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  1. I don't think the goal should be to convert existing quest into RtL format, but to allow completely new custom Quests *designed for AI*. My point was more about a simple and efficient tool to help design fan-made RtL content, not convert existing quests, that as you perfectly said, are designed with the idea of an overlord behind it.
  2. I don't think it would be that complicated. Most monsters already have their "AI Cards" bundled. All you need to do is specify which monster group. May be add specific "actions cards" for some quests and lieutenants, but that's about it. There is no need to add "user AI" for something like this. Here's about 90% of the things required: -Intro Text -Intro Map -Triggers On start On monster group defeated On interacting with tokens -Tokens on map Text Potential buttons (which can be triggers) -Triggers functions Add monster group Reveal map portion Show Text Reveal more tokens Go to next map (restart to intro) End the quest -Perils I'm not even sure if there are specific perils for some quests or they are all the same. Then if you want to go on Campaigns, you need to add branching and potential sidequests. You could go into city events. These are basically all text-based. Easy to do. I don't see anything hard in there. The functionalities are already all there, and if it's well done, it should be easy to add. The biggest problem is handling the "marketplace" and how to add/download/vote these quests/campaigns. I don't even see the downside, as custom campaign using expansions could even potentially boost sales from their own.
  3. So this is a pretty huge nerf to this card then, or am I over-reacting ? (note: my Rise of the Empire copy is still shipping; I haven't played with it yet) I feel like having more leader than the rebels was basically a requirement to get the upper hand. Otherwise it feels pretty hard to assert dominance and find/destroy the base quickly enough when they do so many missions every turn.
  4. title pretty much sums up my question. Does the "converted" leader counts through the limit of 8 Leaders?
  5. 1) If you have no time left, IE had only one week and still attempted the side quest, you will end up doing the main quest no matter what. You got to check the counter ! 2) Wait a week is not counted. Side quests never give XP, only gold and fame. From memory, Seeds of Corruption is identical to Kindred Fire as far as XP goes. 3) No. After a certain time, side quests just refresh, and you get new ones.
  6. Kobolds are a really strong pick. As long as your heroes doesn't have too much AoE. They are godlike meatshield, and can block a lot of hallways. If you manage to properly swarm someone down, they can also inflict serious damage. As OL, it's one of my favorite group. Sadly, heroes who know me try to get some AoE fast, and it quickly gets harder to use them efficiently.
  7. Last time I tried that, it didn't go very well, and I ended up going with the 4 heroes. Because I didn't realized this rule existed. Any suggestion of interesting 2-hero combo ?
  8. Just curious. I've mostly played 4 heroes. I did 2-3 full campaign with 4 heroes solo. I'm looking to try with 2 heroes to have a bit less to manage alone. What's your experience with 2 heroes ? Do you have suggestion for 2 hero-combo (I got the whole collection, incl. Conversion Pack) ?
  9. I've noticed a few times now, in different quests and campaign. Ice Wyrm sometimes get a special "Each attack this turn gets +2 surges". But Ice Wyrm don't have a single surge use, so it's kind of irrelevant.
  10. I can get behind this 110%. While I absolutely love, the "RPG" effect it gives with choices and everything, I agree that it's sometimes just a bit too much. Plus, it's very descriptive, and can be seriously hard to understand for someone who's not an english speaker. I'd be first in line to buy a voice over pack.
  11. There must be something I misunderstand then, because I've been playing them both alone and with veteran players, and we got decimated each time. Only once we reached the final, and it was the first "3rd tier" room so we found it quickly, but still got destroyed. How do you even "pack free action", especially the door opening ? IIRC, only the Thief can get a skill that would allow to open a door for free. While we didn't play with a thief, Okaluk&Rakash is a heavy favorite around our table, and we're usually extremely mobile. Despite this, I feel like we would always need an additional round or two through the quest to handle it correctly. Would it be just to patch our wound and regroup a little before opening the next door.
  12. I'm still confused about the difficulty. I felt like all these coop-campaign were extremely hard. I'm not sure if there's a part of the rule I misunderstood, but it seems like the pressure is intense, and even as someone who's experience and goes through RtL at Hard quite easily, I still haven't win any of the three coops despite a few tries in each. I read the rules plenty of times, thinking I was doing something wrong. I printed them out and followed them slowly, and yet, I just failed every single time. But yes, they are worth imo if you want to play overlord-less, they are a decent alternative to Road to Legends and play very differently, and much faster.
  13. I mean... that would just make the game a free win for the Overlord. About the initial subject, seeing the effect of Road to Legends App, I doubt they are planning a 3rd edition very soon. RtL is basically a Descent 2.5 already.
  14. That's actually a good question. I know what moment you're talking about, and personally made them open the portcullis, but I wasn't sure.
  15. I know it's a bit of a weird topic, but I've learnt to realize that Descent is a board game before being an RPG. As per the rule says; "You cannot perform move actions or suffer (stamina) to gain movement points" It doesn't prevent any other way of being moved around, or any other way to gain movement points. Like O&R ability, or allied class skills that could allow you to move.
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