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  1. According to the FAQ, Nien Nunb works when ionized, so this interaction should work.
  2. Snapshot does not allow another attack that phase, so Double Edge does not combo with it.
  3. Alas, Cool Hand does not discard the stress. It just gives an evade or focus in addition to the stress. This is why I typically fly Tomax as follows: Tomax Bren (24) Cool Hand (1) or Crash Shot (1) Systems Officer (2) Fleet Officer (3) Twin Ion Engine Mk. II (1) TIE Shuttle (0) Total: 31 View in Yet Another Squad Builder
  4. I have flown this list twice now. Both times against Nym and Dash (see opponent's list below). It is a fun list to fly. I managed to win both games, but they were very close. In the first game, I got Dash down to half health and lost one of the Black Squadrons. The rest of my ships were heavily damaged. My opponents dice were below average for Dash. This gave me the lead due to time; luck was on my side. In the second game, I hunted Nym instead, and took him off the board at the cost of both of my Black Squadron Pilots. Again, the victory went to me due to time. My opponent did a great job of controlling the board with his bombs and was able to keep his ships out of snap shot range for majority of the games. I was only able to trigger Snap Shot at range two once for Jonus. This was in the second game, and it is the reason I was able to kill Nym. In addition to the two stress from Tactician (once with Snap Shot during the activation phase, and once with the promary in the combat phase), he received another from a critical in the same turn. This did not leave him many options, and I was able to get Jonus to trigger another snap shot to confirm the kill. I was able avoid all but one bomb in each game, and other than a single mistake in each game, I am pleased with how I flew the swarm. I am considering including Jonus in other lists to add an element of control. I am tempted to fly an Ion Defender with him. Thanks for posting. Captain Nym (Rebel) (30) Veteran Instincts (1) Twin Laser Turret (6) Bomblet Generator (3) Advanced Sensors (3) "Genius" (0) Engine Upgrade (4) Havoc (0) Dash Rendar (36) Lone Wolf (2) Heavy Laser Cannon (7) Rey (2) Burnout SLAM (1) Smuggling Compartment (0) Outrider (5) Total: 100 View in Yet Another Squad Builder
  5. There were a good number of Imperials in flight 1. I do not have numbers, but I was surprised to see as many as I did.
  6. As someone who loves X-Wing and is heavily invested in it, I would not have bought X-Wing if I had played Armada first. Personally, I think Armada is a better game. I was just too invested both financially and mentally (as were my friends) to justify switching to Armada. Though that did not stop me from buying a bunch of capital ships when I saw them on sale for 50% off. That said, if you can afford it, both games are fun. Does not seem like that much difference in setup between the two to me. The biggest difference is table space. I have found that most casual games last a couple hours or more (including both setup and play time) if left without a time limit. Tournament games last 75 minutes. The only games that have gone quicker for me are the ones I table my opponents, or I get tabled by them. Likely true for the time being. In my experience ... all the ships. As has been illustrated in a great comic, "Mistakes were made".
  7. I am about to head on a flight to GenCon. I have a small laser level that I use to help check firing arcs. I searched online and it appears to be legal to bring in a carry-on, but I was wondering if anyone has had issues bringing theirs, or if they were able to pass through security with it?
  8. I think you are better off with Jonus in that list as he gives you re-rolls on the TIE Aggressors's Assault Missiles. As is, you only have Guidance Chips on the Assault Missiles and you need to make sure they hit for the splash damage to occur. Jonus is still a high enough PS to fire first, and switching to him frees up two more squad points as well.
  9. I wish I had the time to try out the following list before GenCon, but I am already having a hard time picking a list to bring. "Quickdraw" (29) Veteran Instincts (1) Fire-Control System (2) Ion Pulse Missiles (3) Pattern Analyzer (2) Lightweight Frame (2) Special Ops Training (0) "Countdown" (20) Lightweight Frame (2) Adaptive Ailerons (0) Imperial Trainee (17) Lightweight Frame (2) Adaptive Ailerons (0) Imperial Trainee (17) Lightweight Frame (2) Adaptive Ailerons (0) Total: 99 View in Yet Another Squad Builder
  10. I used to have great success with the following list. With it I was able to beat Fat Han and take on arc dodgers. However, with the introduction of Twin Laser Turrets, I stopped flying it, since Xizor cannot pass off that type of damage: Prince Xizor (31) Veteran Instincts (1) Fire-Control System (2) Inertial Dampeners (1) Autothrusters (2) Virago (1) Binayre Pirate (12) "Hot Shot" Blaster (3) Binayre Pirate (12) "Hot Shot" Blaster (3) Binayre Pirate (12) "Hot Shot" Blaster (3) Binayre Pirate (12) "Hot Shot" Blaster (3) Total: 98 View in Yet Another Squad Builder
  11. I am curious, is this a general statement, or do you think it is better because of the Strikers in the list?
  12. However, if the tractor beam would drop Countdown on an asteroid, thereby preventing return fire, it might be wise to use the ability.
  13. So I removed the Kylo Ren's Shuttle title from my previous list and played a casual game against Dash and Miranda. Kylo Ren (34) A Score to Settle (0) Fire-Control System (2) Rebel Captive (3) Pattern Analyzer (2) Engine Upgrade (4) "Backdraft" (27) Veteran Instincts (1) Fire-Control System (2) Pattern Analyzer (2) Lightweight Frame (2) Special Ops Training (0) "Epsilon Leader" (19) Pattern Analyzer (2) Total: 100 View in Yet Another Squad Builder Kylo Ren is much better than I at first thought. Miranda dropped a Cluster Mine on Epsilon Leader, and with the help of Sabine removed her from the board. It was great placement by my opponent (two of the mines landed on her), and the first time I have had someone successfully use Advance Slam against me. However, even without Epsilon Leader granting Kylo the ability to take a red maneuver each turn, I was able to position the shuttle where I needed. I managed to destroy Miranda (my red dice were hot) and shutdown Dash from the combination of "I'll Show You the Dark Side" and the stress from "Rebel Captive". I am tempted to fly it at GenCon, but I need more practice flying large base ships. I landed on one asteroid in the match. I thought I would hit it, but it set me up for the next turn. I should have planned ahead the previous turn to avoid the rock. I think I will spend some time flying the shuttle around asteroids to practice. I never used Engine Upgrades in the match, but I am sure it would be needed in other fights. I am curious if "A Score to Settle" is needed or if it will hurt me more than it helps. I did not need to use it in this game. What is the community's thoughts on "A Score to Settle"?
  14. Alas, I will be out of the area that day. Sounds like a great event.
  15. Assuming you are referring to the following build, this has already been addressed. R2-A3 only triggers once with a TLT due to the "Timing Chart for Performing an Attack" changes in the FAQ. You should have only received 2 stress; once for the primary weapon, and once for the TLT. Gold Squadron Pilot (18) Twin Laser Turret (6) R3-A2 (2) BTL-A4 Y-Wing (0) Total: 26 View in Yet Another Squad Builder
  16. I was looking at Reinforced Deflectors to help protect the shuttle from alpha strikes. Without an engine upgrade, how does one keep the shuttle nearby without limiting the movement of the strikers? I have not put this list on the table yet, so it might not be too difficult, but it is not nicknamed the albino space whale for nothing.
  17. I have the base squad you listed costing 95 points, so you have a few more options: Captain Yorr (24) "Countdown" (20) Lightweight Frame (2) Adaptive Ailerons (0) "Pure Sabacc" (22) Lightweight Frame (2) Adaptive Ailerons (0) "Duchess" (23) Lightweight Frame (2) Adaptive Ailerons (0) Total: 95 View in Yet Another Squad Builder
  18. I played a couple of causal games with the following list. I was surprised by how effective they were. They are really fun ships to fly. I wish generic interceptors were this maneuverable. Tomax Bren (24) Crack Shot (1) Fleet Officer (3) Systems Officer (2) Twin Ion Engine Mk. II (1) TIE Shuttle (0) Black Squadron Scout (20) Crack Shot (1) Lightweight Frame (2) Adaptive Ailerons (0) Black Squadron Scout (20) Crack Shot (1) Lightweight Frame (2) Adaptive Ailerons (0) Black Squadron Scout (20) Crack Shot (1) Lightweight Frame (2) Adaptive Ailerons (0) Total: 100 View in Yet Another Squad Builder
  19. TIE Phantom with Fire Control and Weapons Engineer.
  20. I like that the card has weaknesses. I went up against a Z95 Headhunter Feedback swarm and learned first hand one of its hard counters. It never activated the entire game. That does not make it a bad card. It means it is balanced. I just do not think that the last clause is required to maintain that balance.
  21. If only I had not been so financially and mentally invested in X Wing when Armada was released.
  22. I believe you are correct in your initial guess, but I was not 100% certain, so I left them off.
  23. Given your call sign, your opinion does not surprise me. With the introduction of more ships with 4 attack and new missiles, I fear it is too late for that. From the limited amount that I have played Armada , it looks like it has the better game engine. However, I am personally, too invested in X-Wing to switch over. Given the dice that X Wing has, Lightweight Frame is a great card. It adds dice, but only if your opponent has more red dice than you. Unfortunately, 3 agility is the main advantage that TIE Fighters and TIE Interceptors have. Due to the power creep that has entered the game, that is not enough.
  24. Lightweight Frame is a great tool for low agility ships. However, the modification has diminishing returns. Was the last clause really needed for balance? Personally, without that clause, I think it would have added a useful tool to agility 3 Imperial TIEs without being auto-include. While it would not activate often, it would help provide protection from alpha strikes which currently discourage the use of low HP ships. I, for one, am no longer including TIE Fighters or TIE Interceptors in my lists, as there are too many lists that can remove them in one volley. Would removing the limitation on Lightweight Frame address that issue and help reintroduce these ships into the meta?
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