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  1. Nickvr628

    Cassian Andor officer upgrade card

    Yeah, he could be similar to Boba Fett from X Wing, where he removes an officer card from enemy vessels. That would be fun.
  2. Nickvr628

    Mon Cal Exodus

    At my FLGS, the x17 and Intel Officer meta is so strong, the majority of times you will hardly ever use your redirect tokens effectively, and you hardly ever have a chance to use your brace. The only way to beat it in a non-squadron-spam list is to throw more dice at your opponent, which is hard to do when people are running 190 point ISD-IIs. All these shield upgrades and transfers are easily negated by your opponent's upgrade cards.
  3. Nickvr628

    Looking for an old Image... (Found)

    Haha thanks, you are the best. I have been wanting to show that to my friends for a while!
  4. It was posted several months ago, it was a meme where it showed an giant star destroyer with an imperial’s logbook. Maybe you all can help me find it. The imperial officer talked about how impractical such a large ship was, and the various issues that arose from the size. I remember things like the tour of the vessel taking far too long, having to travel from one end of the ship to the other, various departments seceding and negotiating with others. I have been trying to find this for a while to move avail. This community is my only hope!
  5. Nickvr628

    The GR-75 in combat

    It is the same reason Carrier Battle Groups in real life have logistics and supply vessels with them. Those GR75s carry fuel, ammo, food, cargo, and all sorts of other stuff that the warships consume over time. Without the supply ships, the fleet would not have nearly the longevity it has.
  6. Nickvr628

    Snow Troopers - a little underwhelmed

    Here is another Flametrooper design from the Clone Wars, it might be a cool color scheme to make them not stand out as much when put with desert units.
  7. Nickvr628

    Sato's Star Destroyers

    I would take APTs over ACMs any day. Forcing faceup after faceup on a target is fun for shenanigans, even if it ends up being one less damage. It is a point less expensive too so you get extra bid.
  8. Nickvr628

    Sign in and out problem

    Same problem here
  9. Nickvr628

    Mega Star Destroyer

    I rather like the flying wing. It maintains the star destroyer feel without being "just a bigger triangle". And the fact that it is a mobile shipyard is pretty cool too. As for use in Armada... It would make a great background for the 6x3 playmat they have yet to release.
  10. Man those U-wings are fancy, I really like the AT-ACT too. Every landing force needs a Support Battalion!
  11. Nickvr628

    Targeting Bacons

    Use a shuttle or squadron with strategic to move the tokens where you want them. It is really silly and fun to do.
  12. Nickvr628

    2515 Outer-Rim Prisoner Transport

    I love them. Those look like ships that could have been stationed with the sandtroopers on Tatooine. That sand and grime gets everywhere, they must have stopped bothering to clean it.
  13. For instance quickdraw's ability, can that trigger Special Ops Training and give me an extra attack out of my rear arc? I am guessing any upgrade or ability that allows me to make a primary weapon attack would trigger spec ops training, is that correct?
  14. Looks like the stormtroopers are having a rave inside. Everything checks out here.
  15. Nickvr628

    Pelta, Pelta, Pelta

    Can I just point out that Luke one shotted a moon sized space station in an xwing...... These Jedi have form.Yeah, but exploiting a design flaw in a unique situation, and laser strafing a shielded ship into complete destruction is a bit different. The B-Wing Hera scene was also kinda dumb for being over the top , but at least a special situation which ended up being a bad design.Remember Rebels shenanigans do not translate well to judge a ship in Armada with, otherwise in Armada a single YT-2400 should be able to one-shot ships the size of the Arquitens-provided they are making a bombing run using special explosive-filled cargo containers. I swear in most situations Rebels completely ignores the fact that Capitol Ships have shields. RULES OF STAR WARS REBELS: 1. Large ships never have shields and die to the smallest threats i.e. TIE Fighters. 2. Small ships can tank unimaginable amounts of fire with little visible damage, see Exhibit A. 3. A-Wings are an exception to Rule 2 Exhibit A https://youtu.be/Ry7vcdFYJ2E?t=28s