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  1. I’m confused about the “New Skills” section. Aren’t Knowledge (Warfare) and Lightsaber (Brawl) found in the core books already? (The section claims that the two skills are not found in all three core rulebooks.)
  2. Hello, all! After testing out my first deck a bit, I'm still figuring out the value of a Logos list with a bit of card draw and *no archiving*. It was able to defeat the starter decks, but it simply could not keep up against my friend's Brobnar-Mars-Untamed deck which consistently fielded a horde of creatures and wiped out anything I put on the board. I know I should simply get out there and play against other people, but for those who are more familiar with the game and the card pool, do you have any advice about my deck? How would you "rate" it? Right now, it feels inconsistent and below-average. Maybe there's something I'm not seeing? In contrast, my friend's deck played buttery smooth every turn and the engine was clear. I don't want to give up on this deck if it can be helped, even if I still feel odd about it mechanically. This is the very first deck I opened, and it has immediately found a special place in my heart. Out of the 104 quadrillion possibilities, this deck seems to have encapsulated some personal things about myself: dreams of space exploration ("Venus E. Ripfroid"), my birthday ("Twenty-seventh"), Dungeons & Dragons (Brobnar), cyberpunk and science-fiction (Logos), and rogues and scoundrels (Shadows). That being said, card games have never really been my thing (except for Pokémon back in the day) due to the time and money investment and effort needed for deck-building and "keeping up", but KeyForge has surprisingly gotten me excited to play more games and maybe get over my social anxiety in organized play, as if it was an answer that I never knew I needed. It's very refreshing to simply focus on *playing* and not spending hundreds of hours studying the meta! I hope KeyForge lives up to its promise.
  3. Hi, all. It’s going to be several months before I even get a regular group to play the Dunwich Legacy with. All I have are the core sets. Can I just get this deluxe box as our first Dunwich Legacy experience?
  4. Got an answer! Now the question is if there are "supplies" left...
  5. Should've clarified that I was asking about pre-ordering from the FFG store. The official article makes it sound like promo decks are provided on a *per order* (rather than per core set) basis. Thus, I'd have to pay for shipping twice if I wanted two promo decks.
  6. Did anyone find out if we receive a promo damage deck *per order* or *per core set*?
  7. Though I'm not well-versed when it comes to L5R lore, the few 4e sessions I played in--as well as the short stint of D&D Oriental Adventures when it was based on Rokugan--made me fall in love with the setting. I did not, however, enjoy the system very much. The Narrative Dice System (NDS--the core mechanic of FFG's Star Wars and Genesys) is my current favorite TRPG system. I've read that this new version of L5R is supposed to be a mix of the NDS with elements of 4e. (I'm hoping for more NDS.) For those who have extensively played the beta, do you think FFG's take on L5R will resonate with fans of the NDS and support the growth of a robust TRPG line for years to come? Seeing how far the NDS has come from Star Wars: Edge of the Empire to Genesys and Realms of Terrinoth is quite impressive, and I hope the same can be said for L5R's new system. TL;DR: If I love the mechanics of FFG's Star Wars/Genesys, will I love L5R, assuming I'm already sold on the setting?
  8. Hi, all. I was going through the spells, and I found the Heal-Resurrection entry quite interesting in that it specifies a target "who has died during this encounter". And if the spell check fails, then "no characters may attempt to resurrect the target again". This leads me to believe that resurrection is time-sensitive, and death may be permanent after an encounter. There are some exceptions, but Genesys suggests making resurrection a rare and difficult endeavor. I can't seem to find any guidance as to how death and resurrection are treated in the lands of Mennara. I know that in the Descent board games, player characters resurrect once they're brought to town. I'm assuming spell-casting services. How expensive do you think a resurrection spell/scroll costs? (Is 10,000 silver fair?) Is it so common that death doesn't carry as much weight to experienced adventurers in Mennara? (Much like in Dungeons & Dragons.) If so, why didn't they just resurrect Timorran Lokander after he was killed by Waiqar the Betrayer? How do you GMs handle death and resurrection in your Terrinoth games?
  9. @drainsmith You're a life-saver! I do appreciate how clean they look, as if straight out of the book. I'll be introducing Genesys/Terrinoth to newbies this weekend and this will really help the casters along. Thank you!
  10. Thanks! Would it be too much to ask for “Runes” and “Verse” in your format? Runes: Attack, Augment, Barrier, Curse, Utility Verse: Augment, Curse, Dispel, Heal, Utility
  11. Great idea! Thanks for this. Think someone could put together spellbooks for Realms of Terrinoth's Runes and Verse skills? Runes: Attack, Augment, Barrier, Curse, Utility Verse: Augment, Curse, Dispel, Heal, Utility Bonus points if the design is themed after the Terrinoth book!
  12. Hello! I'll be running Realms of Terrinoth and introducing people to the Narrative Dice System at a convention next month, and I decided on using the GenCon 2017 adventure, including the pre-gens. I'm aware of the photos found here: http://fragmentsfromtherim.blogspot.com/2017/09/review-of-haunted-city.html But does anyone know where I can find clearer versions of the pre-gens? Will FFG be uploading them soon to the product page?
  13. Whoops, I understand the confusion! I'm running Windows 10 on a MacBook via Boot Camp, so for all intents and purposes, it's a Windows laptop. (Safari on the Mac partition, Chrome on the Windows partition. Microsoft Edge can't even download the file.) The problem I have is downloading the actual installer from OggDude's links. Other than that, I'm so glad this program exists. It's truly aided every SWRP table I know of and FFG should officially support it, especially with the tons of content spread out across dozens of books. And now Genesys is here with more content that's compatible with Star Wars!
  14. I tried Safari and Chrome to no avail ): I think I was able to get the web install version before, so hopefully it stays updated.
  15. Hey, all. Whenever I try to download the latest version from OggDude's profile, I first get a bitly warning saying that "there might be a problem with the requested link", then when I continue, I get an error saying that "this site can't provide a secure connection". I tried right clicking the link and saving the file, but in my downloads list I just see "network error" on the file. How do I download it, and is there a way to update the app without downloading everything again?
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