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    Lol.... nevermind. Have to equip turret... duh.
  2. Croste


    Where did VTG go? It like just disappeared from the app.
  3. I see what your saying now... Re read the post. I'm pretty sure RAI, will be enforced in any tournament. Because of it being a game effect. I'm sure it even supersede the completition of the maneuver.
  4. • Before a fleeing ship is removed from the game, the only effects it resolves before being removed from the game are effects that trigger when it flees.
  5. As soon as any part of your base leave the play area, that ship is destroyed. No actions, no PA, nothing. Gone.
  6. Ahhh. It's been awhile since I read the tourney rules. And if I would have posted AFTER watching the whole match, they mention the fact that one ship was moving so no castle.
  7. So I'm watching Nathan Eide on YouTube. Top 16. For three turns he castles Jake and Nora. If I run into a simular situation at a Regional, is it bad form to call for a judge after the second turn of someone doing this?
  8. I need to adjust my list. I was running Partisan but at 200. Guess drop down to 197 for a bid against swarms.
  9. Why Partisan over Blue Squadron Scout? Is it just for blocking in a pinch? I was running Partisan but I'm thinking of going BSS for a return shot if it gets gunned down by Ion Ys.
  10. Can the Uwing pivot away from a Buzz Droid Swarm on its front? I wanna say yes. The Swarm stays on the play mat, while the ship repositions.
  11. Bro Bots Zero (68) IG-88A [Aggressor Assault Fighter] (0) Jamming Beam (1) IG-2000 (3) Elusive (2) Tactical Scrambler Points: 74 (66) IG-88C [Aggressor Assault Fighter] (1) IG-2000 (0) Jamming Beam (3) Elusive (2) Tactical Scrambler Points: 72 (38) Torkil Mux [HWK-290 Light Freighter] (4) IG-88D (2) Engine Upgrade (5) Cloaking Device (5) Proton Bombs Points: 54 Total points: 200 Torkil aggravates and pulls as bait, passes calculation token. Bots fly between Turkil and opponents. Not the greatest but fun to tinker around with.
  12. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1cSNaoKAThwjDhjjixO7u-MZZ3l5xu-LgKnRohhTIkYk/mobilebasic How some judges are handling issues.
  13. Wait... I thought you was in the Magva doesn't affect Han side?
  14. he IS limited by Magva, OH GOD!!!! HERE WE GO!!!
  15. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1cSNaoKAThwjDhjjixO7u-MZZ3l5xu-LgKnRohhTIkYk/mobilebasic Unofficial ruling for Han/3PO
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