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  1. I think it's fair to ask why a company that people pride on creativity rarely makes a new character.
  2. Ah, I've found it. Team Covenant subscriptions are $13 per. Regular price $15.
  3. For what it's worth someone on bgg (i'll have to find the link) said the hero packs are $13. The same poster ended up being right about scenarios being $20, so it's possible they really are $13. In which case it's only 50 cards.
  4. Lol, yeah, this is what we get for only having some bad iphone photos of a rulebook to go off of. I get what you're saying though, depending on a cost curve they can be situationally useful. Although I'm not sure we'll see too many higher cost curve decks, at least in the early going. Seems like you are giving up too much if you use an entire hand to play one or two cards instead of four.
  5. wait whattt You draw up to hand size each turn? I retract all former statements about resource cards they suck ***
  6. Okay, so how about this revised deck core: 15 hero cards 5 resource cards 1-2 hellcarrier and 1-2 mansion 16-18 cards of choice.
  7. I think i remember there being something about an ally limit, it's referenced on one card. Someone more informed would have to elaborate though.
  8. It's extremely unlikely though to end up with a handful of resource cards. Only five in the deck, but everyone starts with six hand size. That would take some serious bad luck, plus you would still have one non-resource. It's really hard to imagine leaving one out.
  9. Since he only lasts a round though, there's not too much drawback to having everyone deck him.
  10. Let's assume a deck is 40 cards. For some draw-heavy heroes it might be higher (I could see Spiderman going higher), but hero cards are so much better than aspect cards that you're gonna want as much chance to draw them as possible in 95% of decks. So we start with 15 hero cards. 25 remaining. Every deck will likely include Energy/Genius/Strength/x2 Power of [aspect]. That's five more cards. Those are cards that will be in every deck, because they provide 2 resources each. You always will have to spend resources over the course of a game, so why not use these and save cards. 20 remaining. 1x Nick Fury will likely be in every deck as well. He is the "Gandalf" of the game, meaning he comes in to bail you out for a turn 95% of LoTR decks have Gandalf, doubt it will be different here. 19 remaining. So for most decks (let's say 85% in total, given the various assumptions that were made here, it's probably higher though), there are 19 cards to choose. In the core, there seems to be typically 2-3 allies beyond Fury in every deck. So then from there, probably 3x each of 5 different cards, then 1x-2x of one. Of course, there might be some cards that you only want one or two of, so I mean it could be a lot more complicated than that, but still, the theory holds. So it looks like, including allies, and allowing for some 1x and 2x cards, you'll be choosing 10 different card titles to put in your deck. Thoughts?
  11. 1. Iron Man -- Building the suit just sounds so unbelievably awesome. I've always been the sort of player that likes building up a giant rig in Netrunner or a buffed-up hobbit in LoTR. 2. She-Hulk -- The whole threat removal/alter-ego thing is gonna be really sweet for her, very cool. Plus, neat obscure character. 3. Captain Marvel -- Cool character (although the movie was pretty meh), and the whole idea of charging up giant blasts of energy really has me excited. 4. Thor -- Dunno much about him yet, but I think his deck will be neat when it eventually comes. 5. Black Panther -- The whole special action thing is kind of weird, but I do like that he's got some high complexity. 6. Spidey -- Love the character, generic deck though. 7. Ms. Marvel -- I really don't know too much about the more obscure characters, but shapeshifting this early in the game probably won't be very interesting. 8. Captain America -- He's just such a bland character, and I figure he'll probably be a very generic defense hero, even moreso than Spidey. What are your opinions? Who are you excited to play?
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