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  1. There's been no announcement. It's just been a recurring discussion for a long while.
  2. Colonist's Performer. I wouldn't go for Diplomat, but Agitator. Enforcer? Depends on how gritty you really want them to be.
  3. I haven't ever preordered anything, but I have purchased stuff off their shop before. To me, the shipping fees are too much, so I usually go Miniature Market or FLGS. The latter option usually is slightly cheaper than other options. What I'll do is wait until the book is shipping (or very, very close to it) before putting a hold or pre-buy down.
  4. It normally takes about 2-3 months between announcement of a product and subsequent news articles. If not longer.
  5. Melee/lightsaber version of Gunslinger's Guns Blazing and Spitfire.
  6. The northern road is well worn and easy to follow, and there are a number of travelers that you pass. Most of them are on foot, coming and going from Gilgal, and a few pass you riding what looks like tall, flightless avians. The road, for the most part, is lined by the dense forests, and it heads north, slightly inching towards the west. It seems every step the air grows slightly colder, and by early evening the scent of salt and sea is prominent. The wet cold is uncomfortable and piercing. As evening approaches, Gilgal is long out of sight. You begin to hear it, a dull, churning roar that grows louder and more chaotic every step. The roar of the sea, perhaps? The terrain has grown more hilly, and there is something over the next hill.
  7. I'll just describe the next part and we'll assume any shopping to be done has been done. Account for anything that you want to buy (within reason, of course) and we'll assume you picked it up in between the edits. Biscuit Baron. God help me.
  8. Warrior, maybe. I'd hope for Cathar, but as they are Legends, it's a low chance. For Mystic, I'm cool with Thisspiasian, Tholothian, and Vurk. Or Sith, if that happens. I'd hope Kaleesh (Grievous' species) and Talz. Cathar would be nice, though see above. I'm not sure what else.
  9. Ultimately up to you, who I assume is the GM. The ones listed sound reasonable. I would probably throw in Gearhead and Natural Tinkerer.
  10. What do you want to get out of a telepath? What do you envision it doing? I think that's the key. I think of it as a social role, mostly, so I'd cross Arbiter and Advisor and add Influence, Sense, and maybe Misdirect.
  11. I don't think it's that important. A McSpaceDonalds stop isn't particularly interesting.
  12. A seer and a prophet can be synonymous, but not necessarily always. A seer is "someone who sees." In a religious or mystical context, this can refer to seeing visions. While a vision can be prophetic, it could also be visions of events happening elsewhere. It can also mean that seer can perceive through something in someway. A prophet, of course, is tied to prophesies, but not always visions, and the usual application is someone who speaks for a deity, in a spiritual leader sense, which is what the article seems to reference more than seeing visions.
  13. Anything else anybody wants to do around Gilgal, like shopping or something? Or do you just want to get a move on?
  14. On analysis, it seems the Vurk are the most likely third species. The article mentions both the Vurk meditation cube and the Semblan obsidian dagger (Sembla is the home planet of the Vurk). The Sith would be nice, but not entirely likely, especially as the Red Sith as a species is solely Legends. Unless we're getting four species. Also, I'd like to point out that one of the new specializations wasn't a reprint of Hermit.
  15. I believe the bulk of their existing RPGs have PDFs (actually, they sell their older stuff solely through DriveThruRPG). Star Wars they can't. I don't see why this wouldn't.