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  1. dewbie420

    RZ-2 A-Wing speculation 2.0

    Maybe a mobile firing arc....with forward or rear options only, would work on the cannons.
  2. dewbie420

    Jam action or Jamming is total garbage in 2.0....

    I'll hold my judgement 'til that Rules Reference drops.
  3. dewbie420

    Reaper Article!

  4. dewbie420

    2.0 Acrylic Checklist

    I was worried about this too... are the official acrylic shield tokens from FFG prizes one-sided? I have the Curled Paw shields, so the other side is blank. Should be cool for tournaments.
  5. dewbie420

    2.0 Target Lock Token Confusion

    I'm working on a way to still use my Curled Paw Aurebesh locks in 2nd Edition. Trying to print up little icons to glue on the ID marker. I have a few aurebesh cardboard mini tokens from a mission- used em on my IG-2000's to ID each. I glued one to an upgrade dial so I need a few more. Maybe C.P. will make acrylic ship markers with matching locks in Aurebesh.... I'd buy a set.
  6. dewbie420

    2.0 Storage and Horizontal Upgrade Cards!

    I bought 3 packs of the mini-card pages... I dunno what I can use those for now. Well, I'm glad I never stocked up on Yellow sleeves.
  7. dewbie420

    Fast Enough - Lando's Falcon 2nd Ed

    Just realized this wave hits the Thursday before my birthday!!! (wondering if my LFGS has a registry) I'm hoping that if the Cape Craft isn't included in a squad, this Falcon will be very economical and free up points for fill all the upgrade slots. #capecraft
  8. dewbie420

    Fast Enough - Lando's Falcon 2nd Ed

    Next new expansion announcement must be the Beefy-TIE...
  9. dewbie420

    Full Rebel conv kit contents on FB

    Excuse me if this was already discussed, but do we know if the ship limit on squads is the same as in 1st edition? If it was changed(lowered)- the worry of being "forced" to buy multiple conversion kits to fly swarms, is unnecessary... well, until we see the rule book.
  10. Illicit upgrades on T-65's ?!?! ....sweet!
  11. dewbie420

    Are you going to buy Saw’s Renegades?

    Yes!! I want that paint job and some flappies S-Foils to play with... I'm gonna keep a few Rebel ships from my collection as we convert to 2nd Edition- I'm a S&V player. I just wanna have a nice little Rogue-One/SW:Rebels fleet on standby. (Hopefully I can find someone who wants to part with a few things from the Rebels Conversion Kit)
  12. dewbie420

    Alex Devy is secretly Top Tier at X wing

    My grandparents told me stories... stories of how fresh his breath was.
  13. dewbie420

    Hey FFG, Where's Obi Wan and K2SO...And Shriv?????

    Obi-wan watched over Luke on Tatooine, introduced him to the Force.... I think he can fit in the Rebellion- even if no one remembers the Force-whispers in young Skywalker's ear, that helped DESTROY the Death Star. FFG will definitely put him into this game (even if it's a ghost or Clone Wars thing), no apologies needed.
  14. dewbie420

    New Article: Begin Engagement

    Still feels like we're just getting filler articles... aimed at new players. I hope the app and rules reference drop on the same day, some day.
  15. dewbie420

    Some Core Set cards spoiled!

    At first I thought it was the same ol' FFG fudge, with the only difference being the Uniqueness and faction availability.... I thought about this for a while and it does sound the same- but I now I'm thinking that the "cost" you pay (spending/gaining tokens) may be affected by other rules. For the R2, you spend the Charge and gain the Disarm token... to recover the Shield. The "cost" would be 2 things. R2-D2, you spend the Charge ...to recover the Shield and gain the Disarm token. The "cost" is just the Charge spending. I think a pilot, ship or another upgrade my interact with the Disarm token and weather it is gained before or after the Shield recovery.