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  1. Haha sorry folks. Only 2 more days though until the reveal :)
  2. I was a beta tester for this, obviously I'm not allowed to say anything about the game itself, but let me tell you that this is one of the best expansions I've ever played 😎
  3. Hi all, I am a Windows user who would like to know if there is a downloadable program or app (official or not, doesn't matter) for squad building in X-wing similar to what there is for Android or iOS. I tend to be offline most of the time (my games are not near my Ethernet cable) and it would be convenient to run it on my laptop instead of my old beater Android phone. Thanks.
  4. I was primarily trying to avoid people linking the stats and then just saying "here. no discussion" when of course those statistics have massive bias and noise in them. I'm currently going through a stats degree in Uni, so I could do some confidence levels, but the amount of variables is horrifying there, I wouldn't even know where to begin. Each combination probably has single digit results. Like take for example Under Attack. People are more likely to be playing that with Ultron, Ultron is a hard scenario, so Under Attack is likely easier than the stats show. Or take the core set days, Protection was definitely the weakest aspect, so you'd be more likely to lose whenever you used protection. That opens up a possibility for issues, since we aren't all randomly selecting aspects, heroes, modulars, and scenarios. If it was purely random combinations or even close to random it would be easier. But I guarantee there are players out there that "I only play as Black Panther" or "All the scenarios except Mutagen are too easy for me", so they play Mutagen a ton. Then consider that each player has a different level. If I were really bad at the game, I might stick to the easier scenarios like Wrecking Crew or Risky Business. Playing those primarily would lower their winrate. If I were really amazing at the game (remember that Russian guy from the Lord of the Rings game?), then I might tend to only play Ultron or Mutagen, and raise the winrate for those arbitrarily. And as for the modular encounters, they don't really have a super strong influence on the game, so I can't imagine that using Mess of Things over Bomb Scare makes you 15% more likely to lose. They are relatively small. And so on. The stats are great fun, and can give you a rough idea of power but they are just a tool to help us understand, rather than the end all be all as so many claim. I think scenarios and aspects are probably the easiest to draw conclusions from.
  5. How would you guys rank the modular sets in terms of difficulty now that we've had them for quite some time? Please, please do not link to the statistics page, there is way too much noise there to draw conclusions, it's very fun but not sound. Here's my tier list: Tier 4: Doomsday Chair --- MODOK is virtually unkillable and he shows up non-stop. Plus all surge cards are better than nearly all non-surge cards essentially. Tier 3: Legions of Hydra ---- Madame Hydra is a tough enemy, but the Legions are essentially a delayed surge enemy, that hits reasonably hard, and has guard. Power Drain ----- At first, this doesn't appear to hard. After all, Elektro is a pretty weak enemy. But there are a lot of boost icons here, Electromagnetic Pulse is a ridiculously powerful cards (discard 7 encounters then either surge or put Elektro in play), and in general this is the best set for accelerating the main scheme. Tier 2: Under Attack ---- The base game set here has some pretty nasty upgrades that can hurt you bad. Mostly just drains resources and actions. Running Interference ---- This one is sort of hit or miss. Sometimes it can be completely devastating, other times it's not all so bad. But Tombstone is strong, and All Tied Up is rather annoying. Masters of Evil ----- There's been so many minion smashing cards released of late that this set isn't as bad as it was in the core days, but you are still getting a set of reasonably tough enemies that soak a lot of damage at the very least. A Mess of Things ----- Definitely on the lower end of this tier, there's nothing in this set that will really hurt you. It focuses mostly on stuns, which aren't too devastating. An extra copy of Gang Up and a fair number of boost icons bring it to Tier 2 though. Tier 1: Bomb Scare ---- Similar to Mess of Things (with a focus on confusion instead of stun), but far less boost icons and no threatening enemies. Goblin Gimmicks ---- Super easy. The lack of difficulty combined with the coloring misprint leads us to never using this basically.
  6. Exactly. Doomsday Chair, Legions of Hydra, and Power Drain are all difficult enough to make it possible to lose on expert. The problem is I can't do that with Wrecking Crew.
  7. Woot! It's on the FFG store, got my copy with playtester credits 😎
  8. I never play solo, and dislike him 😀 Thanks for the feedback though everyone. A lot of this will be updated and revised over time.
  9. Marvel Champions: A New Player Buying Guide Welcome to the New Player Buying Guide for Marvel Champions: The Card Game! This living document is designed to provide brief overviews of every single expansion available in the United States market, to help you sift through the wide variety of products that have been released for the game. The format for this guide is adapted from Ian Martin’s wonderful Lord of the Rings buying guide at his blog Tales From the Cards. First things first, a tl;dr. RECCOMENDED BUYING ORDER: 1. GREEN GOBLIN 2. MS. MARVEL 3. CAPTAIN AMERICA This document will be split into two sections, the first one will be the Scenario Packs. How to read each entry: Difficulty: The difficulty of the scenario, rated 0 to 5. Innovation: How innovative and unique a scenario is, rated 0 to 5. Fun Factor: How fun a scenario is to play, rated 0 to 5. Modular Sets: The names of each modular set and a short description. Modular Set Quality: How good each set is overall, taking into account primarily fun factor and innovation. Scenarios Included: The names of scenarios available. Main Villain: The lead villain in the scenarios. Buy it first if…..Why you should buy the expansion first. Description: An overview of the basics of the scenario pack, largely spoiler-free. Note: If more than one scenario is included, each will be rated. See Green Goblin for an example. Green Goblin Difficulty: 2/5 (Risky Business), 4/5 (Mutagen Formula) Innovation: 3/5 (Risky Business), 2/5 (Mutagen Formula) Fun Factor: 2/5 (Risky Business), 4.5/5 (Mutagen Formula) Modular Sets: Goblin Gimmicks (New toys for the Goblin), Running Interference (Tombstone), Power Drain (Elektro), A Mess of Things (Scorpion). Modular Set Quality: 4/5 Scenarios Included: Risky Business, Mutagen Formula Main Villain: The Green Goblin/Norman Osborn Buy it First If…..You want to fight a variety of Spiderman villains. You want the best bang for your buck. You are wanting another high-difficulty scenario. The Green Goblin scenario pack was the first one released for Champions, and overall it was a success. The first scenario, Risky Business, sees the heroes have to fight the first double-sided villain in Norman Osborn/Green Goblin. Heroes have to attack Osborn’s criminal enterprise in order to flush out the Green Goblin, so that they can fight him. Sadly, the scenario suffers from a lack of difficulty (even on expert), and some of the more ambitious ideas didn’t quite pan out. The second scenario, Mutagen Formula, makes up for all of this and more. The Mutagen formula is a fast-paced race to beat the Goblin before his army overruns all the city. It is second in difficulty only to Ultron, and one of the most exciting scenarios released to date. There’s nothing particularly unique or fascinating about the scenario, but it is a strong overall design that will definitely add something to your collection. As for the four encounter sets, Goblin Gimmicks is kind of a miss, but the other three sets (each based off a classic Spiderman villain) are awesome. These modular sets add a ton of variety to your games and give you more options in the middle range of difficulty, to replace more boring sets like Under Attack. Overall, the sheer value found in this scenario pack makes it well worth the cost, and an ideal first purchase. The Wrecking Crew Difficulty: 1/5 Innovation: 3/5 Fun Factor: 1/5 Modular Sets: None Main Villains: Wrecker, Thunderball, Bulldozer, Piledriver Buy it first if…..Don’t. Just don’t. The Wrecking Crew at first seems like a fascinating idea. Fighting four villains at once? Awesome! Sadly, there was misstep after misstep in the execution of the scenario. Firstly, the main scheme only receives one threat per turn, regardless of player count, and the villains aren’t allowed to scheme on the main scheme. This means the only way you can reasonably lose from threat is due to the decks running out so many times that there are too many acceleration tokens to deal with. They can build up their side schemes in order to cause one-time attacks, but those attacks are honestly extremely weak. As for the fighting aspect of the game, the villains are reasonably tough on super expert mode, but losses typically come from boost randomness more than anything. The biggest problem is that the game is a slog. On regular expert mode you are dealing with more health than any scenario released to date. On super expert mode, you could be looking at hours of chewing through hit points. The encounter decks are weak, so the scenario gets repetitive. Next, we will take a look at the hero packs! Hero Power: How strong the hero (15 cards) is. Hero Innovation: How unique and interesting the hero is. Hero Fun Factor: How fun the hero is to play. Featured Aspect: Which aspect receives the most cards. Aspect cards: A general rating for the cards in the featured aspect. Neutral/other Aspect cards: A general rating for the cards in the non-featured aspect. Notable Cards: A list of some notable aspect or neutral cards. Buy it first if…..Reasons to buy first. Captain America Hero Power: 5/5 Hero Innovation: 2/5 Hero Fun Factor: 3.5/5 Featured Aspect: Leadership Leadership Cards: 5/5 Neutral/non-Leadership Cards: 2.5/5 Notable Cards: Strength In Numbers, Followed, Squirrel Girl, Wonder Man, Falcon, Avengers Assemble! Buy it first if……You are having trouble winning the game. You love decks that focus on allies. You are a solo player. Captain America burst onto the scene as the first hero pack, and is widely considered the strongest hero available for the game. He has tricks for every aspect of the game, from thwarting cards like Agent 13, to economy cards like Super-Soldier Serum, and minion clearing cards like Shield Toss. There’s nothing particularly interesting or unique about Cap, but he’s a force to be reckoned with in any aspect. As for the other cards, this pack is primarily about the leadership cards you get. There are three new allies for some variety in your deck, and Strength in Numbers is one of the most powerful economy cards in the game. Avengers Assemble and Honorary Avenger unlock some fun combos. The only other aspect that gets a decent card is a rare damage-dealing Justice card, Followed. Ms. Marvel Hero Power: 4/5 Hero Innovation: 3.5/5 Hero Fun Factor: 4/5 Featured Aspect: Protection Protection cards: 4/5 Neutral/non-Protection cards: 3/5 Notable Cards: Energy Barrier, Tackle, Concussive Blow, Down Time, Enhanced Reflexes Buy it first if……You want a more complex character in your game. You want better Protection cards. Ms. Marvel may be an obscure character, but her hero pack was a very welcome addition to the broader cardpool. Her hero is a somewhat complex one, requiring cunning hand management skills and strong strategy when it comes to switching between Alter-Ego and Hero forms. Ms. Marvel focuses primarily on event cards; recycling them, boosting their effects, saving them for other turns, making them cheaper, etc. She is a relatively strong character with tricky but interesting gameplay. As for the other cards, this pack is basically worth it for Energy Barrier alone, a card that makes Protection much, much better. Protection decks also get a new ally in Nova, and a strong event in Tackle, that synergizes nicely with Ms. Marvel. The other cards are more hit and miss, but Down Time is useful for characters that use basic Recover actions, and Enhanced Reflexes has some use. Thor Hero Power: 2/5 Hero Innovation: 2/5 Hero Fun Factor: 2.5/5 Featured Aspect: Aggression Aggression Cards: 3.5/5 Neutral/non-Aggression Cards: 4/5 Notable Cards: Jarnbjorn, Heimdall, Hercules, Mean Swing, Hall of Heroes Buy it first if……You want more variety in your Aggression decks. You enjoy adding an Asgardian theme to decks. The mightiest Avenger is anything but in Marvel: Champions. Thor comes off a lot as a weaker version of Cap, and many of his cards are similar to cards in Captain America’s deck. The other problem is that Thor’s power level heavily varies depending on the number of minions in the encounter deck, which can be swingy. Still, his relationship with Mjolnir is strongly implemented into the game, and he can be a fun hero for clearing minions. The cards found in Thor’s pack more than make up for where he lacks. There are many fun, interesting Asgard cards, from a weapon in Jarnbjorn, to a few good new allies, and the richly thematic Hall of Heroes. These cards will improve your aggression decks, but also open up new deckbuilding opportunities. The cards for other aspects are good as well, Surveillance is likely a staple in Justice decks, and Heimdall gives you a new neutral ally to consider. Black Widow Coming soon, when FFG finally decides to allow Americans to buy their products.
  10. I might go back and get him after the campaign box, I'm kind of limited in what I can get at the minute, with all this going on I haven't had any new playtest opportunities to get some more store credit ha.
  11. I'm really excited for her! She's probably going to be the last hero I buy of this cycle, the Hulk pack looks bad, but Black Widow looks really interesting. I care a lot more about unique playstyles over actual power level so her preparation thing is super cool
  12. It's FFG, they can't go more than a few months without churning out new Star Wars content, it's pretty much a guarantee you'll get the co-op.
  13. Oh yeah, 2-hand solo is a great time. The game, just like the others, doesn't work as well solo, which of course makes sense in a card game, you can only be able to handle a certain amount of aspects of the game.
  14. The game's been very rare and out of stock for quite some time now sadly. It's getting a little better but they severely underprinted.
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