessed and zombies. While we had a great time and reached round 22, and the xp gains comes at a good rate, we kinda felt like we would rather have spent the time on a campagn, with story and travel event and so on. So FFG give us the other expansion campaigns!! Would love a chains of rust/Mist of Bilehall app version.
  3. I'm hoping you're right. Then after that, they are welcome to do a desert them :-)
  4. Been using your vidoes as a guide as much as posible, it helps a ton. Hope you'll get more Descent vidoes out.
  5. Now its working for me, good work. I take that back, not its not working again.
  6. Sadly i still can't get in. Don't know if it helps but created my acount recently and im logging in from Denmark, i've tried to login via google chrome and Explorer with no luck.
  7. I've been testing my list and changed a few things for the better imo. First of all i removed the bombs, because it was rarely used, because i try to keep the bomber at ranged 2-3, and it wouldn't survive for long anyways. I also removed the LRS, because i found i hard to get target lock on again, when i used the first TL to reload the homing misiles, and had great succes with the guidance chips. The traces worked wonders for the tie fighters, who were almost allways in ranged to get it, and they were often in range 1 of the rebel scum they were blocking or trying to block. The main issue with the build atm, is the ace, im not sure if the meta forces me to use VI on vader, or if I should use Outmaneuver or something instead. which would still leave me with 97 squadpoints to get the initiative. Any ideas for another ace or maybe another EPT? TIE PATROL 95 points PILOTS Darth Vader (35) TIE Advanced (29), TIE/x1 (0), Veteran Instincts (1), Engine Upgrade (4), Advanced Targeting Computer (5) Scimitar Squadron Pilot (24) TIE Bomber (16), Extra Munitions (2), Homing Missiles (5), XX-23 S-thread Tracers (1), Guidance Chips (0) Academy Pilot (12) x 3
  8. About time we have no news, i need some time to catch up on all the stuff i haven't been able to buy yet.
  9. Grynchdk


    Im playing with my son who is 7 years and we have played together for 8 months or so. We're using upgrades card and everything, it isnt often he wins tho, because he so focused on using the upgrade ASAP, so he is quite easy to predict. But he don't mind losing, it just makes him wanna beat me more. And one point we kept a score board and when he reached 10 wins I would buy him a y-wing. That was great motivation. When we started out, he started playing rebels with the falcon because of the turrets and without astroids, and now with Dash we started using astroids. Unfair squad points as helpful as well. So he played with 80 points and I only had 40. If the interest is there go all in with upgrades as long as your willing to spend the time explaining everything. If kids wanna learn and have fun doing it, they will improve fast.
  10. Love it! Might even try it out myself.
  11. Been working abit on the list, trying to follow your advice. I dont have any tie/fo's yet, not sure what to invest in next, Im thinking that homing missiles should work well with the long range scanner, since i don't need to spend the TL. Vader flanks who ever attacks the bomber, and academies to block the road in front of the bomber, trying to prevent a range 1 shot on him. I sadly had to lose the outmaneuver to afford an extra Tie. Im bit on the egde about which bomb to use, i can afford to replace the Charges with proximity mines, but action wise, charges seems the best choice atm. I could add missiles instead of the bombs, but i doubt it will live long enough to fire 4 rounds of missiles, plus the issue of getting another tl. Darth VaderTIE Advanced TIE/x1 Proton Rockets Veteran Instincts Engine Upgrade Advanced Targeting Computer Scimitar Squadron PilotTIE Bomber Extra Munitions Homing Missiles Seismic Charges Long Range Scanners 3x Academy Pilot 99 points
  12. Back to the drawing board then, or use it to play against my son, who complains that my other lists are to hard to beat. i'll be waiting for some Tie-bomber action when the imperial vets. come out.
  13. Im still kinda a x-wing newb, and im trying to make a list that involves the tie bomber and my favorite ties, and so far i've ended up with the following. I fear the bomber won't live long enough to use the full payload. Any tips to make it better, without losing the bomber. TIE PATROL100 Points 40 points • Darth Vader TIE Advanced TIE/x1 Proton Rockets Outmaneuver Engine Upgrade Advanced Targeting Computer 35 points • Soontir Fel TIE Interceptor Royal Guard TIE Push the Limit Stealth Device Autothrusters 25 points Scimitar Squadron Pilot TIE Bomber Extra Munitions Cluster Missiles Seismic Charges Munitions Failsafe
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