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  1. Any of the following: New A-wing (more pilots, yay!) Resistance Transport TIE Silencer SS-54 Assault Ship: Sugi's "Halo" HH-87 Starhopper N-1 Starfighter T-85 X-wing (Gunboat) Not part of the waves but Repaints are probably planned (guessing on color schemes): Partisan and/or Blue T-65's Green/Red Squadron Y-wings Blue/Gold E-wings
  2. Gunboat Resistance Transport New First Order Fighter Mining Guild TIE New A-Wing Rebels Aces II or maybe... "X-Wing Miniatures: The Clone Wars Planetary Combat Game"
  3. Love the new colors! Perfect.
  4. This beast is loaded. Turrets, gunners everywhere. Fore/Aft special firing arc. One attack from each arc per round. Slap on Reinforce action, wth.
  5. Pretty decent ( found the mistake: "roleplaygin" )
  6. HH-87 Starhopper
  7. Now, I'm thinking of getting the black 18 pocket pages... for player cards.
  8. At home, we take 1 damage if we do stuff like that. It doesn't happen much anymore. Accidents like that (casual play) happen when you're having a good time... so we laugh it off. I've never seen it happen during a tournament but I'm sure there will be no giggles.
  9. I wish that "Ignored" forum users' posts were really ignored.
  10. None of them work for me.
  11. New capital ship for Epic!? Not sure if they are Resistance or First Order yet...
  12. Not as pointy.... I feel safer.
  13. I like it. And I have no worries, I'm sure FFG has plans for giving the option to add Reinforce via mod upgrade or something.
  14. My first wish-ship was the Auzituck -so wishes do come true, but there a few others I will beg the genie for: Guantlet/Maul's Nightbrother Mining Guild Modified TIEs TIE Reaper Red or Green Y-wings Hammerhead Corvette (R1 version) Dornean(?) Gunship and, sigh, Jabba's Yacht.