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  1. https://www.facebook.com/events/1724561854460671/ September 24th - 25th Announcing the first ever Hangar 19 Crossroads Classic! With a new wave upon us, and Worlds 2016 right around the corner, join us in scenic Indianapolis, Indiana for a big X-Wing Event to shake out the dust before we make our trip to Minnesota with hopes and dreams! (Update #1) This tournament will be in the style we will be seeing at Worlds this year. Day 1 will be Swiss rounds with a graduated cut for Day 2. Side events will be available if you want to play some more casual games. Side events will also have prize support! We are planning to support up to 250 attendees for this event! If you are interested, please contact Family Time Games either in-store or over the phone (317) 429-9817. Pre-Registration: $20 Registration at the door: $25 Prizes! [All cash is going towards prizes] Everyone attending: a NEW custom alternate art card in the style of our 2016 GenCon Green Squadron Pilot (picture posted) Apart from store credit, exclusive swag you can win with us this weekend! Top 64 - TBD (Contacting FFG - maybe that sweet Biggs card from GenCon if we are lucky) Top 16 - TBD Top 8 - Custom Tokens (Shield, Target Lock, TBD) Top 4 - Laser Cut Squad Tray w/ maneuver template holder (Pictures posted) First Place: Tropy and bragging rights! Side Events! -Sunday- Golden Age X-Wing tournament! 4 Rounds, Only ships and upgrades from Waves 1-3 allowed. Time to cut your teeth against some TIE swarms and fly like your predecessors. Kessel Run Death Race Take a single ship of at most 21 points - be ready to race a crazy track! Think Mario Kart w/ obstacles and explosions. Go for speed? firepower? More TBA Expect lots of prizes (Big range of things!), a big crowd, and a fun weekend. Side events will be available with the second day and you'll be encouraged to stick around to win more stuff. https://www.facebook.com/events/1724561854460671/
  2. I didn't play the first edition but I recently bought the 2nd. I am definitely intrested in playing seriously and on a regular basis. I live on the north side in the castleton area. I'm new into gaming but if there is anything I can do to help organize let me know. Cheers!
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