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  1. That looks like a Mining Guild paint job on the M3-A... to me. ...and that makes me happy. EDIT: I didn't scroll down... Black Sun makes me happy too.
  2. dewbie420

    Wave 5 predictions!

    My official predictions for Wave 5: Y-wing for Scum A-wing for Rebel TIE Interceptor for Empire Bomber for Resistance Upslion for First Order TRI-Fighter for Separatists Eta-2 Actis for Republic What I want for S&V in the next Wave(s): HH-87 Starhopper SS-54 Assault Ship HWK-290 for Scum. Hopefully a Rebel HWK in a Squad Pack as well (with Z-95's).
  3. Just put a coat of pretty-paint on 'em so your eyes won't hurt. Meanwhile... THANK YOU FGG! ...for helping out folks with difficulty handling the standard templates. I've been battling "health issues" with my hands for many years and it looks like these will help out.
  4. I'm happy! Of my big 3 wish list ships, we got 2 so far: Auzituck and the Transport... Last one is the HH-87 Starhopper. I wanted the Transport since TFA. I was really hoping it would have 3 configurations (one with the pod and cannon attached, without the cargo/passenger compartment) but I'm cool with it.
  5. dewbie420

    3 YV-666's ??!

    I missed the Gunner slot addition .... I'm-a so happy!!!!
  6. Yeah sure... we will get a "newer dish" Falcon after the next movie, so why not? STAR WARS Episode 9: The Rise of Artoo Luke Skywalker has vanished! ....literally this time.
  7. how about... choosing between dealing 1 face-down damage card or getting 3 ion tokens?
  8. I want at least one new model/ship. I don't need anymore M3-A's or Z-95's, that's for sure. 2 Star Hoppers & a Y-wing would nice!
  9. It's not that bad... kinda goes with the Mining Guild. #yougottacoordinate
  10. Just a few more shield and calculate tokens would have been nice.... but the Moldy Crow affair really sucks bantha butt.
  11. Yeah, cardboard-happy FFG has seemed to have changed course a bit. I hope they give away a ton of acrylic tokens for prize support. I just bought a red Sharpie to "X" one side of my old tokes, to be legit and yet look a little scummy at the same time.
  12. These look good...I would do this but I'm kinda low on Black ink. Better deal for me is to get a core.
  13. I'll buy it when I see it "on sale" because I like the art and if the box is decent I'll keep my decks in it. I'm a token lover too- I enjoy painting the edges. Plus, I can use the non-random decks to lure friends into buying their own deck(s). I may even give 'em away to a child or someone new to games.
  14. dewbie420

    New Play Mat!

    Anyone catch the dimensions of this? https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/9/4/welcome-to-the-wasteland/
  15. I'm actually surprised there is already a decent sized card Errata section... but I'm happy Proximity Mines are awesome now.'
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