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  1. Is there any news on an OCTGN port for this game? I don't care for TTS really, there's a few games I play on there due to lack of options, but I'm old-school and generally prefer OCTGN.
  2. There will be 48 when the game wraps up it's final cycle. Plus 8 saga expansions and 7 deluxe expansions (which no doubt will have reprints in champions as well.). Sagas and deluxes averaged about 2 heroes per. So 78 heroes then, so ~234 reprints roughly, minimum, if it lasts as long as LoTR did (not that I expect it to in this new age of FFG but still).
  3. So you're saying that you are going to build the decks for your friends? I'm sorry, did you say build the decks? I'm not saying all players should be heavily invested. Literally all I'm saying is that FFG's customers shouldn't have to buy the same product dozens of times over again. But if you want to resort to personal attacks, go for it.
  4. Yeah, I guess it does depend on what the reprint is. A card like one of the neutral resources or Nick Fury would be infuriating to get, but it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world to get one more set of the "power of" cards. Still, if this continues, we're gonna end up with hundreds of useless cards.
  5. Again though, how likely is that, really? And also again, even without the reprint cards, that deck would be passable enough for someone who just went "oh this game looks cool". Once that player is like "hey I like this game", and goes and buys cores and expansions, now they're gonna be mad about the reprints too.
  6. And again, someone you're playing with has to own those 2-resource cards. So even if you're playing "out of the deck", is it really that hard to shuffle 3-5 more cards into your deck? They could've just had extra copies of the "power of" cards in the core, this core was pretty light on cards considering the cost, that way there'd be extras anyway.
  7. I beleive that could very well be true. But reprints wouldn't affect those people. I think everyone is buying into the "Myth of the Casual". For whatever reason, online communities like to perpetuate the myth that all games are supported by vast hoards of casuals, who buy only occasional product, and are afraid to do any significant deckbuilding or try anything too different with their decks, or in competitive games they can't build good decks, because they "just play on the kitchen table with their buds". Meanwhile, the "elite" on the forums are the only "true" players, and they are the only ones who understand the secret to the meta and good decks. The fact of the matter is that the only difference between a casual who doesn't do events or forums and the people on this forum is that there is no difference. If anything, casuals are even more creative with their decks, because they don't have the pressure of a meta pushing down on them.
  8. I would say those who assume everyone will do summoner wars-type deckbuilding is making even more assumptions, consdering that goes against every single LCG this company has made. Just saying... Also, you can't play she-hulk and iron man together using precons. That alone will drive people to at least swap out aspects.
  9. Really though? I imagine most people would deckbuild, given that most LCGs require that, and most people playing this are coming from other LCGs
  10. Also, let's be totally honest. What percent of people are going to be playing decks right out of the box, not own the core set, and refuse to deckbuild? That's gotta be a really, really small percentage. In exchange, the majority of your fanbase is hurt by that. Not cool FFG.
  11. But SOMEONE HAS TO OWN A SCENARIO, AND THE TOKENS, AND SO SOMEONE THEN HAS TO HAVE NEUTRALS. But anyway, are the 2 resource cards really that necessary to build a deck? They're good, but are they necessary? I can't fathom why people are defending this. At the very least, they should increase the number of cards in the box to make up for it.
  12. I still can't believe they're doing reprints. It's lazy and devalues the product. You don't need to reprint cards to make a deck playable out of the box. If you want more 2-resource cards, just make new ones, or since if you're playing the game, someone already owns all the neutrals, just use their's.
  13. Just in general, I really am not a fan of the whole "slam a bunch of figures together, roll, and one eventually dies" model that Warhammer pioneered and RuneWars and Legion picked up. There's not much strategy. And while this looks a little better than those, still it does feel like slamming figures together and rolling. Also the price is extremely steep. In X-wing, you're constantly making decisions every turn as to how to order your troops. Once all your armies have slammed together in Runewars or Legion, you just gotta sit there and roll until someone dies, then send the winning troop to slam into another, and so on.
  14. THW 2 ATK1 DEF 3 11 health Ability will be that all allies he controls gain +1 THW.
  15. Crisis Protocol looks awful. The only minis game I've liked is X-Wing, plus you can actually play a game of that without having to drop a bajillion dollars.
  16. Urloony, Crisis Protocal is made by Atomic Mass, not by Asmodee itself. They are separate from FFG.
  17. Sadly, it seems the competitive LCG has been axed. A few of us saw this coming the moment they announced Destiny, but I think more are on board now after the release of Keyforge. It's a shame really. FFG has decided they'll make more money from the predatory TCG/Unique model rather than by building brand loyalty with LCGs.
  18. I can't like this post enough. So many games are left to silent deaths, and it's kept me from buying into some that I might otherwise have, for fear of such a death.
  19. Hi Andrew, I urge you to reconsider ending support for Battlelore 2nd Edition. There are many fans waiting for the final two expansions that add the Latari Elves. https://www.change.org/p/dear-fantasy-flight-games-give-us-the-freaking-elves-already?source_location=topic_page
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