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  1. dewbie420

    R2-D2 crew should also be for Resistance

    Yeah sure... we will get a "newer dish" Falcon after the next movie, so why not? STAR WARS Episode 9: The Rise of Artoo Luke Skywalker has vanished! ....literally this time.
  2. dewbie420

    New obstacles in Wave III: Ion Clouds?

    how about... choosing between dealing 1 face-down damage card or getting 3 ion tokens?
  3. dewbie420

    Scum Squadron Pack

    I want at least one new model/ship. I don't need anymore M3-A's or Z-95's, that's for sure. 2 Star Hoppers & a Y-wing would nice!
  4. dewbie420

    New Z-95 looks cool but Yellow Sun?

    It's not that bad... kinda goes with the Mining Guild. #yougottacoordinate
  5. dewbie420

    List of Conversion Kit annoyances

    Just a few more shield and calculate tokens would have been nice.... but the Moldy Crow affair really sucks bantha butt.
  6. dewbie420

    Where are the shield tokens?

    Yeah, cardboard-happy FFG has seemed to have changed course a bit. I hope they give away a ton of acrylic tokens for prize support. I just bought a red Sharpie to "X" one side of my old tokes, to be legit and yet look a little scummy at the same time.
  7. dewbie420

    Is the 2.0 Core Set really required?

    These look good...I would do this but I'm kinda low on Black ink. Better deal for me is to get a core.
  8. dewbie420

    What's the point in to buy a Core Set?

    I'll buy it when I see it "on sale" because I like the art and if the box is decent I'll keep my decks in it. I'm a token lover too- I enjoy painting the edges. Plus, I can use the non-random decks to lure friends into buying their own deck(s). I may even give 'em away to a child or someone new to games.
  9. dewbie420

    New Play Mat!

    Anyone catch the dimensions of this? https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/9/4/welcome-to-the-wasteland/
  10. dewbie420

    Rules reference for 2.0 just hit

    I'm actually surprised there is already a decent sized card Errata section... but I'm happy Proximity Mines are awesome now.'
  11. dewbie420

    Corran’s Bullseye Arc is challenging to land

    I was messing around with an Aggressor equipped with Heavy Laser cannon and realized I'm gonna need lots of practice.
  12. dewbie420

    Share Your Questions About X-Wing™ Second Edition Here

    About the pose-able S-foils on the new T-65 models: Has it been discussed when the spongy flappy wings issue will be resolved? Does anyone else's s-foils work like they do in the videos? I feel bad now, because I sent Customer Service pics of my over glued T-65 from Saw's Renegades and of course they quickly sent a replacement... BUT the one that was sent is even more spongy (the s-foils return to a half-open/half-closed position no matter how you handle them). I don't wanna notify CS again. I can't return it- I recycled all the packaging and played with the U-wing. ? I'm holding off to buy any 2.0 stuff until I can see the core set with my own eyes (& hands).....
  13. dewbie420

    New PDF Discrepancies :)

    I think there might be more edits coming .... they are on the 3rd rendition. Seems weird that Scum only has 2 ships with Gunner upgrade slots.... so weird I might sell my YV-666's and start flying Empire.? Looks like these pdf lists need to be D/L or printed every other day until the App drops.... if we wanna spend all day makin' lists.
  14. dewbie420

    MG-100 Starfortress for 2.0

    This ship needs to have a built in ability that reflects all the guns it has. "Defending ships in both your rear and adjacent side arc roll 1 less defense dice" "Needs more bombs" says legendary record producer Bruce Dickinson.
  15. dewbie420

    Core Set Escalation Video from Team Covenant.

    These hyperspace markers are so thematic it makes my heart skip a beat! I'm excited... not only for this new Escalation format, but for special tournaments and what ever Epic* will become. *I like the way FGG left the air-lock open for "big play" in the new Rulebook: "When playing on a 3’x3’ play area, play at a squad-point limit of 200"