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  1. I'll ask my local shop next time I go.... did you hear some guy bought this book and got Roland investigator alt cards inside, instead of Jenny? woops
  2. This may prove to be a godsend for folks with disabilities (like me) that may have major difficulty handling game bits, tokens and templates. Good news!
  3. Should I start selling off my collection and gear before the prices go down? A little sarcasm...But I am worried that gloom & doom are headed X-wing's way. Note to FFG: I'm NOT gonna buy any other different/new Star Wars miniatures game in the future... not from anybody.
  4. "Adventure Game", I like that. I enjoyed reading many CYOA books in the 80's and this seems like a fun game. I haven't dipped my toes into the Runebound universe...yet. This seems like it may be the most affordable way to "buy in". As long as the expansions(?) aren't too spendy, I'm in!
  5. Wait. There's no custom dice? I was looking forward to getting new bones.
  6. The boat is in Minnesota. By boat, I mean a shipping container. They just need help unloading and pulling orders. Posted 5 days ago: I would expect Guns For Hire to get the Now Shipping tag any second. I recently cashed in my pre-order money at my FLGS and bought other stuff until it comes out.
  7. "Laborers of the Mining Guild" Expansion Pack: 1 Aurore-class Freighter , 2 TIEs
  8. Smaller faster waves. I'm cool with that. I think the frequency in waves has something to do with FFG trying to schedule the new ships to be released close to film/tv premiers. Surely, there are plans for expansions from Han Solo, Rebels S4, Episode 9- plus some older ships are still on deck. Even more animated shows are in the way. I think it's a wise thing to get the ships out along with the movies/shows. .
  9. Video/slideshow showing closeups of Wave 12 models on display from Crabbok's youtube channel.
  10. Any of the following: New A-wing (more pilots, yay!) Resistance Transport TIE Silencer SS-54 Assault Ship: Sugi's "Halo" HH-87 Starhopper N-1 Starfighter T-85 X-wing (Gunboat) Not part of the waves but Repaints are probably planned (guessing on color schemes): Partisan and/or Blue T-65's Green/Red Squadron Y-wings Blue/Gold E-wings
  11. Gunboat Resistance Transport New First Order Fighter Mining Guild TIE New A-Wing Rebels Aces II or maybe... "X-Wing Miniatures: The Clone Wars Planetary Combat Game"
  12. Love the new colors! Perfect.
  13. This beast is loaded. Turrets, gunners everywhere. Fore/Aft special firing arc. One attack from each arc per round. Slap on Reinforce action, wth.
  14. Pretty decent ( found the mistake: "roleplaygin" )
  15. HH-87 Starhopper