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  1. Unless it is like conquest where there isn't even enough cards for a legal deck in one core without dipping into other factions.
  2. Runebound getting an expansion gives me hope. But the Runebound expansion also kind of seems like a "here, take this it's all you'll get" sort of dealio with them not waiting until gencon in order to hype, so I'm not crossing my fingers.
  3. Yeah, it's probably a Barrow Wyrm. Those have been in nearly every game.
  5. Wait two years to see if FFG is actually committed, then buy orcs.
  6. They don't like to talk about anything really with the community, one of their shortcomings. I can go talk with the lead designer at Level99Games at any time I want about anything regarding his games, but FFG doesn't so much as post a release schedule.
  7. I really dont think RW and BL are all that similar other than universe. I hate hate hate hate Warhammer, and love BL, and Warhammer isn't that far off from RW. (by the way, did I mention I hate warhammer?)
  8. How has my life reached the point where that is a normal sentence...
  9. I leave you guys alone for what, six pages, and you all get into a fight?! On the bright side, now I have some reading material.
  10. Judging from past experience, FFG will never release Elves.
  11. Ha ha, am I excited... That's a good question, maybe I'm just... FREAKING OUT I've waited for what feels like forever for a true Terrinoth game (Descent deviates a little quite a bit) to actually receive a lot of development. With development comes lore. With lore comes books. With books coming effing BARON ZACHARETH.
  12. That rage attack could be a cool lore card. I do like Crush as a heroic ability.
  13. Well, it is a Forest Guardian after all. As long as we avoid that in the other units, and make the other legend not too generic, we should be fine. And since it has one move (and has Guardian in the name), it will likely stay on your half of the field all game, meaning that having a forest is easier. Plus, with the way the ability works, even just one forest hex can give it impressive range.
  14. What if you made the Forest Guardian 1 move, but then gave it essentially the Shortcut ability from Mountain Giant? That way your opponent would be afraid to get near forests for fear of the Guardian jumping out at them!
  15. They could pull a lot of the Descent monsters to be a mercenary faction. Beastmen, Flesh Moulders, Merriods, Ice Wurms, the lot.