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  1. Crane is a ****** no brainer. But restricting Rumonger just because he does WHAT HIS TEXT SAYS is just a big ******* bull. Rly FFG, **** youurself
  2. Here in Austria and Germany, FFG only ordered 50% of the needed Dmg Decks. So only every second gets on and the don't reprint it (this is what Asmodee said to us)
  3. It's also much to big in the browser. And when you wana share it with PDF, there are no stats at all.... so i stay at the unofficial ones, thy are much better
  4. If this is true, FFG will suck much more then i ever thought ^^ But i don't (wanna) believe this
  5. They also postet a browser site for building soime day (can't remember the adress)... Is this one live now?
  6. Yeah i know this one, but everyone waits for the official one
  7. We have 11:16am now and wanna play in a few hours..... Why the **** don't they release the App 1 day before official launch... no brain?
  8. Realy, why again this 6 in 6 ****? Was ok at starting the game, but in the end you killed the game with it... and now again....
  9. One year? A big reason to be happy. In AGoT my 2 main factions are Targaryen and Greyjoy. The game is now going on for 2 years, but thos 2 boxes are not in sight... there were Lannister, Stark, Nightswatch & Tyrell 'till now, next one is Martell in about 6 Months, after this i guess it will be Baratheon. So i have to wait about 3 years for 1 of my 2 boxes because they are the last in line. And with the last box the rotation starts........
  10. Because the faction based thing is absolute trash. you can see it very good AGoT
  11. I'm pretty shure they do it like the deluxe boxes. so 1 at every end of a cycle. 1 cycle is normal about 6 months (1 Pack/Month), so with 7 clans you have 3,5 years
  12. Well done FFG, you absolutely learned nothing. The same **** as the house boxes in AGoT. So only 3 or 4 years 'till all factions get their pack. Very good job again.... NOT
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