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  1. Wht did you remove Leia crew for the Resistance? Glitch?
  2. I was 6 for ANH, I was butt in seat for ESB!
  3. I can confirm Asmodee does have a sales policy in place. But it boils down to Asmodee enforcing those policies. I can not post the policy since the policy is intended for the retailers eyes only. But yes Brobafett is correct.
  4. Croste

    AMA with Alex Watkins

    Xwing Will dice be in the prize support Prime Championship kits?
  5. Croste

    WTH FFG!!??

    Actually a FLGS co-op would be nice. But I doubt it could ever be realized.
  6. Croste

    WTH FFG!!??

    Can't speak for B&N but I'm pretty sure game shops only has Alliances as their distributor, as per Asmodee. I believe I received a statement awhile back that Alliances is their exclusive distributor. But then again B&N may have their own agreement with Asmodee.
  7. Croste

    WTH FFG!!??

    Your cool.
  8. Croste

    WTH FFG!!??

    I didn't buy them... I'm mad because I'm a LGS....
  9. Croste

    WTH FFG!!??

    I didn't buy them. These are pics from a poster on a local tournament page. Don't get it twisted.
  10. Croste

    WTH FFG!!??

    Barnes and Noble again releases the Fireball and Major Verog tie today.... AGAIN EARLY!!!! Are you just trying to screw over game stores???
  11. I kept all of my 1.0 bits and put them in a tote. Are you looking to purchase these items?
  12. I have been notified by my venue that their ballroom space will have renovations done shortly. Which adds 3000sq ft to my possible application space. How do I treat updating my application information to reflect this? Steven Crouch Jubilee Games
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