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  1. RogueLeader42

    Where is my Maarek Stele Defender?!

    Yeah, they also stated that the cards specific to these expansion will be also available in Wave 2 (3, 4, 5,...) Conversion Kits.
  2. RogueLeader42

    Lost in transitions

    They already stated that the single ship releases will contain additional cards that are not included within the Conversion Kits. Maybe there we will get our EU pilots back.
  3. RogueLeader42

    My tie fighters are tilted

    Here is the Download Link for Acadamy Pilot. Because the pilot Name was printed on the wrong ship. http://www.asmodee.de/star-wars-x-wing-2-edition
  4. RogueLeader42

    List of Conversion Kit annoyances

    The answer from Asmodee/FFG is literally: It's within the tolerance. Here have some pdf to print your tokens if you have problems with it!
  5. RogueLeader42

    List of Conversion Kit annoyances

    No replacement for misprinted tokens, pilot plates etc...
  6. RogueLeader42

    T-47, Yay or Nay?

    It's to scale. The problem is, that there are several different sizes around regarding the A-Wing.
  7. RogueLeader42

    T-47, Yay or Nay?

    Despite only beeing an atmosphere craft the T-47 is really small. Like B-Wing cockpit size small.
  8. RogueLeader42

    I'm curious: conversion kit tokens off-centre?

    A friend of mine just told me in their town are a bunch of people with off-center tokens and firing arcs in their conversion kits. Even wrong pilot names. And the response from FFG? Nope, no replacement. It's all within the tolerance. Here are a bunch of pdf, print it yourself!
  9. RogueLeader42

    XG-1 "Star Wing" Assault Gunboat Thread

    What the actual f?! What were they thinking (if at all). Lets hope thats just a case of "the only GUNBOAT known in canon served under the Rebels" and that it isn't the case for all other GLORIOUS GUNBOATS...
  10. RogueLeader42

    Generic bases

    Why not buy the scenic bases and just flock them?
  11. RogueLeader42

    What will be the first "Huge" based expansion

    Better would be: Empire: 2-M Saber Tank Maybe with aweapon options for the turret and side guns -> IFT-T And for the Republic: The IFT-X/TX-130
  12. RogueLeader42

    Does Armada's Executor prove Legion will get an AT-AT?

    It has two rapid fire blasters which can svivel nearly 180°. Also: It could set the weapons to a higher setting to kill everything around it with the splash damage but not high enoug to compromise its armour. Actually this doesn't seem like a very interesting match. The imperial side has only one true decision to make: On which speeder am I going to shoot. And the result of this is totally luck based. No cover play. No outmaneuvering. Maybe they could decide to drop their troops. But then... Still running against a fortified position. A lot of dice throwing where the only tactical decisions for both sides are what to shoot.
  13. RogueLeader42

    What kind of vehicles for the rebels?

    The 2-M and the IFT-T are actually pretty likely as FFG already released a light version of them in the Hoth Expansion for Imperial Assault.
  14. RogueLeader42

    What kind of vehicles for the rebels?

    Give us the Freerunner!
  15. RogueLeader42

    Will we get unit overlapping weapons

    Thats already the case as Troopers can only take one of the two special weapon models in their box.