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  1. Stress was a game mechanic that balanced out the use of some (otherwise) advantageous ability. X-Wing originally was a game where it mattered whether your guns were pointed in the right direction during the attack phase. Having a stress token meant not only losing an action, but more importantly - it meant having reduced mobility - red maneuvers were "off the table" until you could perform a green maneuver. Many games were won and lost because of a single stress token causing one player to miss a single beat, and go from the pursuer, to the pursued. Stress was a real deterrent right up until turrets were introduced, but since with turrets, it doesn't matter if your ship is facing the enemy at pew-pew time - gaining a stress (on such a ship) no longer represented a the same level of detriment. That is what we are seeing when we see ships flying around unhindered by the pile of stress tokens in their wake. As a player, I don't want stress to damage my enemy - I want it to inconvenience them in the same way it inconveniences me. To that end, I'd be satisfied if when a ship has two or more stress tokens, the opponent must choose a white maneuver from their dial - and remove one of the stress tokens. As it is, stress isn't really the deterrent it used to be - at least for a ship equipped with a turret - and some would [say] that until it is again the deterrent it ought to be, the game stands a little less balanced than it could be. It would be interesting to play test something like this to see how it affects balance. edited for [clarity]
  2. say what? I see both of those guys there? am I missing something?
  3. Ah, so that's how it goes. thank you internet people.
  4. So if you had a few of these, you could (in theory) toss a ship from one tug to another, and to another still, if they each had the tractor array and were positioned correctly? That'd make for some interesting strategies.
  5. My first name is Dan, but the word Doulogos was a name I created back in 2005 for my current blog. Its a hash of two Koiné Greek words, Doulos (δοῦλος) and Logos (λόγος). Had my understanding of Greek compound words been a little more developed at the time, I would have correctly combined the words to form the properly formed compound "Doulologos" - but I didn't realize that until after I had been using the name for a while. People in the know assumed I was being "clever" but very few people reading an English blog are in the know when it comes to Koiné Greek. Either way, I have used Doulogos now for a dozen years or so, and because it is an .... innovative?... spelling, it makes it much easier to find me on the internet - and I've come to like it.
  6. Pfft. Amateurs. Tell them you want an honest to goodness, working brass sextant. You don't need it, you're not a sailor - but it's very manly and cool. You wouldn't even need to figure out how to use it, just stand outside and pretend you're navigating by the stars - you'll look and feel like an old world boss. Not into "old world" cool? Fine, tell them you want a hand held laser guide - the kind that you use to show whether a ship is in arc etc. Only you want it with a green laser. Red is for the common man. Not geeky enough? Tell them you want your own laser cutter - the kind you can use to make your own acrylic (or wood) templates. Then use the same cutter to cut out hollows in which you put pearl and abalone insets you've cut out with the same cutter - you know how some guitars have artistic pearl inlays all over the fretboard - you can do that with a laser cutter - and it'll work on (edit: arcylic) acrylic and wood templates - imagine your templates with precision cut inlays of whatever the heck you want to show up. That's a step up from painting in the numbers. Too much work? Okay, why not consider furnishing yourself with modding goodies - buy some magnets, buy an airbrush and a compressor - turn off the TV, get yourself in a corner with some minis and a few hours of time - and see what you can do. Okay, maybe that last one is still work - but it fun work. Full disclosure? These are all the gifts I want. I don't expect you to want them - I just hope my wife reads this.
  7. Wow, someone necro'd my old post. I don't know if I should feel honored or appalled.
  8. Well, I got up to level 31 this weekend on my play through of Dark Souls. My son had some friends over all day Saturday, and I wasn't able to play much, but I did manage to kill the dragon on the bridge, and a few other notables. Didn't ring any bells though. Mostly grinding. I remember now why I liked the game so much.
  9. When it comes to the movies etc. I like the rebels. When it comes to X-Wing - I tend to play whatever seems least represented in the meta at the time. Even though I don't really have a favorite - my play style favors definitely favors the Imperials (but as a fan, I feel guilty if I play them!)
  10. I couldn't play past the original because my laptop sucked. Got a new one on Wednesday, and now I want to play through II before I do III. Loved the first game, I'm going to play through it this weekend, then start on II, then III. I really liked the original - hope the sequels are as good or better.
  11. I sleeve mine first with printed sleeves, then within toploaders such as these: Then I put each faction in it's own box, sorted alphabetically - each faction with it's own colored border, and printed sleeve.
  12. Looks like I am off the bell curve. Don't know if that's good or bad, but I suddenly feel old(er).
  13. Sly little Pidgey A dozen throws all for naught, only smoke remains
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