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  1. RogueLeader42

    Units from Solo

    The only viable option to add fighters to the game would be via air strike attacks like Leias bombardment (which I'm pretty sure is representing an air strike).
  2. RogueLeader42

    Tie/Sh in V2.0?

    We can make it out fairly easily. It's a TIE Bomber hull with the wings swept outwards. Even the wing pylons are outwards.
  3. RogueLeader42

    Tie/Sh in V2.0?

    ertainly not a TIE Bomber C
  4. RogueLeader42

    Mel's Miniatures Wishlist

    Dark Troopers. Give us Dark Troopers!
  5. RogueLeader42

    So when will we get "Mud"troopers?

    I think the Army will get the "Low profile" ability to show them hitting the dirt and keeping their heads down.
  6. RogueLeader42

    Give me smoke ....

    If they are running from you they can't hold objectives.
  7. RogueLeader42

    Your most wanted new EU ships in 2.0

    This list! Also: XJ-Wing T-65D-A1 X-Wing Skypray Scimitar Assault Bomber TIE Scout TIE Vanguard
  8. RogueLeader42

    Full Rebel conv kit contents on FB

    It doesn't have to be a Aces pack. Could just be a single expansion called "Rogue Squadron X-Wing" or "XJ-Wing".
  9. RogueLeader42

    Full Rebel conv kit contents on FB

    Also Wes. But coming to think about it: Tycho, Wes, Hobbie, Ibtisam and Keyan were all part of Rogue Squadron. I wouldn't be surprised if there is either a Legends Rogue Squadron pack coming some time or an advanced X-Wing Expansion with XJ-Wing or T-65D-A1 versions.
  10. RogueLeader42

    Corran Horn, no force ability????

    Errrm guys, the Titels of the pilots ("Red Five" for Luke) indicate that FFG is planning to introduce different versions of characters at different point in time. Corran in the E-Wing (which he flew before he became a Jedi) is explicitly called "Tenacious Investigator" further supporting that this is his pre-academy iteration. Same goes with Kyle in the Moldy Crow. No force ability. But thats actually correct. He lost the Crow before he became a Jedi. Kyle is represented as the "Relentless Operative" he is in Dark Forces I and II. I don't think this is an indicator of FFG only giving force points to the movie characters. Moreso it opens new ways of showing character progression and making same characters piloting different ships more balanced and diverse. And at this point I think we'll see Corran in a future X-Wing Release (as Rogue Squadron* pack or XJ-Wing) and Kyle with the Raven's Claw. Both things the fans are demanding for ages. *Actually after looking through the Rebels Conversion box content this becomes even more likely. Tycho Wes Keyan Ibtisam Hobbie are missing. Interestingly all members of Rogue Squadron.
  11. RogueLeader42

    Full Rebel conv kit contents on FB

    Same thing as with Corran. The introduction of the "Subtitles" of named pilots helps to differentiate between characters at different points in time. Corran in the E-Wing (which he flew before he became a Jedi) is called "Tenacious Investigator" specifying that this is Corran who hasn't discovered his force affinity yet. Same with Kyle. He lost the Moldy Crow before he became a Jedi Knight so here we get the Darkforces I and II version of him. You know what this also means? This opens quite a few options of implementing him as a Raven's Claw pilot and then giving him a force ability. At least Tarn and Wes are easy ones. They were part of an Epic Expansion and will be released together with the Epic conversion kit.
  12. RogueLeader42

    So when will we get "Mud"troopers?

    Considering Army Troopers are an integral part of Legends Imperial Army since the 90s and FFGs affinity to Legends material I'd guess they already developed them based on their Legends description as it would bei very likely NuCanon portrays them the same.
  13. RogueLeader42

    So when will we get "Mud"troopers?

    Going by X-Wings release schedule the only times UKS' are skipped is: - Epic Content - Movie tie-ins Either there is something big (AT-AT); which isn't likely regarding the way FFG manages Epic in X-Wing. Or something related to Solo. Very likely as we have Luke, Han and Leia already in the game and Boba Fett introducing the new Operative unit type paving the way for Chewy. Army Troopers would make perfect sense to be released at the same time. Also it would help to differentiate the factions a bit more. Giving the Empire the option to spam cheap units and letting the Rebellion focus more ob powerfull hero models.
  14. RogueLeader42

    So when will we get "Mud"troopers?

    Wenn still don't know what SWL14 and SWL15 are. I think Chewy and Imperial Army Troopers wouldn't be too far fetched.
  15. RogueLeader42

    All Terrain Defense Turret

    And the E-11 is a Sten, the A-280 a combination of STG-44 and M16, etc. Using existing gun designs (at different degrees of modification) is a great choice because they look convincing. After all we have a good idea how a practical gun should look like. Thing is: Vehicles leave more freedom. More options; because you can put more "technology" on them. I have no problem with vehicles inspired by RL vehicles. In fact I really love it, when a setting does this. But just taking a existing gun emplacement and put it on top of some legs is some wasted potential.