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    I'm usually a big lore buff, but it seems weird to have lore for a casual card game. Maybe if they role out an RPG or adventure board game like Runebound or something like that, then it would make sense. But it seems a bit premature.
  2. Supertoe

    Any news from gen con?

    Same here Julia.
  3. Supertoe

    Battlelore 3th: a new hope

    Yeah, you're probably right about the clan loyalty thing, that people would wait until their clan came and that would ultimately hurt sales. It's just like me with the new RuneWars. I said I wasn't gonna play it until they released the Orcs of the Broken Plains, and now they don't seem to want to do that, so there goes my money.
  4. Supertoe

    Battlelore 3th: a new hope

    Hey, if Game of Thrones got it's first full expansion ever, eight years after being released, maybe there's still hope for Battlelore 😀
  5. Supertoe

    Stalk prey with a web

    If I am using stalk prey in a city with a web (for example Lyssa fighting an Avatar of Ariad), or if I am retreating from a hex with a web, do I need to roll a wild or is the terrain not considered to have changed for this roll (thus any die would work in a city).
  6. Supertoe

    What is the point of this game being "unique"?

    Here's the thing I don't get. These sorts of games (like 7th continent for example) typically have tons of replayability, out of the box. So they in a sense randomize themselves, without needing to buy multiple copies. I don't understand why they didn't just make it a typical replayable game and instead went this confusing route. I'm not as angry about this one as Keyforge, just confused. It doesn't really make sense. Adventure games have always had randomly generated encounters and stories. So why does this one need to only have one route per copy? The old core+expansions model seems to work better here. So an expansion pack that adds jungles, one that adds deserts, one that adds alien planets, whatever it may be. And you can still do the whole "unique" maybe by randomizing the adventurers and maybe some of the cards/quest-thingies.
  7. Supertoe

    I have good memories with non modifiable decks

    Back to the original topic, I too enjoy non-modifiable decks in certain cases. For example, Summoner Wars. I never, ever deckbuild in that game. I like being able to grab a deck and go. And each deck does its own thing in cool ways. I love that game. Here though, I'm not sure "each deck does its own thing in cool ways" would really apply. Also, I could pick and choose the summoner wars decks I wanted. That's not the case here. Hopefully you guys are right that this procedural generation thing will build decks that all at least have some strategy to them, but that sounds like science fiction to me.
  8. Supertoe

    How much do you expect to spend?

    A few decks, maybe a starter, but maybe nothing if the reviews are bad.
  9. Supertoe

    Late April Fool's Joke?

    The thing I don't understand is, how are they gonna make any money while targeting the casual audience? I'm totally up for buying a couple of decks to play casually, despite my reservations about the distribution model, but I just can't see anyone buying twenty of these things
  10. Welllllllllll I did predict this back when Destiny came out. It's become clear and obvious that FFG wants to kill off the competitive LCG model for good (they'll still do co-op stuff though probably, like Arkham).
  11. Supertoe

    Punishing skill...

    I have the feeling though, with randomly generated decks, that like 95% of decks will be garbage. In duel CCGs, like MtG or Ashes, your deck really needs to have a certain goal in mind, some combo that drives the deck forward. Once in awhile, you'll pull a random deck that does that. But most of the time, the decks are just gonna be a bunch of cards thrown together that do nothing to help each other.
  12. Supertoe

    this is a cheater's dream

    Exactly. And in other games, there was no need to forge cards, because you could just buy them anyway, as singles or in LCG packs. Now there is a huge gameplay incentive to make fakes.
  13. Supertoe


    So here's one thing I thought of. Every deck is unique, but if a deck wins too much, they'll nerf it. So imagine a scenario where there's one player who's just head and heels above the rest. So like Dan D'Argenio, who won three consecutive netrunner championships. Let's say Dan wins a lot of tourneys with one deck. How do we know if the issue lies with the deck being too good, or if it's just the player that's too good? And that seems kind of mean to nerf one person's personal property.
  14. Supertoe

    this is a cheater's dream

    You wouldn't have to replicate the card stock though, if it's sleeved. It would just have to be close enough. Okay, thanks. I was confused about that.
  15. Supertoe

    this is a cheater's dream

    Again though, people have gone to much greater lengths at much greater risks of being caught in order to cheat in an LCG or minis game. In X-Wing, people have changed their dials when their opponents look away. In Conquest, someone sneakily drew extra cards. This is easy, nobody would notice, especially with sleeved cards. And that's another thing. Are we forced to use clear sleeves with this game? Because opaque sleeves would hide the unique card back, which I assume is what identifies the deck.