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  1. 'No Future Scum Epic Planned'

    ****! I missed this announcement. I'm not sure how I feel about the game anymore... I got into X-wing for Epic play. I only stayed because of the hope there was a giant ship coming for Scum. edit: D A M N
  2. No new articles? Well, two can play that game, FFG...

    When the Reload Action was revealed, I immediately about the TIE Punisher. Maybe a Title someday.
  3. Maybe... But it would probably have to be multiple sub-factions for Scum, and there's no reason yet to do it. The new movies' story forced designers to clarify the sub-factions just so it made more sense in the game. I wouldn't mind "ScumSubs" if it served a useful game aspect. Scoundrels (non-affiliated unorganized groups or individuals that do not follow Imperial/Local laws: Smugglers, Gypsy and Thieves) probably throw Bounty Hunters, Mercenaries in there too. Crime Organizations: Hutt Cartel, Black Sun, Kanjiklub, Guavian Death Gang, Pyke Syndicate, Death Watch,etc.
  4. TIE Conjoined

    Hope we get more experimental/specialty ships in the movie....even if they don't make it in the game. I like the paint job on the solar panels... I painted one of my First Order TIEs like that. I think this Heavy TIE would just be a slightly beefed up TIE either 3 RED dice (with a double tap?) or even a Cannon slot, add 2 Shields, 1 more Hull and a maybe bit faster. "Defender Jr."
  5. STAR WARS: REBELS Discussion thread

    Loved everything.... I only was shocked NOT to see the Wookiees return to help Ezra, so the Purrgils surprised me... in a good way.
  6. Well done FFG!

    Optimistically, I'm not gonna play XWING Rebels again until we get some Green Squadron Packs (Y-wing & T-65).
  7. Scum Corvette and??

    I want the HH-87 Starhopper. But that's just me.
  8. (Spoilers) Solo - Millenium Falcon

    It's a "pop-up" canopy.
  9. Is scum kind of... done?

    Just wait 'til the SOLO s&v ship(s) hit the play mat....just wait.
  10. Not like this.

    I'm still hoping for Red Sq. Y-wing. (and a Green Sq. T-65)
  11. FFG Needs an Official X-Wing App

    As long as it's free, I'm down.
  12. Next Expansion

    My guess is FFG will release the Dynasty and Clan packs on an ongoing basis (as expected) but will have another expansion format that is the same size as the Clan packs. Maybe Ring Packs?.. with primary focus on an Element. That would make up for having a Deluxe every 6 months and smaller packs like Arkham Horror.
  13. I'll ask my local shop next time I go.... did you hear some guy bought this book and got Roland investigator alt cards inside, instead of Jenny? woops
  14. This may prove to be a godsend for folks with disabilities (like me) that may have major difficulty handling game bits, tokens and templates. Good news!
  15. Which preview will be out today?

    Should I start selling off my collection and gear before the prices go down? A little sarcasm...But I am worried that gloom & doom are headed X-wing's way. Note to FFG: I'm NOT gonna buy any other different/new Star Wars miniatures game in the future... not from anybody.