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  1. Imperials: TIE Shuttle/TIE Landing craft - TESB, RO Lambda Shuttle: TESB, ROTJ, RO
  2. The part between the Sensor Domes is a tractor beam targetting array. The ISD I and ISD II have different designs ISD I ISD II
  3. Because generating power doesn't generate thrust. You need reaction mass. That's what the fuel is for. Otherwise there would be no impuls. What they should canonise it that those aren't solar panels but heat radiators. Solar power doesn't even cover a fraction of the power output other fighters have in SW.
  4. The one where the whole forum got clogged with spam in chinese. Turns out there is quite some interesting stuff behind it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xEeyLDTAkK8
  5. Naaah, it's something very blocky Like a cross between a Corellian Heavy Lifter and an Aegis-Class shuttle The ISD fleet looks like it's some mothballed fleet from the GCW. The formation is too tight to be something else. Also: No lights. With Thrawn being sent into the Unknown Regions to prepare *something* this could very well be part of it. And I wouldn't be surprised if the Resistance is searching for those mothballed fleets like the Empire and New Republic did in the old EU with the Katana-Fleet.
  6. The problem are those two parts at the back. They would create an undercut in the mould.
  7. Great work! I love tables that represent cqb in corridors. How about making one (maybe two) further boards for the other decks of a CR90. Add in turbo lifts and a few maintenance ports to change between the different decks. More tactical possibilities!
  8. I'm back! Maybe I'll finally change to 2.0 and send out my glorious GUNBOATS!
  9. Very nice! I also own a SLA printer and use it for 1/123000 scale capital ships. What surprises me is the rifling on the nose. Thats a bit strange. Maybe slanting the ship for the next print could prevent that.
  10. Legends Rebel Heavy Troopers Battlefront 2 Vanguard
  11. Because Millions of Stormtroopers can't secure you an 70mio Systems Empire. Thats where the "tens of trillions" of army troopers come into play.
  12. Paint the lense of the scope red. The blue markings on the helmet. The base. Battledamage.
  13. Yep they are Army Troopers with rain capes and breathing masks.
  14. Yeah, they also stated that the cards specific to these expansion will be also available in Wave 2 (3, 4, 5,...) Conversion Kits.
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