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  1. What about just letting capital ships spend engineering points on replenishing squadrons in figher-range 1 for 1 engineering point per fighter?
  2. Yeah that's true, Game-design should come before fluff. And I guess that that explanation with the shield generator partially explains it
  3. Yeah I know it's not other games It's just it doesnt make sense to me that a ship the size of a VSD has such large sections of it's hull that are basically invulnerable from certain angles
  4. Yeah, like.. why does the VSD, the longest ship in the game so far, have the shortest side hull zones
  5. Alright thanks If it's the rules, it's the rules, even though it doesn't make sense to me logically
  6. I would think that the firing arcs on the VSD is irrelevant when targeted? How can such a large ship as the VSD have such a tiny side, if you are only allowed to target the area within it's side firing arc?
  7. Hi FFG-hivemind! Me and a friend had a lively game of 300 points the other night and as many of you, we also ran into a discussion about firing arcs and line of sight. I will here present the two arguments and eagerly await your response. The intention was to fire the front battery of my nebulon B into the side arc of his Victory star destroyer. Case one: Legal https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2OG_HtBWo55VnZvcHA0emFsazg/view?usp=sharing The VSD's base is within my Nebulon frigates front firing arc, and I can trace a line of sight line from my dot to his without crossing any lines on either base. Case two: Illegal https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2OG_HtBWo55RE5qaEFvaW1QYWM/view?usp=sharing The VSD's base is in my firing arc, but I cannot trace the line of sight line to his dot without crossing the imaginary line extending from my nebulons base card. Apart from this, the VSD's side dot is not within my firing arc.
  8. Madtulip, one core set is a playable game
  9. Flying my Victory-I flagship off the board is my biggest mistake by the way
  10. So are you saying you regret buying it?
  11. I'm hoping they go Clone wars and add a Republic and CIS faction.
  12. They've added scum and villainy for x-wing, hopefully they'll add additional factions to armada as well. Personally I'm hoping that they'll go in the other direction and instead of going further into post empire territory, will look into the clone wars era ships. This isn't a "Please do this FF" thread, I was just wondering what you guys hope for. I would like to play the republic and field Venators and Acclamators and so on, and CIS has some cool ships as well. And, unlike many of the scum and villainy ships, the Republic and CIS is still canon.
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