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  1. And now the question we all what answered, The Dunwich Legacy - WHEN to Begin?
  2. I know Netrunner does similar things. They include a lot of 3 ofs "Limit 1 per deck" cards in many of their data packs (NR's "chapter packs"). That being said they've always included a full playset and I don't know why AGoT would be a any different.
  3. Frigates can't take Expanded Hangars. I think he meant AF mkII (he refers to the Nebulon-B as a "Neb")...
  4. While new ships would be cool I wouldn't mind a release of the Wave 1 fighters with new aces, I know I'd buy it.
  5. I'm happy with everything so far. Just adding the two new ships really shakes things up while the fighter game just became very interesting. Now I'm seriously pumped for Wave 2!
  6. Sensor Team + Paragon + X17 Turbolasers: Sensor Team can ensure the brace is blocked and X17s severely hamper redirect. It's a good way to make sure you're somewhat disappointing roles (2-4 dmg) still hit for something and your monster rolls (8-10 dmg) don't get cut in half. Especially since at long range you're only throwing three dice that have a combined 66% chance NOT to throw an accuracy. In other words, it'll make the AFmkII's damage output more consistent, low rolls can't get braced while high rolls will on average do more damage then without the sensor team.
  7. If you're looking to save money you could always limit yourself to one faction. Trying to buy multiples of all releases for all factions is definitely going to be pricey. If that's not an option what you do have now is plenty (imperials) or close (rebels) to field some decently competitive and interesting lists: For Example: Imperials: Vic II Screed Expanded Hangar bay Gladiator II Engine Techs Assault Concussion Missiles Demolisher Soontir Fel Howlrunner Tie Fighter x 4 Tie Advanced x 2 293 pts. You'd still be able to greatly customize this more to your liking too. Rebels: Neb-B Escort Salvation X17 Turbolasers Intel Officer Neb-B Escort Yavaris General Dodonna CR90b Dodonna's Pride Tycho Celchu Wedge Antilles A-Wing X-Wing x 2 B-wing x 2 This one could use a little more help (an Assault Frigate mkII or CR90 expansion would go a long way towards buffing your rebels) but should still be fun to run and offer some interesting options if pitted against the above imperial list.
  8. I got to use that last night. One round of firing with them from a Yavaris activation blew up a fully kitted out Demolisher. I don't think my usual opponent will fall for that trap again...
  9. I think advanced projectors is probably a better fit on the corvette, at long range you should be able to evade an accuracy if needed and the super redirect will greatly increase your survivability.
  10. I think the problem is that the core sets Ties and X-wings are almost too balanced against each other. If both sides commit their fighters to a big furball it's very likely that neither will have enough left to do much damage. With the upgrades and more specialized squadrons in Wave 1 we'll see more specialized squadrons that'll be able to either push squadron superiority up to where you'll have enough left to do damage AND specialized squadrons that can really put the hurt on capitals (e.g. 3 Y-wings with a Yavaris proc throws 5 black dice and costs 35 points, 4 less than 3 X-wings and their comparatively paltry 3 red dice, use 2 Bwings and Yavaris and you're up to 8 dice (4 blue, 4 black, against ships. That doesn't sound useless to me)!)
  11. I had the opposite happen, my Imperials shipped yesterday, rebels haven't made it out yet (I knew I shouldn't have updated that order!). I also ordered from the Warstore
  12. I think for B-wings to really prove their points you'll need to be using squadron enhancing cards like Yavaris and Adar Tallon. Anything that let's them get another shot off against a capitol ship is really going to shine. 3 B-wings (at 42 points) plus the above comes in at 57pts and throws 12 dice (6 blue, 6 black) if targeting a capital ship. 6 Y's only throw 6 black dice and total 60pts. While I think Y-wings are more versatile due to speed and additional hull; I think B-wings will wreck face against an imperial player who decides to go light on squadrons. My first take on them is that if you're going to go B-wing heavy you'll need to build a list that emphasizes squadrons as a viable source of damage and not just a "I'll take some shots if they come up" source of damage. But until we have Wave 1 in our greedy little hands who knows!
  13. My question regarding this would be how well do sharpies hold up? I play other games with painted minis and with a proper priming, paint, followed by a dull coat my minis paint jobs are good for years. Does this same thing apply with Sharpies? How about if they were dull coated?
  14. Did they vote to strike or no ? Yes. Of course they did. Did you really expect anything else? Do we know what ports are covered by this? L.A. and Long Beach This would be almost hilarious if my $300 of Wave 1 stuff wasn't rotting on the docks...
  15. A lesson my regular gaming buddy and I learned after our first game.
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