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  1. Is it possible to use several of the same type of upgrade into the same spot on the same ship? Like 2 different crew types on the same ship?
  2. 1 Victory 2 Gladiators 2 Imperial Fighter Packs I may end up buying a 3rd Fighter Pack, but it will be between Wave 2 and 3 that I do that.
  3. I'll start with one as I'd like to use it to screen the larger ships or chase down squadrons. Once I see how it does I'll prolli order 2 more for a total of 3.
  4. You should do this for Shapeways Interdictor Cruiser.
  5. As the title says, anyone made up Stats for an Interdictor Cruiser yet? Im not good at making those stats up as others are.
  6. I hate how the Armada Forum is filled with more Politcal Union Banter about Delays to Personal Attacks over using FLGS than it is actually about the Game itself. There are some really negative people on this forum that I used to enjoy coming too to getting my Armada fix when not playing it.
  7. I started buying online for 2 reasons. 1, my closest FLGS would actually charge more than retail for X-Wing products. The store survived off selling Magic Cards and tried to get greedy selling other stuff. As you can imigane, they are no longer in business. 2, the store I originally went to in the area, but is an hour away, when visited about Armada, the owner told me they weren't sure they were getting into Armada, but had ordered 6 core sets and they all sold in a week. They had no plans at the time to get anymore code sets either. I wish we had a good FLGS in the area, but the problem is alot of stores pay the bulls with selling Magic Cards, and the other stuff is fluff. I don't live in a big enough town to carry a FLGS, so those in the area have to travel about an hour to a store that wont have all we want in stock and wont hold events, so we end up just playing amongst each other.
  8. As an Imperial player, would love to see Lancer, Interdictor, and Dreadnaught. I would like to see the Rebels get Corellian Gunship and Dreadnaught as well.
  9. Honestly, the break between the corp and Wave 1 has given me a chance to see that I will need 2 Gladiators because the Vics don't fit me well. It also gives me several games at 180 to learn the game vs just buying alot of stuff and getting frustrated when I don't know.
  10. I'd have 2 upgrades I'd have to have. A small bar with a stripper pole on a mini stage. And Large Cargo Boxes attached to the outside of the ship, only that they are loaded with missiles and get released from the hull. Once at a certain distance from the hull, they open up and target whatever the guidance coordinator inside the ship who released them targets.
  11. Listen, she may not look like much, but she's got it where it counts. Han has made alot of modifications himself. Besides, he knows a few manuvers.
  12. Non-Lightspeed travel is slow.
  13. As far as Armada goes, I'll buy enough of each to fit a list while gearing towards massive 1000 Point Battles. I think I may lose my lid when the ISD comes out as I do not know how many of those I'll end up buying yet.
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