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  1. Amazon has announced it will produce a multi-season prequel show to Lord of the Rings. What have we done to deserve this punishment lol
  2. Supertoe

    So is this a legacy game?

    Alright, you are right Julia, I guess legacy is a poor word choice (it's in the name though, give me a break ). Revised question: Can I play through it multiple times or is a one-time per scenario mystery game?
  3. I can't tell from the description if this is one of those games you can only run through once or not. Because if it is a legacy game then that is an insta-no-buy.
  4. Supertoe

    LCG format could use a change

    The small packs were ridiculously priced, not to mention it was annoying to have to buy 12 products to have a complete set, plus because they were so small, online stores often didn't carry them or if they did they price-gouged them. I got in a nasty argument on BGG with one of the WWG management guys, his rhetoric as to why it's okay: "right now it only costs about $120 to have a full cardpool, games like netrunner cost more like $500. $120 is what you drop on the FFG cores alone." So basically because the game is new it can cost more...
  5. Supertoe

    LCG format could use a change

    Sorry OP, but I lost you when you said Epic had a great distribution model. A change to Ashes model would be nice, a change to epic model would likely result in me never buying another LCG.
  6. However, you have to defeat a zombie in order to infect, so that therefore there is always a zombie in the supply. And you convert zombies at the end of each players turn, not each overlord turn. So Tyrus is still useless.
  7. Okay, so I've been trying to play dead or drowning, the seventh scenario in our Heirs of Blood campaign, but I am completely lost as to how the game is supposed to work. So first off, several things appear to happen at the end of the overlord turn. Heroes move refugees Overlord moves infected (this is known to occur either before or after refugees according to the rules) Overlord reinforces new zombies into spaces containing infected Overlord moves reinforced zombies six spaces Okay, so from what I can tell, not knowing what the actual order of these things are, it seems to me that the only way an infected will survive to allow a hero to cleanse them is if a newly reinforced zombie infects a villager. Because any villagers infected on the overlord turn are immediately zombiefied at the end of the overlord turn, thus meaning there is no way for the heroes to cleanse them. However, then here's my next question: Assuming an infected survives long enough for a hero turn to happen (if again the infected was infected by a reinforced zombie), then what is the point of tyrus? Because Tyrus activates after a hero turn, whereas the infected will turn into a zombie at the end of the turn. So can Tyrus even do anything at all? This scenrio is really weird. Also, can a spider reinforced into a shortcut space immediately gain six movement?
  8. Where's the Oriole clan? I won't play this game if the Oriole clan isn't included.
  9. There we go. Rub it in.
  10. Yeah, so anyway I kind of figured something out, I'm a little embarrassed now. Looking through the records I discovered is that for something like the past 10-15 or so games my brother (my main lotr partner in crime) has taken leadership and tactics (he is usually the one who dictates what we play when it comes to lotr), leaving me with spirit and lore. So I forced him into letting me take leadership-spirit and OMFG it was so much better. So yeah, simple solution really. That kind of solved the whole deckbuilding thing for me. Actually play with the cardpool lol. Also another problem we haven't played Dwarrodelf Cycle in ages and I really liked the design of that cycle, even if it was a bit easy outside of maybe Foundations of Stone. Yes, that doesn't solve the insta-lose problem, but you know you can't solve every problem in a game, every game has flaws, some more than others (cough Game of Thrones cough). So yeah, I am a certified idiot. Feel free to scratch your head and wonder why the heck I didn't think of this before.
  11. I own the first two cycles minus Emyn Muil, the first two packs of the third cycle, the 2 hobbit and 2 FotR sagas. I haven't bought any new products in almost a year. Here are my problems with the game that used to be my alltime favorite game (I play two player by the way): 1. Deckbuilding has gotten stale. Most LCGs have such a wide variety of deck styles that you can play. Lord of the rings it seems to me only has 3. Strong decks, sub-optimal decks, and trait-based decks. And that's boring. You don't build decks to do something (such as control, burn, aggro, stall, swarm, etc.), you build decks to do everything. Given my two spheres, I know exactly what the deck will look like every time. The only thing that changes are the heroes between decks, and maybe running Elf-stone over Expert Treasure-Hunter or something. 1.5. Deckbuilding takes too d*** long when you have a ton of cards, especially since there are so many auto-includes that every deck ends up at like 70 cards, forcing me to spend time cutting down the deck. 2. You know whether or not you will win or lose by turn 2 90% of the time. I am sick and tired of either knowing that I will cruise through the scenario easy or having to restart ten minutes in. 3. The long campaign is made bad by a ridiculously hard first scenario. That first scenario in Black Riders is so annoying, so hard, and has so many insta-lose cards in it if drawn early enough. 4. Did I mention I hate insta-losing? Like when you draw the exact worst possible draw on turn one. IT HAPPENS PRACTICALLY EVERY TIME. Do you have any suggestions for helping me find what I initially loved in this game again?
  12. Supertoe

    Announcement Article Up

    Unless it is like conquest where there isn't even enough cards for a legal deck in one core without dipping into other factions.
  13. Runebound getting an expansion gives me hope. But the Runebound expansion also kind of seems like a "here, take this it's all you'll get" sort of dealio with them not waiting until gencon in order to hype, so I'm not crossing my fingers.
  14. Yeah, it's probably a Barrow Wyrm. Those have been in nearly every game.
  15. Supertoe

    New Expansion!