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    Blackbird888 got a reaction from CptShrike in Gladiator Star Destroyer and Raider Corvette!!!   
    Based on the standard configuration of Imperial fighter wings, it may be carrying 4 Interceptors and 4 Bombers as part of its 24 starfighters. As for the rest ("shuttles, landing craft, and utility vehicles"), that would be a mix of Lambda, Sentinels and stuff like speeder bikes and tanks.
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    Blackbird888 got a reaction from StriderZessei in Medicine and Healing   
    No, it doesn't. The reason stimpacks worsen their effects is explained: the chemicals and medicine can only do so much to help. Presumably Medicine checks are treating wounds through more conventional means.
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    Blackbird888 got a reaction from Vek Baustrade in Why do people hate blue lightsabers?   
    Second to last?
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    Blackbird888 got a reaction from StriderZessei in Backup hyperdrives?   
    Mostly, it's a narrative thing. They mention it fleetingly in the "Shipyard Standard Systems" box in the vehicle chapter as being much short range. P. 233 for F&D CRB, not sure the others. I think one modular encounter from Suns of Fortune mentioned that slower hyperdrives are much more precise than faster ones.
    As for the Falcon, it's so patchworked and extremely modified, it probably no longer has a backup anymore. Or, because the Falcon was having problems on Hoth, Chewie and Han used parts from the backup to try and fix the main, so it was completely unusable for the duration.
    Remember, most of the vehicles in the books represent stock vehicles, or close to it. The Falcon is not at all.
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    Blackbird888 got a reaction from StriderZessei in The polarizing subject of the mandalorians   
    I'll try to give some highlights from a relatively neutral POV:
    Various reasons, but disliking her writing and characterization is one of them. An accusation levels is she extols the Mandalorian culture and individuals at the expense of others, primarily the Jedi, making them weak, inadequate, or totally misrepresenting individuals to further the rhetoric. Another accusation is her fixation on them at the expense of other concurrent storylines, trying to further subplots featuring the Mandos where it is unnecessary.
    And I believe it was her books that killed Mara Jade and Gilad Pellaeon, two popular characters, which definitely didn't win over those fans.
    There are still a lot of people who hold the same opinions that Traviss did: Boba Fett was awesome, the Mandalorians are awesome, and the Jedi are doodoo heads. That's an oversimplification, but birds of a feather, and all that.
    I consider myself a fan of the Mandalorians, but that's as featured in Knights of the Old Republic and The Sith Lords, which I believe predated Traviss' involvement in writing by a little bit (at least the first game). Canderous Ordo was cool, and presented an interesting picture into the culture, but didn't steal the spotlight or overdo it. They were just another aspect of the Star Wars galaxy.
    Trick question: opinions on new canon as a whole, or new canon's depiction of Mandalorians? I'm guessing the latter
    The revision started in The Clone Wars, which still billed as being the EU before the buyout. I don't think they intended to really retcon as much as they did, they just simplified for ease of viewing. I generally prefer the more diversified depiction in TCW. The Acquisition and discontinuation of the EU has caused more problems then people like to think about (like General Grievous and Asajj Ventress not having backstories).
    The galaxy is a big place, and there are far-flung groups that still held the traditions, but were separated from the politics of the New Mandalorian/Death Watch conflict. Simple enough for me. But I generally don't play in canon settings, so...
    That's like jumping into a bonfire and hoping you don't get burned.
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    Blackbird888 got a reaction from player3412539 in But it's FREE!!!!!!   
    It's an anniversary reproduction for collectors and nostalgic fans.
    It's not a relaunching of the system, or the entire game line. It's just a novelty.
    Seriously, it's not that hard a concept to grasp.
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    Blackbird888 got a reaction from StriderZessei in So I want to make gunslinger...   
    Yeah, it's pretty much on point. But it does fit into a specific role. First, it's half built around two weapon fighting with Ranged (Light) weapons; Quick Draw (Improved), Guns Blazing, and Spitfire are all talents that buff the style of play. Second, it is built on hitting first and dealing critical hits; it combines Rapid Reaction (which scores it a prime spot on initiative checks), Quick Draw/Improved (which allows it to pull guns out without spending maneuvers), Quick Strike (which adds boost dice on combat checks against any targets that haven't acted in the encounter), Sorry About the Mess (reduces the critical rating of it's weapons against targets that haven't acted in the encounter), and Lethal Blows (increases the results of critical injury rolls). Also, Deadly Accuracy, which increases wounds dealt.
    Also, because it works with Ranged (Light) weapons and not just pistols, you can build a knife-throwing character with it. More space ninjas, please.
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    Blackbird888 got a reaction from Rithuan in Which Specialization Most Reflects A Spy?   
    Gadgeteer might fit, as it's a pretty well rounded combat spec that might reflect an ex-military type working in the private sector. Bodyguard works in this vein as well.
    Scoundrel is kind of meh, as it's sort of a combat/streetwise mix. Gunslinger's not bad, though. Thief could work as an alternative to Assassin for a military operative who focused on stealth.
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    Blackbird888 got a reaction from SHADOWGUARD CHAMPION in Community Theme Ideas   
    Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Chrono Trigger/Cross, Fire Emblem, and some other J-RPGs. I'm curious to see how this handles magic/powers. Honestly, I really like how the Force dice work in concept, so it apparently being dropped is kind of a bummer.
    I might also try Destiny, The Legend of Zelda, and Metroid.
    No particular setting, but a magical girl-esque game somewhere between Sailor Moon and Lyrical Nanoha would be interesting, although the flying and giant laser beams in the latter may be a bit hard to replicate.
    I have some original science fiction ideas that I'd like play around with (though Age of Rebellion/Edge of the Empire as written are general enough that they would work). I also tried my own hand at making a non-magical fantasy game once upon a time, so I might go back and look at that again.
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    Blackbird888 got a reaction from Typherian in Fix to keep Balance useful in the age of Ebb/Flow?   
    Let's cut the folderol and confusion, and talk about suffering strain (using combat encounters as an example).
    There are a lot of ways to suffer strain in a fracas: through taking strain damage, through rolling numerous Threat, and from voluntarily suffering it to activate an ability or perform a second maneuver, not to mention Crippling Blow and critical injuries. It is 100% true that a lot of this strain can be mitigated by spending advantage.
    But that's not always going to be the case, is it? Rolling advantage means you probably roll well, and that won't always happen. As characters progress, they will also get abilities that use advantage as fuel. Adding a boost or setback die to another character's check may also play a big difference in an encounter, more then recouping that strain. So, while you can recover strain by spending advantage, that won't always happen, either because of bad rolls or not doing it in favor of another ability. So while the option to recover strain via advantage is 100% guaranteed, the reality is it's not always reliably available.
    Ergo, the Cool/Discipline check at the end of an encounter allows a character to make up for whatever they weren't able to recover. Balance is simply a conditional utility that adds to this; it won't always be useful 100% of the time, but there are circumstances where it can and will be, and that's fine.
    But enter Flow. The way it appears to be written, Flow does the same thing Balance does, and for a cheaper price and you get to use it many, many more situations. Oh, and you also get Ebb.
    "But why use Flow when you can do other stuff?" There are many different circumstances that a player might want to use Flow instead of another ability, too many to list or even think of. Primarily, Flow is a pretty reliable way to recover strain. If you're in lengthy combat encounter, it may make more tactical sense to spend a turn recovering strain with Flow than to make an attempt at using Hawk-Bat Swoop or whatever. Bottom line, it is not always "better" to use other abilities instead; it's whatever the situation demands.
    And cost wise, Flow is cheaper. That's not an opinion, that's factual. Balance is at the end of a talent tree in 2/3 cases, so it's not only 25XP, but also the cost of whatever talents are between the start of the tree and it. Flow and the one upgrade can be purchased for 20XP at character creation, if desired. Barring the Universal Force tree, it's the cheaper option. Flow can also be cheaper if you apply mentor bonuses.
    Re:Face w/ Influence as an example: If I had a Sage character with Influence and I bought into the entire Sage tree, it would be more cost effective for me to skip Balance and grab Flow instead. Not only do I get the same ability, I get more utility out of it, and I save 5XP that I maybe didn't have yet, or I can invest in something else. Picking up Flow doesn't subtract from any XP I can spend on Influence; in fact, it adds to it. Sure, 5 XP isn't much at that stage, but it can still be spent in better places.
    All things being said, the most reasonable solution to me is simply restrict Flow to structured encounters only, one I'll probably use. That also prevents Flow shenanigans with other checks, as some have worried over. There's also the option to make acquiring Ebb/Flow artificially more expensive, as in a player can't just purchase it with XP, they have to find a way to learn it from a source, but that doesn't change how it works, just how quickly it gets accessed.
    I also do take the stance that just because it's the optimal choice, that doesn't mean that a player will always choose to get it. Ebb/Flow just might not fit into the character concept for whatever reason.
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    Blackbird888 got a reaction from StriderZessei in Morality sucks   
    Is joke. Watch:
    GM: What's your character?
    PC: Gumdrop the Courageous!
    GM: Alright, you are walking down the street. You spot a squad of stormtroopers down the road.
    PC: I kill them all, courageously!
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    Blackbird888 got a reaction from DurosSpacer in Cybernetics? No thanks!   
    Icosiel is right: personal ion weapons, enen though super common, fill a niche, that is, non-lethaly subduing droids and cyborgs. Only used by people for exactly one job. A nemesis might pull one out in preparation with his confrontation with the party, but thugs and mercs, even Imperials and Rebels, will go for the more universally effective options, like blasters or lead pipes.
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    Blackbird888 got a reaction from DurosSpacer in Cybernetics? No thanks!   
    The book (EotE) specifically brings out "weaponry designed to disable technology" and "weapons that would only effect droids." Off the top of my head, that's around 4 weapons, including ion cannons (counted as one). Not every Stun weapon is ion-based.
    So relative rarity of the weapons could serve to balance it out.
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    Blackbird888 got a reaction from bonenaga in Cybernetics? No thanks!   
    The book (EotE) specifically brings out "weaponry designed to disable technology" and "weapons that would only effect droids." Off the top of my head, that's around 4 weapons, including ion cannons (counted as one). Not every Stun weapon is ion-based.
    So relative rarity of the weapons could serve to balance it out.
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    Blackbird888 got a reaction from StriderZessei in Ebb/Flow   
    Most powers have an immediate effect that is cool and can be useful, and gets better as you upgrade. Ebb/Flow is different from most other powers, in that it is definitely very useful as it is upgraded, but initially isn't as useful. It is, in trope terms, a Magikarp power.
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    Blackbird888 got a reaction from StriderZessei in Krayt Dragon Pearl errata?   
    I would probably say the way it was written is a little off, and it should be interpreted the same as the other crystals. Otherwise the shoto would be less useful in comparison, as it looses 1 point of damage and Accurate 1.
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    Blackbird888 got a reaction from General Zod in Morality sucks   
    My take:
    Obligation and Duty work as much as game master storytelling tools and prompts as they do player roleplaying tools. If a player isn't the best RPer, the GM can still use their Bounty Obligation or Combat Victory Duty to build a story and involuntarily rope a player in. Morality is a less of something a GM can really use to draw their player out short of baiting them, and works best with a player who is really into the roleplaying part of the game. A player can't just build a character and pick a morality as an afterthought, it has to be really built into the character, and the player has to keep the morality in the forefront of their mind.
    But the morality pairings, I can think of concepts for them all day long. A character who puts themselves in harm's way when there's not alternative and despite their apprehension would be Courageous. On the other hand, if they put themselves in harm's way despite there being safer alternatives, and there's no true need to endanger themselves, and especially if they put others at risk, they would be Reckless*. As a GM, I can't do anything with that unless I looked at the player pointedly and say "this is bait." As a (thoughtful) player, see above.
    *Come to think of it, wouldn't Courage/Recklessness be the quintessential murder hobo morality?
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    Blackbird888 got a reaction from StriderZessei in Is the double-bladed lightsaber too powerful?   
    According to Legends, it's kind of a "I am not left-handed" deal for Maul.
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    Blackbird888 got a reaction from afrodave in Unlimited Power -- Sourcebook for Mystics   
    A seer and a prophet can be synonymous, but not necessarily always.
    A seer is "someone who sees." In a religious or mystical context, this can refer to seeing visions. While a vision can be prophetic, it could also be visions of events happening elsewhere. It can also mean that seer can perceive through something in someway.
    A prophet, of course, is tied to prophesies, but not always visions, and the usual application is someone who speaks for a deity, in a spiritual leader sense, which is what the article seems to reference more than seeing visions.
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    Blackbird888 got a reaction from afrodave in Playing grey jedi   
    It's more of a narrative thing. Just play characters and try to keep morality between 30 and 70 and you're "gray."
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    Blackbird888 got a reaction from SirSaiCo in Ship art   
    I've got to wonder what the situation is here
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    Blackbird888 got a reaction from crashnburninc in Career Adventure Seeds: The Explorer   
    Specialization: Driver
    Hook: There is a major speeder race and show taking place. The prize for the top three slots can go a long way to pay off the party's debts/Obligation. Alternatively, the prize being offered is something that they need to progress in their main campaign.
    Meat: the party needs to have an appropriate vehicle for the race. If they already have one, it might need to be suped up to compete. This could mean gambling and taking a loan from a benefactor or whoever they owe Obligation too. Then they'll to gain admitance into the show; this could be as simple as paying for a ticket to getting their vehicle inspected and getting a background check. Part of the show might be putting forth a sufficiently hot or pretty speeder. Once in the show, they find their nemesis (or one of his associates) is competing in the race.
    Cheating is a problem, of course. The race may be rigged in favor of the nemesis or another competitor, or the party may want to rig it themselves. Undoing or perpetrating sabotage may be a major part of the adventure. Betting also may be a part, so if the party has a Gambler, they can add some to the adventure.
    The End: losing the race or performing poorly may put the party in deeper debt then they were before, especially if they borrowed money to trick out their vehicle. Winning, of course, is the goal, and doing so might pay off Obligation or leave the party with some hard earned prizes. Another element to consider: the race may be legitimate, or it could be hosted and sponsored by any variety of criminals, such as the Black Sun or the Hutts. In the later case, winning (even honoestly) may catch the ire of a loser, a Hutt sponsor that was indirectly humilated, or a crime lord who lost big betting against the party. And if the party cheated or ran a scam, that could also bite them later.
    (Although a muscle car show inspired me to write this, to keep with the Explorer theme you could easily make it an endurance race, or something similar.)
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    Blackbird888 got a reaction from Cartergame in Crafting Toxins   
    I made them, but haven't been able to actually test them. I wrote it prior to the release of Special Modifications, but after Keeping the Peace, so I had an idea of how crafting would work, and tweaked some things (such as reducing the effectiveness of the strain reliever), but they've kind of fallen to the wayside.
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    Blackbird888 got a reaction from Cartergame in Crafting Toxins   
    Something like this?
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    Blackbird888 got a reaction from RLogue177 in What can Utility Belt™ do for you?   
    A technician with a cultural etiquette manual is breaks suspension of disbelief. You could probably drop that from the list and nobody would notice.
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