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  1. How do YOU Fluff your Crunch?

    Maarek Stele targets specific systems of the enemy.
  2. Imperial grey?

    Vallejo Field Blue.
  3. Optimised Prototype

    Thats pretty much the counter to Rebel regen. No matter how bad your attack roll is or how good the enemy evades. You still take away the shield he Just regenerated.
  4. Is scum kind of... done?

    Hahaha, a state we Imp players had to endure a long time.
  5. New preview: save the dream

    What I find really interesting is: Why did they choose to errata the X-Wing to T-65 (I really like this choice) and not just slab Rebel Alliance only on it? The B/SF-17 and the TIE Reaper are showing that sub faction limitations are actually a thing. My guess would be that there are some cards with effects refering to the T-65. Maybe a Rogue Squadron pack or something regarding Blue Squadron. Or both in a "Rebel Elite" or "Rebel Legends" box. Maybe even a second fix-title as I find it somewhat strange that a title is "binding" a ship to a faction (in this case Saws Renegades). Other title are changing the variant of the ship. Really, I think there is another T-65 Title coming.
  6. New preview: save the dream

    Maybe even three Upgrades? Integrated, S-Foils, Guidance Chips. Also: Where is my Rogue Squadron Pack!?
  7. K-Wings On Ice

    Thats basically it. The B-17 at first had no tail gun and no ventral turret under the cockpit. The turret behind the bomb bay was a remote gun station at first and then got changed to the Ball turret er all know. Bombers usally get stock turrets gut they may not be optimally placed. For example the front dorsal ball turret of the B-17 got added as an afterthought after many B-17s got lost to German frontal attacks. Maybe thats the way the K-Wing went. Just the frontal turret (which probably can also cover the dorsal and parts of the aft arc). After all the K-Wing is intended to be used with at least a 2:1 ratio of Escort to Bombers but in reality most times only 1:1 was possible. So maybe the top turret got added after this got a problem
  8. New Imperial Large Based Ship--We need one

    I'd love Mara as a Z-95 Pilot in a potential Action VI Scum Epic. Alongside Karrde Crew.
  9. New Imperial Large Based Ship--We need one

    I really like the ATR-6. But it should be able to disch out more damage. These things were a pain in the *** to take down due to all the turrets they had. BLASTBOAT! You know all waves released since then (except the movie tie-ins) had more EU ships then Disney Canon ones
  10. Don't nerf tlt.

    Small ship only Problem solved.
  11. X-Wing + RPG

    And try to use X-Wing mechanics for Damage and combat. It is to deadly. Use the flightpath system from X-Wing to show the relative movements and positions of the ships and combine red maneuvers with skill checks, etc. But the combat should follow the RPG rules.
  12. X-Wing + RPG

    If you use the old D6 RPG (IMHO the best SW RPG): Maneuvering Use the flightpath system from X-Wing. The characters have to make piloting checks whenever they take a red maneuver. If they succeed -> No Stress. Maybe use piloting skill checks to let them try to take two actions. If they fail they gain one stress. Attack values and defense as per RPG Rules. Firing arc as per X-Wing rules. Difficulty level for Shooting rolls: According to the D6 Rules: Very Easy Easy Normal Hard Very hard Heroic Range 1 shots are easy, range 2 normal and range 3 hard. 0-30 degree divergence between the ships flightpath give the attacker a slight advantage (If you are on his 6 it's easier to hit of course). 30-60 No advantage. 60-90 slight advantage for the Defender. You could also add Advantages for every Point difference of speed in the last maneuver. Damage NPCs get damage according to RPG rules. PCs May spend hull tokens to reduce the damage taken by one category. If the tokens are out, damage is taken as per RPG rules.
  13. Don’t Forget this New Ship

    This looks like an Imperial Customs Corvette crashed into a Rebels style AT-AT...
  14. XG-1 "Star Wing" Assault Gunboat

    Stele should be an EPT "This ships Pilot becomes Marek Stele and changes it's pilot ability to Mareks."