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  1. But that was mostly an issue due to the turrets targeting computer lacking the function to assist leading the target.
  2. Have I ever mentioned that to me she's looking like a teacher pointing at it like "Hello class, todays topic will be the Alpha Class GUNBOAT."
  3. 4 GUNBOATS (3 pre-ordered myself 1 will be a christmas gift by my girlfriend).
  4. Btw: We should start a glorious Avenger thread to share our Silencer repaints and alt art cards changing Kylo to Marek Steele, generic to Avenger Squadron Pilot and First Order Vanguard to Hand of the Emperor.
  5. Tar-get comps witness glory from the burning of the flame The blasts of our guns are like the trumpets which proclaim Our engines at full power, your destruction is our aim Our Truth has come online Engage the cannons, mighty GUNBOAT (X3) Our Truth has come online With heat and iron and industry we'll purge you out of space You will sunder, melt, and shatter from the bolts of wrath we've hurled And upon your ruined end, our grey-red banners stand unfurled Our Might has come online Engage the cannons, mighty GUNBOAT (X3) Our Might has come online Traitor, Rebel, Terrorist, they are as one to us We will scorch them from existence with our GUNBOATS devious Our hate for them encoded into every wing and truss Our Wrath has come online Engage the cannons, mighty GUNBOAT (X3) Our Wrath has come online Raiders pushing forward, Interceptors by the score They are drowning out the traitors 'neath their great ionic roar Formation is our bulwark, it endures forever more Our Victory comes online Engage the cannons, mighty GUNBOAT (X3) Our Victory comes online Deus est StarWing (X3) Engage the cannons, mighty GUNBOAT (X3) Our Victory comes online
  6. No range and token stack restrictions? Thats insanely powerfull. Especially for 5 points. In Epic he would be outright broken making your squad entirely immune to stress.
  7. I have the feeling that with the Launch rule introduced there migth be an FAQ rewording Deathrains ability.
  8. Problem is: Kimogila and Scrurrg each hve only one Missile Slot
  9. It is/was even going to be banned in Belgium due to Loot Boxes beeing declared illegal gambling.
  10. [Deleted]
  11. You know you have to make a new T-Shirt now? "Finally, FFG! Finally!"
  12. And the best part is that you wont give up a precious attack if the enemies aren't in range of the firing ship.
  13. Yeah but the difference is: To make the HWK a Support ship you had to buy upgrades that are mostly situational. If you give the Vanguard Jamming or coordinate or a title that lets it support your other ships consistently it's not that bad.
  14. We should start a cult proclaiming it's not dead, only sleeping.
  15. Start in tight formation. Shoot a Thread Tracer at yourself. All other ships now have a blue TL.