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  1. Lightsaber specializations are as much personal philosophies as they are fighting techniques. A Warrior who favors straightforward and adaptable fighting techniques will likely prefer Shii-Cho to more specialized and complex fighting styles. In context with the setting, Shii-Cho is as rare and esoteric as any other lightsaber form. It makes sense in this era that the game was designed to play in that Shii-Cho is on the same level as the other forms. A character, without the lifelong training and guidance of the Jedi traditions, may jump headlong into the more complex forms without taking Shii-Cho first. Besides, Shii-Cho's lore as the foundation of the other forms matches with its the talents it has. It's three signature talents, Natural Blademaster, Sarlacc Sweep and Multiple Opponents, all contribute to a lightsaber wielder and don't conflict with the talents of the other forms.
  2. Comparing Mass Effect to Star Wars, brawling/melee combat is much more of a rarity, so those skills will be rarer as well. Agility is the main combat stat, and Athletics and Resilience are useful in fringe, so Brawn doesn't do much other than allow you to carry stuff and provide soak. It probably wouldn't be much of an issue, but an easy enough counterbalance could be adjust how much soak you get for having a high Brawn (1 for 2 ranks, for example).
  3. Depends on the setting and the specifics of the powers themselves. Across the board, I would default to Willpower. Something like biotics, though, and some superpowers (depending on the setting) could argue Brawn.
  4. Just make them their own skills?
  5. Not quite true. Artisan has the Imbue Item talent, Armorer has both Imbue Item and Reinforce Item. Granted, these don't offer permanent bonuses, but Mystic is getting the Alchemist, which suggests we may get that in the future. Based on what I was able to reference about the Jal Shey, I could create a pretty spot-on character with a variety of specializations. Depending on whether I want to focus on the negotiation or the crafting element, I'd start with Sage or Artisan, and splash a mix of Arbiter, Armorer, or Advisor, and maybe a little bit of Teacher depending.
  6. Eh, that's not too unusual. Fully Operational is the oddball--it hasn't moved from "In Development" since March.
  7. Oh. No, I don't. I'm content with waiting, and I think most are.
  8. Why would Juyo be in the Mystic book? Warrior book is where everyone is expecting it.
  9. Though Sarisa's explanation makes sense, there is something in her behavior that seems suspicious. A shared glance with her sisters, a slight pause before responding, and a few other odd movements that gives the impression that you're not getting the whole truth out of her.
  10. I'll throw something out there and you can respond, if you like.
  11. AT-TE seems most likely, if they go that route. A Juggernaut is possible too.
  12. Success with failure: You detect something, but it won't be something entirely accurate.
  13. It says "cannot be declared." Would that mean as long as you don't declare a conflict, it doesn't matter if it switches?
  14. Found the pics again. There is a talent that allows the use of Agility with Melee (Light). Based on the number crunching, it still appears that they add Brawn to melee damage.
  15. Pretty much exactly. Of course, I've been using Final Fantasy job classes for the names of the specializations.
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