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  1. Sorry for replying for a thread that is already a bit old, but wouldn't a decent fix also be to change the exhaust clause to a deplete clause? (The extra attack part). You would lose the static benefits once you make use of the card, and you only get , 1 bonus attack, but it would make it very strategic when to use it. Exactly how they also did with Doubt.
  2. I like the map, sounds very interesting! Not sure what I think of the new guys yet... CT looks decent for his cost. The troopers meh. Signal Jammer looks like negate #2 specifically for Take Initiative: If you get initiative, play the card and the chance is high that your opponent doesn't have a start of rounds card to play and remove Signal Jammer before they play Take Initiative... I don't know how it interacts the other way though: if you play take initiative and then immediately play Signal Jammer, can you prevent a negate on take initiative? I wonder if there is a time frame for your opponent to respond in between.. Also the card makes combat math interesting as well when it is up. Will definitely play it to see how it performs.
  3. I don't think the game needs a second edition at this point, but if they were to make it, they would probably look at: - rebalance the dice a bit (most notably: the dodge, but maybe also slightly higher acc on yellow maybe) - point cost in app (although I am still skeptical, this is what they chose with X-wing and I can see the merit in rebalancing stuff like command card cost (take initiative and negate, I am looking at you) and deployment costs (easier to balance new and old guys without a mandatory upgrade pack). - remove temporary alliance (I LOVE the card but I also think it makes the factions less unique) - tradeoff long range vs big shot (how is it that the longer distance you shoot, you want more dice to throw for the range, but you also increase the damage? I always thought that somehow longer range should reduce the damage output somehow... but this is a BIG change and not THAT needed. The game works fine as is, even though the flavor is kinda wonky for me on this one) - NEW BOBA (seriously... we need him to be viable)
  4. I was looking forward to the article, but didn't have time to read it up until now. I agree with what has been written above about the Palpatine map: Especially the senator mission is awesome and lends itself to many nice plays. In a game I played, I used a senator as a meat shield to block an end of round attack from Han, and used it in such a way that the turn after my guys had a shot without Han shooting back. So you can use them for guaranteed points, try to score points with them, or protect your important guys. The 1VP mission is less interesting although the accuracy reduction is good for melee lists, which is nice for the meta. The Ashoka map is also interesting with the doors and the missions aren't bad. The only problem is that if that is chosen, we would have 3 maps with 'stashes'. Which is kinda bland (even though I prefer this one over Nal Hutta)
  5. I came in 5th in Swiss and lost the quarterfinals. It was an excellent tournament with a great vibe. Everyone had a ton of fun I think. Since rangers don't fit my playstyle (I've tried many times, but somehow have yet to win a game with them) and I couldn't find an imperial list I liked in time, I went with what I knew and liked; IG. I did want to make a change compared to my regular list and decided on the eClaw, hoping that intelligence leak would give me an advantage in the mirror match. While the eClaw wasn't bad by any means, I sadly only saw Intelligence Leak once, and not during the crucial game (the mirror match quarter final). I'd have to give credit to both the German lists who brought a single ugnaught and Greedo/hired guns for objective control. That was something my list lacked and was played to excellent effect in the quarterfinals where I had to make something happen or lose due to objective points fast (curse you Nal Hutta!). Even though I had gotten rid of the enemy IG, being forced out of position cost me that game. Looking forward to rematches during Regionals next year! ;-)
  6. Very nice read (finally got to it ;)). If I could add one thing to the article, it would be that in addition to the classifications, you need to make sure not to have too many figures that want to go 'last-first' (ie being the last deployment you activate and the first to activate as well). While 2 titans or bruisers might seem nice, you really need to think about them as a 'set'. Ashoka + Han looks cool on paper and they are both competative units, but both want to be your last, and your first activation. This means that one of the 2 is not going to be used to their full potential (and possibly being in a precarious situation).
  7. Isn't Ko-tun also a 'her'? Not sure though, haven't read any texts regarding him/her, but looks female A few things that I have noticed playing Rebels: - Make sure you don't have too many fragile guys in your team that want 'last->first' activations of a round. For instance, I have tried Han + Ahoka twice now (once with eRangers and once with Luke), but you run into the issue that you want all your guys to have the last activation (and the first on round 2); Ashoka want to jump in, attack. Start the round, attack, jump out. But you also want to position Han for his free attack. With Luke it was even worse. And both Han and Ashoka are fragile and can die in 2 hunter hits if CC are used and you don't dodge. So your first list is actually the best one I think (Han, eRang, Drokkatta and support) - The more the high-end figures become played, the more interesting Chewie becomes due to his option to Stun. Stunning Luke, Vader, IG, enemy Han etc is all interesting. There are also interesting surprised to trigger if you can kill your own troops (drokkatta's ability to finish of your own guy can give an interesting surprise effect this way. And there are probably more ways to do it, like blowing up Chopper or C3PO with that droid card, if you play Jarrod you can blow up his droid too with that). I think Chewie might be slightly worse than Han, but Han will be played more I think, so people won't prepare much against Chewie. Combined with some surprise use as listed above, that might catch players off guard more than Han could, making him also an interesting pick.
  8. I haven't played the Maul map, but it seems to me to be the least interesting one, as the distance between armies is very long, and there is a ton of terrain blocking. You'd probably only see starting shots at the end of round 2. I think Tvboy is spot on; most likely Palatine, maybe Ashoka. The Palatine mission with senators is also really interesting, although some things could use a clarification in an faq (do you NEED to move adjacent to a friendly figure if possible? Do they move at all if they can't end adjacent to a friendly figure? Are they counted for control? Can you move them with Hera and Gideon? Can they move next to eachother (since they are friendly figures themselves). My guess to all of these would be 'yes' except the 'do they move at all' question, which I think would be 'no')
  9. Boba I think can be pretty fun with the new power tokens and they would represent his ability to adapt to any situation: - At the start of your activation, gain 2 <? power tokens> - After you defeat a figure, gain 1 <? power token> - You may discard 2 power tokens to perform a free attack action during your turn - Pierce increased to pierce 2. - Some other minor change (remove or adjust battle presence. I'd keep Battle Discipline as is, because it works well with the <surge token>) This way you can either make his (lackluster) attack a bit better, attack twice in a turn if needed (but at a cost) maybe even more if combined with some other cards. It also presents fun dilemma's; do I spend 1 of my power tokens on this attack, hoping to kill the figure and gain a token back so I have 2 tokens again and can attack a second time this round? Do I not spend my token for the attack and just use it to attack a second time? There can be some balance changes as well (change first ability to gain 2 specific tokens or just 1 <?> token if it proves too good) I don't think I want Boba to go down in deployment cost; he should be the most expensive bounty-hunter and a real pain to take down.
  10. There is a lot of super usefull stuff here. I really like the maps from TV-boy (and of course the team that keeps making the maps; Nick and Ibsh!) Personally I prefer Excel and Google Drive, I made all the tournament maps (as well as Wave X and some others) in Google Sheets over time. Figured I might as well share it (note that it is view-only but you should be able to copy it to your own Google drive and make adjustments to your own version of the file). This is just so that we have more resources and I actually think the TV-Boy maps are more illustrative for the discussion on the forums (because with the terrain more visible, you can more easily zoom in to sections of the map and have a discussion). But for pre-analysis, I prefer the Excels. It also includes a probabilities sheet which I have used extensively as well (it is very important to know what to expect for damage from your guys) which is how in the past I have commented on the probabilities of IG or Jedi Luke one-shotting certain figures. It is nowhere near complete, only having figures I was considering for Birmingham this year. I used the IA attack calculator website to fill the sheet, so you could fill in more if you use that website. I have also started on the 'sightlines' and positioning a while back on Nal Hutta (sadly didn't have time to do much more). How that sheet works: on the left are the offensive plots. It shows 2 positions that are close/similar to show what area's you can hit from those positions. The purple position is leading. Area's purple can hit but green can't are slightly purple. Positions green can hit but purple can't are more green than the others. On the right side are the 'where can I be hit from' plots. These work in tandem with the plots on the left, usually the safe hide-out that a normal 4 speed deployment can get to (so the offensive plots are usually at most 2 spaces from the 'safe' spots). Normal red means both purple and red position can be hit from the spot. purple means only the purple spot can be hit, darker red only the red spot can be hit. My dream would be that someone would make an app or website that works like that: press a square and it shows what you have line of sight to, and another image with where you can be hit from (preferably with ranges, and to make it a really interesting tool, if you could add blocked squares (like figures) on there as well that would really make it next level). These plots help most in the first few rounds, to know from where you can reach out and shoot (how much range you would need etc). For Nal Hutta, to me the bottom deployment zone is vastly superior due to the sightlines. Blue has not a lot of places to hide and needs to move over half of the map to be able to shoot the (plenty) safe spots of red. There are some more places on the map I'd like to do, but I am really busy with all sorts of stuff. I hope you find it usefull. Without further ado: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/15frXWD6guAuxS74ISK7sYSowij71hFMDEYeqSbk6yOw/edit?usp=sharing
  11. Very nice to talk about maps this way. I try to make similar analysis and basic setups and R1/R2 positioning in a similar matter. A few additions to the work already done: - Red is also a tougher side if you are player against a Chopper (since you simply don't have the room to advance, but not be close to your terminal. Blue has more 'safe' spaces if you decide not to camp your terminal). - In general the red deployment zone is harder to manouver in the middle part of the map (as also shown in the various pictures) - While a lot of important positions have been discussed, the blue A position is one that is probably not used a lot: yes it is reachable by a 4 move figure round 1, but that figure then has to be very close to the door. This means you are putting this figure in a lot of danger (since you also need to open the door to reach position A with a 4-speed figure and ready to attack). In that case you might be limited to a multi-group deployment (but in the current meta, the number of groups that would do that is really low; rangers will want to stay further back, eWeeq want to Prowl turn one or at least not move *that* far forward...) So while in theory it is reachable and a good spot, it won't often be used turn 1, unless there is a movement CC involved. - since the distance to other figures end of round 1 is usually very close, initiative plays a huge role on this map (more than the other 2 maps in rotation in my experience)
  12. I played with a (proxy) Ashoka twice in the previous weeks, and both times she felt 'meh'. She dies really fast unless you roll a dodge (2 strong hits, or 3 medium ones). You can use her last on your turn to jump in, hit, then next turn activate, hit, jump back. That is decent, but nearly any figure which you 'activate last then first' can do well that way (Han for instance, seems a lot better at this since he can hit at range and gets an extra attack end of round). So for what she does, I'd rather bring another figure. That being said, I haven't really gotten to use her in a Spy based list, which might be where she shines. I was really looking forward to her, since she looks very decent on paper (good attack, good movement), but it seems she is 'okay but not amazing'. Getting back to one of my own questions: still haven't seen the new skirmish maps... anyone have pictures?
  13. Maybe I missed it in other threads, but I am still missing some info about HotE: - What does the rubble token do from Drokkatta's ability? - Are there pictures of the new maps? (I've seen some mission cards, but not the map layouts) Really interested to start the guessing which map will replace the Anchorhead Bar/Cantina map in the near future...
  14. Actually I like eWeeq better (hope I worded it correctly in my post), which I think most would agree with as it is not 'a silly droid killing everything' and something that really looks like it is not really possible in the theme (whereas eWeeq being slightly overtuned is easier to fit in the world of Star Wars).
  15. I think a big reason double eWeeq is more popular in tournaments right now than Ugnaughts, is that a) not all people have 6 Ugnaughts (and possibly harder to loan than just an eWeeq card) and b) they might not find Ugnaughts fun. Otherwise we might have seen even more Ugnaughts. Personally I like it better to play with/against eWeeq, even though I think they might be slightly overtuned too.
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