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  1. Lightsaber specializations are as much personal philosophies as they are fighting techniques. A Warrior who favors straightforward and adaptable fighting techniques will likely prefer Shii-Cho to more specialized and complex fighting styles. In context with the setting, Shii-Cho is as rare and esoteric as any other lightsaber form. It makes sense in this era that the game was designed to play in that Shii-Cho is on the same level as the other forms. A character, without the lifelong training and guidance of the Jedi traditions, may jump headlong into the more complex forms without taking Shii-Cho first. Besides, Shii-Cho's lore as the foundation of the other forms matches with its the talents it has. It's three signature talents, Natural Blademaster, Sarlacc Sweep and Multiple Opponents, all contribute to a lightsaber wielder and don't conflict with the talents of the other forms.
  2. Comparing Mass Effect to Star Wars, brawling/melee combat is much more of a rarity, so those skills will be rarer as well. Agility is the main combat stat, and Athletics and Resilience are useful in fringe, so Brawn doesn't do much other than allow you to carry stuff and provide soak. It probably wouldn't be much of an issue, but an easy enough counterbalance could be adjust how much soak you get for having a high Brawn (1 for 2 ranks, for example).
  3. Depends on the setting and the specifics of the powers themselves. Across the board, I would default to Willpower. Something like biotics, though, and some superpowers (depending on the setting) could argue Brawn.
  4. Just make them their own skills?
  5. Not quite true. Artisan has the Imbue Item talent, Armorer has both Imbue Item and Reinforce Item. Granted, these don't offer permanent bonuses, but Mystic is getting the Alchemist, which suggests we may get that in the future. Based on what I was able to reference about the Jal Shey, I could create a pretty spot-on character with a variety of specializations. Depending on whether I want to focus on the negotiation or the crafting element, I'd start with Sage or Artisan, and splash a mix of Arbiter, Armorer, or Advisor, and maybe a little bit of Teacher depending.
  6. Eh, that's not too unusual. Fully Operational is the oddball--it hasn't moved from "In Development" since March.
  7. Oh. No, I don't. I'm content with waiting, and I think most are.
  8. Why would Juyo be in the Mystic book? Warrior book is where everyone is expecting it.
  9. Though Sarisa's explanation makes sense, there is something in her behavior that seems suspicious. A shared glance with her sisters, a slight pause before responding, and a few other odd movements that gives the impression that you're not getting the whole truth out of her.
  10. I'll throw something out there and you can respond, if you like.
  11. AT-TE seems most likely, if they go that route. A Juggernaut is possible too.
  12. Success with failure: You detect something, but it won't be something entirely accurate.
  13. It says "cannot be declared." Would that mean as long as you don't declare a conflict, it doesn't matter if it switches?
  14. Found the pics again. There is a talent that allows the use of Agility with Melee (Light). Based on the number crunching, it still appears that they add Brawn to melee damage.
  15. Pretty much exactly. Of course, I've been using Final Fantasy job classes for the names of the specializations.
  16. Keeping the Peace: Armorer: Saber Throw has been discussed. Imbue Item, Comprehend Technology, and Reinforce Item will need adjustment. Warden: Other than Force Rating, this needs no adjustments. Warleader: Forewarning has been covered. Prescient Shot may need some adjustment. Savage Spirits: Executioner: Terrifying Kill, Marked for Death, and Essential Kill are all talents that need changes. Hermit: Animal Bond and Shroud have been discussed. Survival of the Fittest will need adjustments, much like Knowledge if Power. Another possibility is to make these talents "when making a [spell check], flip a story point to add [Success] equal to ranks in [skill]." Force Connection will need considerable changing. Navigator: One with the Universe has been discussed. Intuitive Navigation will need changing, but I'm not sure how yet.
  17. Yeah, maybe. I've been trying to track down the thread that had the images with all the pregen characters for cross-reference.
  18. Warrior: Aggressor: Has 14 different talents. Terrify would need some tweaking. Against All Odds needs some adjustments. Shii-Cho Knight: Has 16 different talents. Other than changing the skills of Natural Blademaster, there is nothing to change with this tree. It's pretty solid as is. Starfighter Ace: Right of the bat, it will see considerable revisions, if not replacement. Discussing what might need work is pointless: all of it does.
  19. Sentinel: Artisan: Has 15 different talents. The Artisan may be adjusted the most, dropping the vehicle repair-aspect for a general-purpose craftsmen/mechanic. Solid Repairs, Fine Tuning, Defensive Slicing, and Technical Aptitude are all talents that may be swapped for something else, such as Jury Rigged, Tinkerer, Eye for Detail, and Gearhead. Intuitive Improvements, Imbue Item and Comprehend Technology will each need changing somehow. Shadow: Has 15 different talents. Stalker instead of Sleight of Mind, as discussed above. Shroud will probably require some slight adjustments. Bypass Security (or a variant of it) makes more sense than Codebreaker here. Shien Expert: Has 16 different talents. Reflect, Saber Throw and Shien Technique have been discussed. Djem So Deflection may need changing, depending on how Reflect changes, but it's not terribly likely. Disruptive Strike will need some changes, but increasing the difficulty like with Draw Closer/Hawk Bat Swoop may work.
  20. Seeker: Ataru Striker: Has 14 different talents. Reflect, Ataru Technique, and Balance have been discussed. Hawk Bat Swoop can be changed much like Draw Closer. Saber Swarm could be switched from using Force rating to a skill, like Coordination. Saber Throw is tricky, and may require cutting. Hunter: Has 14 different talents. Intuitive Shot is the only one that needs changing. Pathfinder: Has 16 different talents. Animal Bond will need some tweaking, probably replacing Force rating with a skill. Animal Empathy is in the same spot as Enhanced Leader and Intuitive Shot; this one, though, is more magic related, so it could allow a skill swap, like using Primal in place of Survival or similar. Mental Bond uses a commit effect, though how that can be changed is uncertain. Quick Movement would need changing, but I'm not sure how. Despite Sleight of Mind being perfectly serviceable as is, swapping it for Stalker is probably for the best.
  21. Mystic. Advisor: Advisor has 15 different talents. Knowledge is Power is the only one that would need changing. Allowing the use of a different skill in place of a magic skill could work, or reverse it, allowing the use of a certain magic skill instead of the called-for skill. Makashi Duelist: Makashi Technique and Sun Djem have been addressed. Makashi Finish is really the only major change needed, and it's a doozy. About the only thing similar I can thing of is adding Vicious = ranks in a certain skill, but not sure how that will balance out. Seer: The Force is My Ally has been addressed. Natural Mystic can be changed to allowing the re-rolling of magic skills. Forewarning could be changed to increase defense equal to ranks in X skill.
  22. https://www.sterlinghershey.com/blog/2017/10/25/star-wars-wednesday-ghosts-of-dathomir-adventure-planning
  23. It appears so. Some pregens share the same weapons but have different damage values. I seem to recall seeing this on one of the sheets, but I'm not sure. There are 2 melee skills now, though. I believe so.
  24. Guardian next: Peacekeeper: Peacekeeper has 13 different talents. Enhanced Leader is really the only talent that needs to be changed. Protector: Protector has 14 different talents. Reflect has been covered. Force Protection will need the most changes. Not sure what yet, but that shield related talent is looking appealing. Soresu Defender: Soresu Defender has 13 different talents. Reflect has been covered, as has Soresu Technique (via Niman Technique). Strategic Form will be need to be reworked, but I'm not sure how.
  25. I'll go through each specialization, noting what I need to change and any ideas I've got. I'll start with the CRB, with Consular: Healer: Healer has 13 different talents. Of course, Force Rating will need to be reworked. Healing Trance will need a rework, as it requires committing Force dice. As Healing Trance is a subpar talent anyway, some version of Bacta Specialist works well as a replacement. By necessity, Healing Trance (Improved) will need to be changed. Master Doctor is a good option. Calming Aura works on by reducing generated Force points, but it can still be used with tweaking. Upgrading spell checks or adding setback dice are possible options. Calming Aura (Improved) works well without tweaking. Knowledgeable Healing is serviceable on its own, though it will have to be changed from something other than Xenology. Niman Disciple: Niman Disciple has 15 different talents. Not entirely sure about the Reflect situation yet. Niman Technique is in a similar spot, but is easier to work with. Sun Djem is fine on its own, but will need to be shifted to another skill, probably both Melee skills. Draw Closer is functional on its own, but the Force dice mechanic will have to be replaced. Increasing the difficulty is serviceable, and it removes the somewhat problematic "add success" mechanics of the talent. Force Assault will need to be adjusted to another kind of spell. Not sure what yet. Sage: Sage has 13 different talents. One with the Universe is tricky. Its core concept can be carried over, but the actual effects are up in the air right now. Balance will have to be considerably reworked, or entirely replaced. The Force is My Ally works as is, though there may be other effects that do something similar, so I'll have to wait and see.
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