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  1. I just increased brightness and contrast ^^ And got this:
  2. I hate you for this...
  3. Thats the TIE Shuttle as seen in Episode V
  4. Mün or bust!
  5. In the RPG Skipray: - Hull: 2D+1 (around 4D+2 in starfighter scale) - Shields: 2D (around 4 D in starfighter scale) Lambda: - Hull: 4D - Shields: 1D+2 Decimator - Hull: 5D+1 - Shields: 3D Remember that the Skipray is still capital scale when the Lambda is starfighter scale. So the Skipray is a better hull and way better shields than the Lambda. In X-Wing Alliance the Lambda and Skipray are almost on par regarding hull and shields. But X-Wing Alliance is, despite beeing a great game, very inaccurate regarding stats of the ships. I don't think we have any other sources where Lambda and Skipray appear with concrete values for shields and hull. regarding the size: Yes the Decimator is bigger, but it is a lang range patrol vessel with space for a crew of 4 and 6 passengers. And of course scanning and communications equipment and also quarters. The Skipray has a relatively small crew compartment for 4 people. The rest of the hull is taken up bei the reactor.
  6. 5 Hull and 6 Shields is waaay to few. The Skipray is around the level of the Decimator regarding these stats.
  7. Ships in X-Wing Alliance did indeed use their turreted guns for point defense Fun Fact: In the X-Wing Novels released during X-Wing, Tie-Fighter and XvT capital ships don't intercept torpedoes and missiles. In the novels released after XW:A they do ^^
  8. Chewie did build it himself. Thats an important part of the Wookiees ritual to become adult. After you build it you have to go down to the ground level and hunt. Note that bowcasters can be very different. Some work like real crossbows. Some use electro magnets to accelerate the bolt (those spheres an the arms of Chewies bowcaster are the magnets). Some pull the string automatically other require Wookie scale muscle force. Some have an inbuild blaster as secondary weapon. What they have in common is that they fire slugs (Solid, explosive, etc.). And some of these slugs create an energy field around themself to provide better penetration. Yes I know thats all EU but it would be a shame if it gets dropped.
  9. Yeah that mission was a pain in the ***. But if you took out the Strike-Class Cruiser in the convoy your squads reaction was priceless Btw: Now I have the need to play XW:A online
  10. I had good results with Ion weaponry.
  11. The torp exploded right into your face? Thats what happened to me when I first tried it...
  12. Resonance Torpedoes are exotic weapons. They didn't work Like normal Torpedoes as they require a certain target mass to set of some kind chain reaction. It was tested on the Death Star Prototype (the reactor and Superlaser) and the mass wasn't enough. Also: The Sun Crusher tanked a blast from the Prototype Superlaser as a test.
  13. Thats because these things carried around capital ship grade Turbolasers and Ion cannons ^^ And with a length of 45 meters it would perfectly fit as an imperial Epic.
  14. If I remember correctly it was in the cutscene. With a Gamma Transport and Zero G Stormies taking the Azzameen Station and getting blown up.